Transfer Credit

Applicants for admission as transfer students may be admitted and granted advanced standing based on acceptance of course work completed at other regionally accredited colleges, universities, or postsecondary institutions. All courses for which transfer credit is possible are evaluated in terms of the curriculum to be pursued at Johnston Community College.

The application for admission and all official transcripts must be received before an application can be processed.  JCC transfer students are in good standing following evaluation of courses completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Transcripts are evaluated by an admissions counselor during the admissions interview for determination of transfer credit. If there is any question of the acceptability of the course, the course description and content are reviewed by the registrar, who makes the final determination.

Course credits earned at other institutions will be accepted for transfer subject to the following criteria:

The course work must be applicable to the program of study the student desires to pursue.

A minimum grade of "C" or the equivalent must have been earned for a course to be considered for transfer.