Bioprocess Technology: Associate of Applied Science

istock_000042131580Program Description

The Bioprocess Technology curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to work as process operators in biological products manufacturing facilities. Students will combine basic science and communication skills, manufacturing technologies, and good manufacturing practices in the course of study.

Program Outcomes

Students will be expected to develop a strong basic science foundation with a sound understanding of the major technologies employed in the industry. They will also be expected to develop collaborative and disciplined work ethics while consistently practicing problem-solving skills.

Occupational Outlook

Upon successful completion of the program, individuals should possess the necessary skills to qualify for employment in a variety of bioprocessing industries.  Considering all of our graduates since 2007, employment rate is 82% with an average salary of $40,615 yearly.

Courses In the Degree Program

  1. Credit may be granted for PTC 110 and BPM 110 with successful completion of the BioWork certification.


Melissa Robbins
Biotechnology Department Chair
(919) 209-2593