Short Term Courses

BioWork Certificate Program - 136 hours

Students who complete this 136-hour BioWork Certificate course will gain the basic skills and general knowledge needed for entry-level process technicians in  Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Manufacturing, as well as, participate in the Human Resource Development aspect of the course. The course includes nine (9) modules such as Quality, Measurements, Transforming Matter, Growing Living Cells, Safety, Sterile Processes, Process Control, and Nuts and Bolts. There are exams at the end of each module. Additionally, this course  will  cover all aspects of the job search in the Biotechnology arena, including a job  market overview, job search tools and strategies, resume preparation, and interviewing practice. Computer literacy, teamwork, time management, and problem solving are also incorporated in the course. To gain admission to the BioWork  course, each student must show proficiency in reading and math skills, as indicated by the TABE test.  In addition, interested students must attend one of the regularly scheduled Information Sessions at the Workforce Development Center.  The course has limited space. Books are BioWork Volume I & II (set), and are available at the JCC Bookstore.

State Exam Test Dates (see information below about testing):
For information on the next State Exam, contact the Workforce Development Center (919) 209-2591.

Included within the Advanced Biomanufacturing Training Program are the following:

Advanced Bioprocessing Certificate (ABC) - 64 hours

Students who complete all 6 modules (64 hours) of this advanced certificate will gain knowledge in advanced Bioprocessing practices, including safety in Biomanufacturing environments, advanced quality systems, applied chemical processes, monitoring process variables in Biomanufacturing, applied sterile processing, and applied cell culture. This course has been customized for current industry needs. Advanced Bioprocessing Certificate will allow students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed for advanced process technician positions in Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Manufacturing.

Aseptic Training Certificate - 60 hours

This 60 hour training course prepares individuals to work as process technicians in aseptic pharmaceutical, Biomanufacturing and chemical manufacturing environments. The course encompasses gowning for aseptic environments, environmental monitoring, and product fill line operations. Students receive much hands-on application training and become comfortable with the heart of biomanufacturing production.

BioProcess Technician State Exam REVIEW COURSE - 24 hours

This 24 hour review course provides extensive review before taking the North Carolina state examination in Biomanufacturing, a growing requirement trend for industries.  Students will be able to take the state exam in the class.

BioWork Process Technician State Exam

Students who complete the BioWork Certificate Program are eligible to take the BioWork Process Technician State Exam. All previous BioWork students are encouraged to complete this state certification. Please call (919) 209-2591 to register for the exam. You must be able to provide a BioWork certificate to verify that you have completed the course.  Exam Fee: $55

Individual BioWork Unit Classes

BioWork individual units are offered throughout the year in order for students who may have missed units during a regular BioWork offering or for Biotech Industry professionals taking units periodically to complete their certificate. Please call (919) 209-2591 for all available offerings.

For more information, contact:
Economic and Workforce Development
(919) 209-2591

Leslie Holston
Director of Bioprocess Technology Programs
(919) 209-2593