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JCC’s Counseling Services strives to empower and support students who are facing difficulties that interfere with life and academic success.  Our trained counselors provide academic and interpersonal counseling to help students create a plan to get back on track.  No matter what your concern is, whether big or small, we are here for you!

Johnston Community College provides a valuable benefit to all students and their immediate family members known as MYGroup, our student assistance program.  MYgroup offers help for personal, professional or school concerns by providing free, confidential, short-term counseling and personal consultation.  Additionally, the student assistance program provides student-life resources for such issues as legal and financial consultation, online learning and resources.  There are two ways to access your student assistance program and work-life services:  Call 800.633.3353 or

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Watch this video for more information: MYgroup orientation video

Sometimes you may not be sure if your concerns are “big” enough to see a counselor.  Please remember, there are no insignificant problems!  Examples of the most common presenting concerns include:

Anxiety, stress, grief and loss, trauma, parenting, academic problems, anger, sadness, sexuality, self-esteem, abuse, neglect, relational issues, depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, alcohol and substance use problems, bullying, domestic violence

JCC Counseling Services are free to all Johnston Community College students who are currently enrolled.  Counselors provide a brief, solution-focused model of counseling, usually providing 1-3 sessions.  Some problems can be resolved during this time, but others may take longer.  In those cases, students will be referred to outside providers for continued care.

To get the most out of your counseling experience, please be prepared to:

  • Define your goals: What do you want to get out of counseling with us?
  • Be an active participant: Be active, be honest, and be on time.
  • Be patient: Growth and learning takes time!
  • Follow your counselor’s recommendations: Make the effort to try out and practice new behaviors and ways of doing things as suggested by your counselor.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to the counseling process and relationship.  JCC Counseling Services keeps a confidential file that is NOT part of the student’s academic record.  Therefore, anything you tell your counselor in confidence will remain confidential, except in the following rare circumstances:

  • When a student poses a threat of serious harm to self or others.
  • When there is reasonable suspicion of abuse/neglect against a minor child, elderly adult, or dependent adult.
  • When a subpoena or other court order is received directing the disclosure of information.

Outside of these instances, JCC Counseling Services will require written permission from the student to disclose private information.


JCC Counseling Email :
Campus Police : (919)- 209-2111
CRISIS Text Line: Text HOME to 741741
Veteran's Crisis Line : 1-800-273-8255

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Megan Moeller
Megan Moeller, MS, LPC
Assistant Director, Student Success and Advising

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