Geriatric Aide

Geriatric Aide Course or Home Care Aide

Geriatric Aide is a 100 course and Home Care Aide is a 116 hour class designed to cover health issues that affect the aging client. Emphasis is placed on social, physical and psychological problems experienced by elderly people. Upon completion, students should be able to understand and provide care for the aging population in a hospital, long term care or home setting, dependent upon course taken.


  • Two matching government ID cards (Photo driver’s license/social security card/military or passport).
  • High School Diploma/HSE/ High School Transcript – if not must pass reading test.
  • Current DHSR NA I registry validation.
  • Current BLS card.

Estimated Costs:

Tuition: $219.00
Background check and drug screen estimated: $125.00
Books/badge fee: TBA
Uniform for clinical estimated: $51.20
DHSR Exam: $59.00
immunizations: Vary
American Heart Association Basic Life Support: $80.50

No available classes at this time.

For information on Allied Health programs, please contact Lori Collier (919) 464-2368.