Disciplinary Procedures

Immediate Suspension

If an act of misconduct threatens the health or well-being of any member of the academic community or seriously disrupts the function and good order of the College, an instructor or administrative officer may direct the student(s) involved to cease and desist such conduct and advise them that failing to cease and desist will result in immediate suspension.

If the student(s) fails to cease and desist, the instructor may then temporarily suspend the student(s) from the class. The vice president/designee of the President may suspend the student(s) from either the class or the College until a resolution of the matter can be made.

The instructor or administrative officer invoking such suspension shall notify the vice president in writing of the individual(s) involved and the nature of the infraction as soon as possible but no more than two days following the incident.

The vice president/designee shall resolve the matter in a timely fashion utilizing the steps outlined in disciplinary procedures.

Responsibility for Implementation

The vice president of student services/designee is responsible for implementing student discipline procedures.

Disciplinary Procedures

To provide an orderly procedure for handling student disciplinary cases in accordance with due process, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. Charges:
    Any administrative official, faculty member, or student may file charges with the vice president/designee against any student or student organization for violations of College regulations. The individual(s) making the charge must complete a charge/complaint form (available from the office of the vice president or the College’s Web site) stating:
    1. Name of the student(s) involved,
    2. The alleged violation of the specific Code of Conduct,
    3. The time, place, and date of the incident,
    4. Names of person(s) directly involved or witnesses to the infractions,
    5. Any actions taken that relate to the matter,
    6. the completed charge form will route directly to the Vice President
  2. Investigation and Decision:
    Within ten (10) working days after the charge is filed, the vice president/designee shall complete a preliminary investigation of the charge and shall schedule a meeting with the student to discuss the alleged infraction. (Title IX complainants will follow the Title IX grievance procedure)

    The vice president of student services/designee may act as follows:

    1. Continue investigation of charges
    2. Drop the charges
    3. Impose a sanction consistent with those shown in the Sanctions Section.
    4. Refer the student to a College office or community agency for services.
  3. Notification:
    The decision of the vice president/designee shall be presented to the student verbally or in writing immediately following the meeting with the student. In instances where the student cannot be reached to schedule an appointment with the vice president/designee or where the student refuses to cooperate, the vice president/designee shall send official communication to the student's College issued email account providing the student with a list of the charges, the vice president's/designee's decision, and instructions governing the appeal process.