EMS Continuing Education Program

The EMS Education Program offers courses designed to improve emergency health care to the public and serves as the American Heart Association Community Training Center. The program offers courses to all health care professionals current with the latest technology.

Tuition Waiver

Fire, Rescue and EMS may qualify for tuition waiver. To receive tuition waiver:

  • Option 1: EMS, Fire & Rescue personnel must be listed on an official Johnston County agency roster. A current up-to-date roster MUST be presented at registration. Roster must include position and the current year OR
  • Option 2: EMS, Fire & Rescue personnel MUST provide at time of registration a letter on official department letter head that includes documentation of active membership, position and why this course is necessary for your job with the provider.
  • All EMS personnel (In county & out) wishing to take Fire educational courses, such as Emergency Vehicle Driving, MUST provide the first night of class a letter on official department letter head that includes documentation of active membership, position and that this course is necessary for your job.

All Letters must be dated for the current semester and year. One letter can list multiple members from an agency.

Without proper documentation at registration (first night of class) will result in tuition payment before student will be allowed to register for class. This may affect guaranteeing you a slot in class.

Tuition Waiver is limited to Emergency Response providers. Private owned agencies and non-emergency transport services do not qualify for tuition waiver.

Financial Aid & Grants

Financial aid for C.E. courses is very limited but occasional there are grants for registration fees. To find out if there are any financial aid available, visit Financial Aid or our JCC Foundation.

Continuing Education Registration and Expenses

Continuing Education Registration
Initial credentialing courses (EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic) require students to attend a set orientation/registration date. See the specific course for more information.

Certification courses and other specialized courses may require preregistration. See the specific course for more information.

Registration Fees
Registration fees vary depending on the length of the course. Below are the registration fee schedule effective August 15, 2013:

Course Length Registration Fee
1-24 Hours $70
25-50 Hours $125
51+ Hours $180

Most certification courses have a card fee. Below are the card fees effective August, 2014.

Course Length Registration Fee
AHA Health Care Provider BLS Card $3.25
ACLS Card $6.25
ACLS-EP Card $6.25
PALS Card $6.25
PEARS Card $6.25
PHTLS Card $15
AMLS Card $15
AHA Instructor Card (Each) $6
NAEMT Instructor Card (Each) $15


Standard uniforms are required when completing clinicals. Uniforms include at a minimum, designated EMS Clinical shirt (Polo/T-shirt), navy blue / black EMS type pants, safety toe black shoes/boots.

Clinical Liability Insurance
All students in the AEMT and Paramedic programs must obtain Clinical Liability Insurance. There are three options:
1) Provide proper documentation from agency that verifies coverage
2) Purchase coverage through JCC before starting clinicals
3) Purchase from a 3rd party vendor.

Textbooks and other items are an additional expense for which the student should plan. The cost of textbooks varies with the course of study, but the average cost is usually between $60 to $500 per student depending on the course.

Criminal Background/Drug Screen/Physical Examination
AEMT and Paramedic initial courses require a Certified Background profile. ALL criminal history research, drug screening analysis and physicals are done through Certified Background. You will be given instructions at orientation. The cost is approx. $95.00 and will establish a profile for the student that will be viewed by clinical site affiliates to determine site acceptance eligibility.

ALL immunizations as outlined in the Clinical Manual as well as the Clinical Check Sheet are required prior to starting clinicals. Students are responsible for uploading all data into Certified Background once your profile has been established. Immunization records can be obtained from school transcripts and/or county health records. Any shots or boosters required will be at the expense of the student.


Mark Holloman
EMS Interim Department Chair
Email: kmhollomant@johnstoncc.edu
Office: Public Safety Services J1370
Phone: (919) 464-2364

Devin Creech
Administrative Assistant to Associate VP of  Public Safety
Email: dlcreech@johnstoncc.edu
Office: Public Safety Services J1010
Phone: (919) 464-2369