Fire/Rescue Academy

Program Overview

The Johnston Community College Fire/Rescue Academy is an intensive program that prepares cadets for careers in the fire service. The academy is split between two distinctive blocks. The first provides certifications in firefighter, hazardous materials, and rapid intervention. The second block focuses on technical rescuer and vehicle rescue. Upon completion of the Fire/Rescue Academy, cadets will receive the following IFSAC certifications through the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission: Firefighter, Hazardous Materials Level I Responder, Traffic Incident Management, Rapid Intervention Crew, Technical Rescuer: General, and Technical Rescuer: Vehicle Rescue. Cadets will also complete the National Incident Management System 100/200 training modules through FEMA.

Cadets will participate in classroom instruction, hands on training, and physical conditioning in a structured environment. Our purpose is to instill integrity, discipline, character, and credibility while learning the fundamentals of being a firefighter. Full participation is required for successful completion.


  • Cadets must have a High School diploma or GED to attend the academy.
  • Cadets must be affiliated with a Fire Department or Emergency Services agency with firefighting duties, or provide their own personal protective equipment that meets NFPA standards.



The fee for this course is $180.00 for students not affiliated with a Fire Department.

Students may be eligible for internship with a local Fire Department provided they meet the department’s selection criteria. If help is needed in locating a local Fire Department, please call Academy Commander Joseph Behrend or Academy Director Jared Rouse.


The fee for this course is $180.00 for students not affiliated with a Fire Department.


  • Applications must be received by Monday, January 8th at 17:00
  • Book required: Jones & Bartlett Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills
  • Academy firefighter block dates: Tuesday, January 19th from 0800 – 17:00, Monday-Friday
  • Academy technical rescuer will follow the firefighter program 0800 – 17:00, Monday-Friday
  • Location: Public Services Building (Room J-1230) 245 College rd. Smithfield, NC


Johnston Community College
Public Services Building
(Room J-1230)

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For applications and more information, contact:

Joseph Behrend, MSM
Department Chair, Fire Programs
Director, Fire/Rescue Academy
Office: 919-464-2360
Cell: 919-920-4626