Tutoring, Study Groups, and Learning Communities

TRIO Tutors

Tutorial Sessions

Tutoring is a valuable component of TRIO; its purpose is to assist participants in problem areas of their studies and provide them with the tools needed so that they can move forward in their studies on their own. Each of our tutors are certified through the National Tutoring Association (NTA) and ready to assist! View our Tutorial Sessions.

Study Groups

In addition to individual tutoring sessions,the Learning Strategies Specialist can arrange a Study Group; this is a proven successful resource for all types of learners.  Study groups are student led and an excellent way to improve strategies for cross-curricular learning and study skills. If you are interested in receiving assistance from a tutor or Study Group (or both), please let us know!

Learning Communities

TRIO has also developed Learning Communities for all TRIO students. These learning communities enhance both the social and learning aspects of TRIO by offering students within a particular learning community an additional avenue of support. All learning communities are asynchronous and conducted online via TRIO's Blackboard page. These communities are facilitated by our NTA certified tutors and developed to increase participation in tutorial services, particularly for students unable to attend in-person sessions in the TRIO labs.

Open Lab

Finally, TRIO has implemented an "Open Lab" wherein we provide tutorial services for those students with quick questions regarding a particular tutor's area of expertise. It is NOT an ongoing tutoring session or a way to get answers for homework, class assignments, or tests. However, it is our goal to expand tutoring services in an effort to reach more students, and the Open Lab atmosphere allows those students not currently receiving tutoring services the opportunity to get answers to questions they may have regarding a particular subject. Open Lab is open to ALL TRIO students in Wilson C1073.

Please check your email often for tutorial updates from the Learning Strategies Specialist. This is how you will be notified of all things TRIO!   TRIO tutorial services are ONLY for students enrolled in the TRIO/Student Support Services program and all forms as well as the REQUIRED Tutorial Orientation are available on the JCC TRIO Blackboard page.

More Information

Phelicia Thompson
Learning Strategies Specialist, Student Support Services
Office: WIL C1072
(919) 209-2044