Advanced Biomanufacturing Training (ABT) Program

What is Advanced Biomanufacturing Training?

This is the next course in succession to the BioWork Certification. With Advanced Biomanufacturing Training (ABT), you will be a step above others in knowledge level of biomanufacturing and increase your hiring potential! This course offers 2 certifications, Advanced Bioprocessing Certification and Aseptic Training. Currently, JCC is the only college that offers this combination course. Students successfully completing the Advanced Biomanufacturing Training course can earn credit towards BTC 275 and ISC 278 in the Bioprocess technology two year program. 

  • Advanced Bioprocessing Certificate (AB)
    Students who complete all 6 modules of this advanced certificate will gain knowledge in advanced bioprocessing practices, including safety in biomanufacturing environments, advanced quality systems, applied chemical processes, monitoring process variables in biomanufacturing, applied sterile processing, and applied cell culture. This course has been customized for current industry needs. The Advanced Bioprocessing Certificate (AB) will allow students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed for advanced process technician positions in bioprocessing, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing.
  • Aseptic Training Certificate (AT)
    This training course prepares individuals to work as process technicians in aseptic pharmaceutical, biomanufacturing and chemical manufacturing environments. The course encompasses gowning for aseptic environments, environmental monitoring, and product fill line operations. Students receive additional hands-on application training and become comfortable with the heart of biomanufacturing production.

Estimated Program Cost = $295 (registration & books)

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Course Code Date(s) Day(s) Time Location Fees Notes
BTC 3200

      Workforce Development Center
135 Best Wood Drive
Clayton, NC  27520

Registration: $185
(plus book from 
JCC Barnes & Noble Bookstore)


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  • Space is LIMITED!
  • Payment is due at the time of registration = $185
  • Books are to be purchased from the JCC Barnes & Noble Bookstore
    • JCC Student Success Center
      • 245 College Road, Tart Building
      • Smithfield, NC  27577
      • Registration Hours
        • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
        • Student Success Center: (919) 464-2267
        • Maggie Godwin: (919) 464-2918 (Registration questions ONLY)
  • JCC Barnes & Noble Bookstore:
    • Johnston County Workforce Development Center
      • 135 Best Wood Drive
      • Clayton, NC  27520

Reminder: Students who are currently in the BioWork program  cannot register until they have earned the BioWork certificate. 

For more information contact: 

Shelley Gardner
Biotechnology Operations Coordinator
(919) 209-2572
(919) 359-1176