Clinical Guidelines and Technical Standards

Compliance Policy for Clinical Placement

Note:  A criminal background check, drug screen, and medical review/screening are required for all clinical sites. All fees associated with the criminal background check, drug screening, and medical screening are the student’s responsibility.

This policy is an addition to and not a substitution for other JCC student policies.

To comply with program policies, state and local regulations for health care providers, and in the interest of your safety, the safety of your patients, and the potential liability to both the college and clinical agency, there are significant compliance requirements that must be met to enter the clinical area.

These policies may be expanded due to additional requirements that may originate from hospital/clinical facilities at any time. Students may be denied access to clinical facilities based on health screening results, drug screening results, or results that appear on a criminal background check. The student will be responsible for obtaining documents demonstrating that they have met all compliance requirements. If this is not possible or attainable by the required due date(s), the student will be unable to attend the clinical portion of the program. If a student cannot complete the clinical training, the student will not be able to complete the program requirements. JCC is not obligated to make special accommodations or find an alternative clinical site.

All students are expected to provide documentation of all clinical compliance requirements to the current online compliance tracking system contracted by the College and meet all deadlines associated with compliance requirements.

The following Clinical Compliance Requirements must be met or the student will not be permitted to enter the clinical area:

Clinical Travel Obligations

Student travel will vary depending on whether the travel originates from JCC or home. Students can expect to travel to any of these locations while in the program

Typical Schedule

Technical Standards

The Radiography program has established Technical Standards that must be met by the students in the program.