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Q. I was a JCC student more than a year ago. How do I reset my password and sign up for classes again?

A. Students in Curriculum (credit) programs will have to reapply to the college and be accepted before they can have their accounts reactivated and be able to reset their passwords in PortalGuard. Students taking Continuing Education (non-credit) courses will have to use the Self-Service Instant Enrollment page to register. Their accounts will be reactivated and they will be able to reset their password when they receive the registration confirmation email.

Q. I only want to take Continuing Education (non-credit) classes. How do I register for courses without a JCC username and password?

A. Use the Self-Service Instant Enrollment page to register for Continuing Education courses if you are not currently a JCC student. After registration, you will be sent a confirmation email afterwards with your JCC student information so that you can create your password in PortalGuard and log in. 

Q. I set my password in PortalGuard. How do I access my classes?

A. Currently, courses are delivered through Blackboard. Once you've logged into the Single Sign-On Portal in PortalGuard, click Blackboard to access your online courses. Please note that Blackboard will not import your student information until the first day of the semester, so you may see an error message if you are trying to access Blackboard before your classes start.

Q. I set my password in PortalGuard. How do I access my student email?

A. Once you've logged into the Single Sign-On Portal in PortalGuard, click Office 365 to access your Microsoft subscription provided by JCC. Then, access the Outlook web application to see your student email.

Q. I used to be a JCC student, but I transferred/graduated/withdrew. How can I access my student email again?

A. Licenses for student emails and access to Microsoft Office 365 apps are only provided to active students. Once you are no longer attending JCC, those licenses are removed and assigned to other students. Please plan to download or transfer any necessary files, emails, or data you may need, as access cannot be guaranteed after you stop attending courses. 

How Do I...

...Create or Reset My Password in PortalGuard?

...Log in with a Temporary Password?

...Download Office 365 Apps onto My Desktop (Windows)? 

...Download Office 365 Apps onto My Desktop (Mac)?

...Open and Submit Blackboard Assignments?

...Know if my Browser is Compatible with Blackboard?

...Get Started with Blackboard Collaborate?

Online doesn't mean on your own!

Johnston Community College provides personal ongoing educational support to online learners. From your first inquiry about distance education courses to your final semester, JCC staff members are consistently on hand to guide, advise and assist you.

An overview of the services JCC offers and how they can help you achieve your educational goals:

  • Academic Skills Center - The Academic Skills Center provides instruction, academic support, guidance, and resources. Particular focus is given to students who wish to improve their skills in reading, English, and math. The Center's experienced and knowledgeable staff work closely with students to help ensure they are learning the basic skills needed to academically succeed. The Center offers classroom and lab instruction, computer and video assisted instruction, and a resource library of texts, workbooks, and other academic material. The Center provides high quality tutoring and support to JCC students. Students can receive group and individual tutoring at no cost. This tutoring is provided by both peer and professional tutors. Sessions are usually one hour, but can be longer or shorter if scheduled that way in advance. SMARTHINKING online tutoring is also available so that students can work off-site with a tutor as well as in person.
  • Bookstore - Buy books online through JCC's online bookstore. 
  • Career Services Center - The Career Services Center provides a variety of services to help students and graduates develop job search skills and locate employment. The Career Services Center staff is here to provide individual assistant and online resources for Career Assessment and Exploration, Resume, Cover Letter, Interview assistance, and Work-Based learning. We support student’s personal goals and development. Visit the Career Services Center, we are located Student Success Center)
  • Center for Academic Planning (CAP) - The Center for Academic Planning (CAP) provides advising to College Transfer students, Pre Health and Special Interest students. Additionally, the CAP functions as an information source for degree program requirements, advising and registration. Our main mission is to help JCC students accomplish their educational goals, by planning a course of study that is consistent with their objectives.
  • E-Advising - Are you planning to take at least one online class next semester? Remove your academic advising hold without coming to campus to meet with an advisor; use e-Advising!
  • Disability Services - The Disability Services Office helps adapt Johnston Community College's general services to the individual and specialized needs of students who have special health conditions, disabilities, or limitations.  Our goal is to ensure all qualified students with equal opportunity and access to all programs and facilities.
  • Financial Aid - To take advantage of the many sources of aid available, it is important for you to be informed. The electronic resources on the financial aid site help to simplify the financial aid process and answer many frequently asked questions.
  • Library - The Library is housed in our Learning Resource Center (LRC) on campus. Search electronic journals, periodicals, books, magazines, and even contact a librarian online with our Library Libguides.
  • Student Support Services - SSS, also known as TRiO, is a federal grant program that provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students to complete their college goals. SSS helps low-income and first generation students stay in college until they earn their degrees. Participants receive tutoring, counseling, mentoring, and other academic support.
  • The Writing Studio - The Writing Studio is a comfortable, supportive place to work on your academic writing assignments, digital publications (blogs, wikis, social media), literary competition submissions, transitional (application essays), career search letters and writing for fun!

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