Course Load Worksheet

1. How many hours in class (approximately the number of credit hours):

2. Hours of study outside of class (2-3 hours for every hour in class):

3. Total academic hours:

4. Hours per week you work:

5. What is your total commitment to work and school? (ADD Lines 3 + 4):

Other things that factor in:

6. How much time do you spend commuting:

7. Recreation/leisure activities/exercise:

8. Family/social (church, dating, family roles, etc.):

9. Personal/chores (eating, laundry, paying bills, cleaning, bathing, etc.):

10. Other activities:

11. Add lines 5 through 10:

Most of us have approximately 120 waking hours per week, including weekends, in which to accomplish everything we do. If the amount of time on line 11 exceeds 120 hours, you may need to cut back on one or more of your obligation or lower your course load accordingly.