Student Rights

All rights and privileges guaranteed to every citizen by the Constitution of the United States and by the state of North Carolina shall not be denied any student.

Students are free to pursue their educational goals. Appropriate opportunities for learning in the classroom and on the campus shall be provided for by the College. Student performance will be evaluated solely on an academic basis, not on opinions or conduct in matters unrelated to academic standards.

Students have the right to freedom of expression, inquiry, and assembly without restraint or censorship subject to reasonable and non-discriminatory rules and regulations regarding time, place, and manner.

Students have the right to inquire about and to propose improvements in policies, regulations, and procedures affecting the welfare of students through established student government procedures, campus committees, and College offices.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides safeguards regarding the confidentiality of and access to student records and this act will be adhered to by the College. Students and former students have the right to review their official records and to request a hearing if they challenge the contents of these records.

No records shall be made available to unauthorized personnel or groups outside the College without the written consent of the students involved except under legal expulsion.

No disciplinary sanctions (other than temporary removal from class or activity only for duration of said activity) may be imposed upon any student without due process. Procedures are established to guarantee a student accused of a Student Code of Conduct violation due process.

The Student Right To Know Act requires Johnston Community College to disclose information about graduation, completion, and transfer-out rates to current and prospective students and the public. This information is provided to students and prospective students in The College section of the Johnston Community College (JCC) Catalog under the Performance Measures Results heading, through the College Web site, from the Office of Student Services, and in other publications.