Community Spanish Interpreter

Program Description

The Community Spanish Interpreter curriculum prepares individuals to work as entry-level bilingual professionals who will provide communication access in interview and interactive settings. In addition, this curriculum provides educational training for working professionals who want to acquire Spanish language skills.

Program Content 

Course work includes the acquisition of Spanish: grammar, structure, and sociolinguistic properties, cognitive processes associated with interpretation between Spanish and English; the structure and character of the Hispanic community; and acquisition of communication skills.

Employment Opportunities 

Graduates should qualify for entry-level jobs as paraprofessional bilingual employees in educational systems or a variety of community settings. Individuals may choose from part-time, full-time, or self-employment/freelance positions, or apply language skills to other human service related areas. 


Josh Sanderson
Lead Instructor
Community Spanish Interpreter Program
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Dr. Jennifer Servi-Roberts
Associate Vice President of Business Education Programs
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Admissions Office
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