Drop/Withdrawal Process

Registered students may add a class within the published drop/add period. The student must secure the faculty advisor's approval on a drop/add form before the change can be made official in the Registrar's Office.

Warning: All drop/add transactions must be completed in one process. If a student changes or drops a class before the census date but after the semester has begun, the system refunds 75 percent of the tuition. If a student adds a class at another time (not during the same computer transaction as the drop), instead of a net zero, his or her account reflects the 75-percent refund and a 100-percent charge for the new class. The result is an additional 25 percent of the class tuition.

A.  Once a student has officially enrolled in a class and paid the registration fee, the student shall maintain membership in said class, until one of the following occurs:

  1. Student Drop/Withdrawal – he or she officially withdraws and the action is effective as of that date.
  2. Instructor Withdrawal
  • He or she stops attending class. Students who exceed the instructor's attendance policy may be dropped from the class roll because of excessive absences.
  • He or she fails to attend class prior to the 10-percent point of any term. This constitutes administrative withdrawal (Never Attended) and is effective as of the first day of the class. A grade of "NA" will be assigned.

B.  A student may drop a class with the following results:

  1. A student may drop using the Student Drop/Withdrawal Form as late as the 65-percent date of the term without a grade penalty as long as the instructor has not already dropped the student because of excessive absences. The transcript will indicate a "WD." (No withdrawals are accepted for processing after the established date to drop without grade penalty for that term without extenuating circumstances and must be signed by the dean or vice president. Withdrawals after the established date in the academic calendar are handled on a case-by-case basis.)

C.  A student who is considering withdrawal from a course(s) or from the College is strongly encouraged first to consult the instructor(s) and his or her faculty advisor. A student who wishes to withdraw must complete a Student Drop/Withdrawal Form and be electronically signed by their instructor, before an official withdrawal can be recorded. Students who fail to comply with this procedure are considered to have withdrawn unofficially, considered not in good standing with the College, and receive a grade of "WF."

D.  A student who withdraws or drops from any portion of a course (classroom, lab, clinic, or shop) will be dropped from the entire course.

E.  All course changes must be in accordance with the academic calendar.

F.  Students who receive financial aid or VA educational benefits should consult with personnel in those offices before dropping classes or withdrawing from the College.

Administrative Withdrawal
Students whose emotional and/or psychological distress or substance use is so severe that they are unable to adequately participate in the academic environment, present a danger to self or others, are unable to adequately care for themselves, or are engaging in substance abuse requiring extensive treatment or hospitalization may be involuntarily withdrawn from the College. An administrative withdrawal constitutes a complete withdrawal from all courses, and a grade of "WD" is recorded on the academic transcript. Administratively withdrawn students may not seek counseling or other support services from the College after withdrawal. Tuition refunds for administrative withdrawals will be considered according to the College's refund policy.