Biotechnology Programs

Biotechnology is best defined as the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products.  Here at Johnston Community College, it is our goal to train tomorrow's workforce in the biotechnology field.  Within Johnston County, there are major biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical industries; including Grifols, and Novo Nordisk.

Our department is proud to offer training that will prepare individuals for high tech, well-paying jobs in the biotechnology sector. We offer a variety of courses and an associate degree curriculum program to meet the growing needs of our diverse community. Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled faculty have made our students feel as though they are working in the biotechnology industry while in the classroom. We have been featured in magazines, television specials, online articles, and newspapers across the state. We have national and international visitors here every year to meet with us about the training we provide.

Start with BioWork!

Bio Work Logo. Logo is a helix shape with a beaker intertwined.

Steps to Enroll in this short-term course:  

    1. Please click here to complete the online information session.
      You must complete an information session prior to the next steps (listed below). Students must complete their own information session and cannot share screens to complete the information session.

    2. After the information session, you will need to show competency in both English/reading comprehension and mathematics. Here are the acceptable ways to prove competency:
      1. Be currently enrolled/accepted into the AAS Bioprocess Technology Degree program at JCC.
      2. Be currently enrolled/accepted as CCP High School student in this program.
      3. Passed college level English and Math with a "C" or better (ex: ENG 111 or MAT 110).
        Must provide an official or unofficial transcript with the grade visible. High school courses do not qualify.
      4. Have taken TABE, Accuplacer, COMPASS, SAT, ACT, CRC or similar placement tests within the past five (5) years and can provide scores for review. Scores must be reviewed before program entry is granted.
      5. Graduated from JCC and have records of ENG 111 and MAT 110 (or higher) on file.
      6. Have taken placement tests previously at JCC and have records of completion.
      7. Silver level or higher National Career Readiness Certificate (at least a '4' on all three WorkKeys Assessments).
      8. Register to take an upcoming BioWork placement test at JCC (you will be contacted by a staff member to schedule a testing date/time).

    3. Once you have decided how you may show competency, complete the form below and submit. Our staff will reach out to you within three business days if we have any questions.  

Email Amanda Maynard if you have questions about competencies or how to submit transcripts for review. 


If you have issues with your form submission, please contact us at (919) 209-2579.


135 Best Wood Drive
Clayton, NC 27520


JCC Biotechnology Coordinator

Amanda Maynard

 (919) 209-2579