Testing Services

The JCC Library and Jaguar Tutoring offer various testing services. Due to the importance of testing, click each type below and carefully read the information. Students with questions are encouraged to contact Jaguar Tutoring in advance for clarification prior to arrival at the JCC Library for testing.

The JCC Library and Jaguar Tutoring provides proctoring of make-up tests for individual students registered in JCC’s classes. Proctoring is provided for both hardcopy and online testing. The Library does not proctor for entire classes but serves as a make-up testing site.

  • Students must present a state-issued photo ID or JCC ID card to begin testing.
  • Tests are not graded by the JCC Library and Jaguar Tutoring staff. Students should contact their instructor for test scores.
  • Students who are registered with JCC’s Accessibility Services are proctored through that department, not the Library.
  • Make-up testing is not required by Johnston Community College or advised by the Library. The allowance of make-up testing is at the sole discretion of the instructor.

The JCC Library and Jaguar Tutoring provide test proctoring for students enrolled at other colleges/universities.

If a student from another college or university wishes to test at Johnston Community College, he or she should contact Jaguar Tutoring at (919)209-2117. The process often requires 2-3 weeks of correspondence, so students are encouraged to begin the process early to meet their testing deadline.

There is a $15 fee for each proctored test.  

Scheduling Test Proctoring

  1. Students should confirm their home institution will allow JCC to proctor a test. This often requires a form(s). 
  2. Students should confirm with their home institution and/or instructor that testing will not require JCC to download any computer programs as it is the College's policy not to allow software on campus computers other than those approved and installed by the IT department.
  3. Once students confirm that JCC will be allowed to proctor a test, students should contact the JCC Library to ensure availability of this service on the proposed testing day/time.
  4. Students seeking Accessibility Services accommodations must have those approvals through their home institution and should confirm with the JCC Library prior to scheduling proctored exams that the Library can indeed provide the accommodation.

For hardcopy mailed testing: Once the Library's availability is confirmed, students should contact their home institution requesting the test and materials be sent to Dr. Cara McConnell via US mail or email. Students should contact Dr. McConnell to ensure the test and materials have arrived. If the materials have arrived, the student and Dr. McConnell will schedule a testing day/time.

For online testing:Students should receive a confirmation email from the JCC Library before arriving for a proctored test.Not receiving an email confirmation indicates the Library does not have all the necessary materials from the instructor or student. 

Testing Day

  • Students are required to arrive on-time for their testing appointment. Students are not allowed to bring guests, including children, to the JCC Library during testing.
  • Students should report to the JCC Library and present a state-issued photo ID.
  • Students should present any allowed supplemental materials to the proctor.
  • Students should be aware that once testing begins, they are unable to leave the room unless notified in the testing instructions provided by the instructor. Students who leave the Library will forfeit the remaining allotted testing time. 
  • Tests are not graded by the Library and Jaguar Tutoring staff. On-line tests are submitted directly after testing is completed, and hard-copy tests are mailed to the home institution. 
  • There is a $15 fee for each proctored test.  

For more information regarding test proctoring through the JCC Library and Jaguar Tutoring, call (919)209-2117 or email jcctutoringcenter@johnstoncc.edu.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is required for all students entering JCC Health Science Programs. To assist with test preparation, the JCC Library and Jaguar Tutoring offer TEAS preparation online software.

  • There are NO fees or costs associated with TEAS preparation offered through the JCC Library.
  • Contact jcctutoringcenter@johnstoncc.edu. Include first and last name, 8-digit birthday, JCC student ID number, and JCC student email address for more information.
Additional TEAS preparation and study materials are available via hardcopy books and online resources at the JCC Library.

Students are not allowed to bring guests, including children, to the JCC Library during testing.


The JCC Library does NOT provide testing materials other than scrap paper. Any supplemental materials, such as calculators, Scantron forms, books, and other resources or equipment are the responsibility of the student and/or instructor. Any questions regarding the use of supplemental materials are the responsibility of the student and should be directed to the instructor PRIOR to a student arriving for testing.