Office 365 FAQ

What is Office 365?
Office 365 is the same suite of Office products and services you recognize, now provided through the cloud. Through Office 365, Microsoft offers more features and greater access to the tools you use, both at JCC and at home, while providing the latest releases to its customers.

Office 365 is different in that it:

  • Is cloud based, meaning that hosting will be provided by Microsoft servers and not JCC servers
  • Is a subscription-based service, giving JCC easy access to the latest software releases
  • Offers Web-based access to software previously limited to a local installation

What are the new features available to me in Office 365?
Your JCC Office 365 license provides Office 365 business-class email and online access. This license also provides access to Office 365 services, including the ability to download and locally install Microsoft Office applications on up to five devices; 1 TB of cloud storage through OneDrive; online versions of the Office applications; mobile applications where you can access, edit, and view Office documents on your mobile device; and regular access to the latest software updates. It is important to note that your access to this service is tied to your enrollment at JCC and ends when you leave/graduate from the college.

What are the benefits of Office 365?
Because Office 365 is subscription based, you always have the most up-to-date version of the applications without the need for manual software updates. Office 365 offers up to 50 GB of mail storage and other collaborative features, such as document editing, file sharing. Your files can be saved in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere on almost any device.

Can I install Office 365 on my personal computer?
Yes, you may install Office 365 on up to five (5) non JCC-managed or personal devices. You will be prompted for your Office 365 login ( and password) in order to install the applications. After installation, Microsoft will verify your Office 365 account in the background – you may be prompted to re-authenticate your license; failure to do so will result in the installed software reverting to read-only status, and loss of access to OneDrive and mobile applications. If you leave the college you will no longer have an Office 365 account access.

DO NOT install Office 365 on JCC-managed/owned machines.

Do students need to purchase Office 365?
No, Microsoft is hosting the application and it’s free to use as long as you are enrolled at JCC.

How do I reset my Office 365 account password?
Changing your password should always be done through the Web advisor password reset page.

What Web browsers are supported by Office 365?
Use the newest versions of the following:

  • Windows Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

What if I delete an item from my Deleted Items folder by mistake?
When you delete a message it is moved to your Deleted Items folder. If you empty or delete the message from your Deleted Items folder you have up to 14 days to restore items. By highlighting and right clicking the Deleted Items folder you will have the option to choose Recover Deleted Items.

Will Outlook 365 work on mobile devices?
Yes, the Outlook 365 email & calendaring solution will work on most mobile devices. However, the functionality of some features may be limited compared to the web version. To find out details on mobile device compatibility please visit Microsoft’s Outlook 365 Mobile Device Comparison Web site

How do I sync my cellphone to my Office 365 email?

If I have an older version of Microsoft Office on my computer, can I still download and install Office 365?
Yes! You can have multiple versions of Microsoft Office installed on your computer.  We suggest not uninstalling your previous version of Office unless you have your product key available to reinstall it at a later date.

What if I have used my JCC email to sign up for a personal O365 account prior to the migration?
When you login to O365 you will be presented with a choice; login as a personal account or as a work/school account. You should choose work/school account to access JCC student email. It is a good idea to rename your personal account to avoid confusion.

Are there accessibility features in Office Web Apps?
Microsoft Office Web Apps include features that make the software accessible to a wider range of users. This includes those who have limited dexterity, low vision, or other disabilities. Additional information can be found at Accessibility Features in Office Web Apps.

What happens when I graduate or leave the College?
When you graduate or leave the College, your Office 365 subscription ends 2 years or 6 consecutive semesters of non-enrollment. You should make sure to transfer all your files from your school OneDrive to your personal OneDrive prior to graduation.

If I need help installing Office 365 or if I have a problem with my Office 365 who do I call?
Jaguar Office of Learning Technologies (JOLT)
(919) 464-2260