TEAS Information


TEAS Sixth Edition or ATI TEAS or TEAS VI

TOTAL TEST QUESTION on Sixth Edition:  170

Reading Section:

64 minutes to complete
53 questions to answer
47 scored questions 6 unscored questions
Paragraph & Passage Comprehension has changed to Key Ideas & Details----22 questions
Informational Source Comprehension has changed to Craft & Structure---14 questions
Added: Integration of Knowledge---11 questions

Math Section:

54 Minutes to complete
35 questions to answer
32 scored questions and 4 unscored questions
Numbers & Algebra---23 questions
Measurement & Data---9 questions
(4 remaining questions randomly placed in any section)

Science Section:

63 Minutes to complete
53 questions to answer
47 scored questions 6 unscored questions
Human Anatomy & Physiology---32 questions
Life & Physical Science—8 questionsScientific Reasoning—7 questions
(6 remaining questions randomly placed in any section)

English & Language Usage Section

28 minutes to complete
28 questions to answer
24 scores questions 4 unscored questions
Conventions of Standard English---9 questions
Knowledge of Language—9 questions
Vocabulary Acquisition---6 questions
(4 remaining questions randomly placed in any section)

Changes from TEAS V to TEAS VI or ATI TEAS or TEAS Sixth Edition

Number of questions
Content area percentage and content material
Test time

Why the change?

Health Care is one of the most important professions.  It is vital that employees can perform their duties which includes conducting the day to day activities within the hospital, ensure everything is running smoothly and patients are well take care of and happy.


Developmental indicates that the taker needs improvement before being prepared to enter a Health Science program
Basic the test taker needs minor improvement
Proficient the test taker is ready to enter a Health Science program
Advanced the test take is most likely to do well
Exemplary the test taker should have no problem

Difference from TEAS V TO TEAS VI or ATI TEAS:

Reading: More precise in questions and content area

TEAS V- more general to content areas
TEAS VI-content area have become more specific
TEAS V- content areas left out the detailed information needed in order to study appropriately.
TEAS VI-creators determined reading has become increasingly vital for an incoming nursing student so the test time was extended.

Math: Two sections versus TEAS V four sections

19 of the questions will be related to numbers and operations
4 related to measurement content area 
3 related to data interpretation content
4 related to algebraic applications. These questions will require a little extra time to complete them.
Calculators will be provided with TEAS VI

Science: More focus on Human Anatomy and Physiology

Three main content areas:

7 questions related to Scientific Reasoning
32 questions related  to Human Anatomy and Physiology-considered more important
8 questions related to Life and Physical Sciences-less questions on TEAS VI

English: Questions and test time reduced

Three main content areas:

9 questions related to the Conventions of Standard English
9 questions related to the Knowledge of Language
6 questions related to Vocabulary Acquisition
TEAS VI-Content area broader-not specifying what to expect

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