Nurse Aide I

Estimated Program Cost

Tuition: $214
Background check and drug screen estimated: $125
Name tag: $11.73 with tax
Nurse Aid 1 Skills Pack: $12.76 with tax
Nurse Aid 1 Handbook: $32.56 with tax
Hartman's Nursing Assistant: $57.33 with tax, recommended but not required-NEW 4th edition
Uniform: $51.20 with tax (Top and Bottom)
BLS: $77.75
DHSR Exam: $140.00

*All prices subject to change

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Upcoming Classes

May 10-June 23, M/ Tu/Wed., 08:30 AM -17:00 PM Cleveland Campus 001/003, Pittman

May 18-July 27, Blended/Online, Labs Tues 08:30 AM -15:00 PM, Clinical July 1-July 26 Monday-Thurs. Some weeks, 8:30 AM-17:00PM (15:00 on Thursdays), PS building J1160, Smithfield Campus, Scott/Fortson

June 28-August 12, Mon/Tu/Wed./2 Thursdays during clinical, Elsee A107/108, 08:30 AM-17:00 PM, Smithfield Campus, Pittman

May 18-August 5, T/TH 5:30-9:30 PM, and occasional Saturdays, 8:00 AM-4:30 PM Smithfield campus J1180 in the Public Safety building, Capps/Hodge

More Information

First contact:

Lori Collier
Administrative Assistant to Nurse Aide Programs

If no reply within 24 hours, please contact Connie Grady.

Connie H. Grady
Department Chair of Health Education and Nurse Aide Programs
Public Safety Services J1130
(919) 464-2355