Practical Nursing

Fall 2025 Nursing Education Programs Admission Policy (PDF)

At a Glance General Admission Requirements for Practical Nursing

  Practical Nursing

Initial Application Deadline

March 1


2.0 Cumulative Last College Attended
2.8 unweighted HS GPA

Pre-Requisite Coursework




One unit of HS or college level algebra, general biology course with a lab component, and chemistry course with a lab component with grade of C or higher

Place into ENG 111
MAT 143 without a corequisite


Reading 65
Overall 60
Scores Due Feb 28
NA I Listing By June 15
Licensure NA
Pharmacology Competency NA
Readmission Application Deadline Readmission within 1 Year of Exit:Re-entry in:Summer: Deadline March 1Fall: Deadline March 1Spring: Deadline October 1
Readmission GPA 2.0

Please note: A student who has exited the program for any reason (academic, personal, or withdrawal) may apply for re-entry into a JCC nursing education program only one (1) time. A total of two (2) attempts only are permitted (initial admission to ADN or PN and one readmission). 

Program Description

The Practical Nursing curriculum provides knowledge and skills to integrate safety and quality into nursing care to meet the needs of the holistic individual which impact health, quality of life, and achievement of potential.

Program Content

Course work includes and builds upon the domains of healthcare, nursing practice, and the holistic individual. Content emphasizes safe, individualized nursing care and participation in the interdisciplinary team while employing evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and informatics.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) which is required for practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Employment opportunities include hospitals, rehabilitation/long term care/home health facilities, clinics, and physicians’ offices.

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Program Outcomes

Year Number of Graduates NCLEX-PN
Pass Rate
100% On-Time Completion Job Placement at Time of Graduation Job Placement within 6 months of Graduation





January Start  1st Cohort

5 100% 31.3%



Johnston Community College PN Program 3-year Average:  TBA (1 year, 2022, available)
2023 NCSBN National Average NCLEX-PN for all first time test takers - US Educated: 86.67%
2023 North Carolina Average (95% of National Avg.; NCBON Requirement): 82.33%

Program Approval

The Practical Nursing program at johnston Community College, located in Smithfield, NC, has Full Approval status from the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON).

How do I get started?

New Students:
For students who are new to JCC, please complete all of the following steps.

Current Students:
For students who are currently enrolled at JCC, please skip directly to step 4.

  1. Apply to the College and complete the NC Residency Determination process.  Indicate nursing as the desired program of interest on your application to the college.
  2. Submit all transcripts (including high school and all colleges attended).
  3. Participate in a mandatory Health Science Information Session. Seated or Virtual. See dates on Health Science Programs website.
  4. Review and print the nursing program admission requirements to use as a guide for completion of all requirements for the nursing program.
  5. The Nursing Application is provided after attending the Health Science Information Session.
  6. It is important that you adhere to all admission criteria deadlines to be considered for admission to the nursing program.
  7. All questions concerning admissions (application, transcripts, etc.) should be referred to the Health Science Student Navigator, Assistant Program Director of Nursing Education Programs, or Department Chair of Nursing Education Programs.


For Program Specific Applications and Admission information:

    Nickie Gregory 
    Health Science Navigator
    Student Services, Tart Building, Office D121

For Specific Information related to Transfers from another School of Nursing:

Jennifer S. Wells
Assistant Program Director of Nursing Education Programs
Phone: (919)209-2033

Dr. Jennifer B. Sugg
Department Chair of Nursing Education Programs
Phone: 919-209-2162