Truck Driver Training Hall of Fame

The Hall-Of-Fame provides recognition for graduates of the N.C. Truck Driver Training School, and individuals employed in the trucking industry or related fields (referred to as non-graduates), that have made a significant contribution to the success of both the N.C. Truck Driver Training School and the trucking industry, and to provide incentive for other graduates and non-graduates to make a similar contribution. The North Carolina Truck Driver Training School Hall-Of-Fame was established on January 1, 1991.

Hall of Fame Eligibility Requirements
History of the Hall of Fame

Date of Induction
Class Number &
Graduation date
May 1991
Albert Lawson Briggs
Class #141 /
February 1961
Started driving 1961-VP of Safety at Moss Trucking. ATA Vice Chairman Safety Council.
NCTDTS Instructor. 
May 1992
Harold Eugene Pippin
Class #190 / March 1965
Started driving 1965 – Instructor at NCTDTS 21 years. Retired 1988.
June 1993
William Harrison Bloodworth
 Class #225 /
February 1969
 Safety Director Collins/Aikman – huge supporter of NCTDTS thru the NCTA.
May 1994
J. B. Heglar
 Class #160 /
September 1962
 Started driving 1962 – Safety Director over 30 years in the trucking industry. 
May 1995
J. T. "Tom" Outlaw
 Honorary Inductee
 Executive V.P. of NCMCA 1945-82, helped establish
NCTDTS in 1949. Started “Tar Heel Wheels”.
First to promote Cooperative Truck Safety Patrol.
May 1996
Billy Joe Joyce
 Class #180 / May 1964
 Driver for 32 years 2.5 million miles. State TDC 3
Times, Grand Champion 1994 - National Champion
1994. America’s Road Team Member.
May 1997
Sherby Gene Slaughter
Class #173 /
October 1963
 Started driving 1963 worked his way up to
Part Owner & President of Sherman & Boddie Inc.
May 1998
Darrell Gray Staley
Class #45 /
February 1953
 40 years as a truck driver with 2.9 million miles.
Placed 1st in his class. Driver of year 1995.
June 1999
Joseph Donnie Richardson
 Class #216 / May 1967
Graduated 1st in his class. Started driving in
1967, drove for 30 years accumulating 2.7
million miles. 
May 2000
C. Deane Fortune
 Honorary Inductee
N.C. Highway Patrolman before entering the
Trucking Industry. Burlington Industries Safety Director. Chairman of ATA National TDC.
Winner of ATA President Trophy. Marcus Dow Award for Safety Directors. N.C. Safety Dir-
ector of year award and ATA Safety Director
of Year for 1981. Advisory committee for TDT
and an ardent supporter of NCTDTS throughout.
May 2001
Harold Lee Heath
 Class #175 /
December 1963
37 years as professional driver, 1.8 million miles
accident free. Graduated third in class. N.C. Road Team 1994, 1996, 1999. State Truck Driving Championship in 1995, 1996, (placed 3rd in
twin class 1996).
May 2002
Louis Burnell Alston
 Class #325 / May 1977
25 years professional driver, over 1 million miles.
TDC 1997, 98, 99, 2000 – placed 2nd  in 1999
(sleeper class), 3rd in 2000 (5 axle class). 
May 2003
Colin Jefferies
 Class # 222 /
November 1967
Burlington Industries driver for 30 years. Over 3 million miles. Driver of Month 1992, Driver of Year 2002. 
May 2004
Ronald A. Nichols
 Class #304 /
September 1974
 27 years with NCTDTS as Road Instructor and
Program Director. Primarily responsible for
initiating the procedures and policies used today. Instrumental in initiating the current Hall of Fame.
May 2005
Dr. John L. Tart
 Honorary Member
 Graduated from N.C. State University-BS, MS,
Ed. Doctorate Degrees. Member of House of Representatives. Co-Chairman of House of Appropriations Committee on Education. President of JCC for 30 years, requested NCTDTS in
the community college system in 1974. Provided
the current home of NCTDTS at JCC in 1984.
May 2006
Jerry Stanley Devane
Class #322 /
December 1976
Driver for 6 years at Barnes Truck Line, 15 years as a NCTDTS instructor both as a road and lead instructor. Medical retirement in 1998.  
May 2007
Phillip Harrison Hager
 Class #341 / May 1979
Safety Director for Unifi after working up through
the ranks. Safety Director of Year – 2000. Past Chairman of NCTA.  
May 2008
Andrew Pinkney Blanton
 Class #172 /
September 1963
30 years as driver at Carolina Freight Carriers.
Retired in 1995. Participated in TDC 7 years, 5 axle Champion in 1973, 74. Twin-trailer Champion 1986, 88, 93. Twin-trailer runner-up
1985, 92.  
May 2009
David S. Congdon
 Class #334 / June 1978
After graduating from NCTDT, worked as a Dock
man working his way through the ranks at Old Dominion Freight Lines. Currently is President
and Chief Executive Officer at ODFL. Has been a great supporter of NCTDTS by donating
equipment and funds to TDT.   
May 2010
Rick G. Cates
 Honorary Member
Started as switcher with Burlington, 1967  Driver-
Driver trainer to Safety Man. TDC-5 axle champion
1980. Nationals finished 2nd. 1986 was captain of America’s Road Team promoting Safety. Current Safety Director of NCTA. Huge supporter of NC
Truck Driver Training School. 
May 2011
Edward Glenn Shaw
 Class # 356 / March 1981
Glenn has over 2 million accident free miles in a 30
year career. He has been Food Lion’s Grand Champion 3 of 5 times since started having driver championships. He has represented Food Lion in the Food Industry Truck Driving Championship Nationals four times, placing as high as second. Glenn’s son Chris attended NCTDTS and now works for FedEx. 
May 2012
Jerry Wayne Sisk
 Class # 223 /
December 1967
Over 3 ½ million miles of driving with one chargeable accident. Forty four (44) years as a driver. Contestant in N.C. Truck Driving Championship 2010 & 2011. Wayne is still driving and will compete in 2012.
May 2013
Robert E. Gorman
 Class #264 / May 1971
Bob has been in the trucking industry for 42 years. Was sent to NCTDTS by Carolina Freight , (a founding carrier of NCTDTS). Worked as a driver, dock supervisor, office manager and Terminal manager.
May 2014
Rondal A. Woodie
 Class #402 /
October 1988
Driver since 1988 with over 2 million safe driving
miles. Participated in the Truck Driving
Championship in 2009 – 2014 finishing 2nd in the 3 axle class in 2010. Woodie has trained drivers for FedEx for the last 10 years. 
May 2014
A. Christopher Chappell, Jr.
 Class #320 /
September 1976
 Chris was a driver for Black & Decker for over 10 years before returning to NCTDTS as an instructor. Chris excelled as an instructor for more than 27 years. He retired as the Senior and Lead Instructor in 2014.
May 2015
Demetrius Patrick Stewart
 Class #363 / April 1982
Driver for last 33 years accident and violation free. 26 years with Eagle transport with nearly 3,000,000 miles. NC Road Team Captain and nominated for National Tank Carriers Driver of the Year. Still driving for Eagle Transport.
May 2016
Henry Lewis Lowery
 Class #469 / April 1999
 Lead Instructor at Johnston Community College for last 11 years. Worked for Dylantic Incorporated as
driver for 5years, family business, US Army (transportation) retired. Has been in transportation 43 years.