Associate Degree Nursing Application (A45110)

The deadline to submit is March 1st at 5:00 P. M. of the admitting year. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher at the last college attended is required to submit the application form. If a high school  graduate in the last ten (10) years with no prior college, a grade point average of 2.8 or higher is required. All admission requirements must have been met to be considered. A current application to the college must be on file. The TEAS test (Version VII), must be completed before February 28th of the admitting year.

General Information: Please complete each section of the application form. If you need assistance, please schedule an appointment with the Health Sciences Student Navigator at

Please note:
  • Applicants must meet all admission requirements before October 1st to be considered for Early Decision.
  • Applicants applying after October 1, 2022, will be considered for the Traditional March 1st deadline date.
Grade Point Average Requirements:
College Students: What is the current cumulative grade point average of the last college attended? High School Students: If you are currently in high school, what is your current unweighted GPA?
2.5 GPA or higher (last college attended) OR unweighted high school GPA of 2.8 or higher within ten (10) years if no prior college credit.

Please indicate below if you are a college Student (current) and your Cumulative GPA (last college), or you are a High School Student (currently enrolled) and your Unweighted current GPA.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Must be completed before applying to the Associate Degree Nursing Program with a grade of “C” or higher by March 1st of the admitting year.

English: Did you place into ENG 111 – Writing & Inquiry without co-req? Place into ENG 111 with co-req. (011) (If completed or enrolled in spring of application year they can take it with the required corequisite. Applicants can apply. Must complete co-requisite to be eligible for final consideration for the program with a grade of “C” or better.).
Sciences: (2 sciences total) - Biology & Chemistry. Must be completed by March 1st of the admitting year. If the student has high school BIO and CHM classes with a “C” or better, Biology and Chemistry are not required. *Anatomy and Physiology will not meet this requirement. *CHM 090 will no longer be accepted.
Additional Coursework:

Courses without an NUR prefix may be taken prior to entering the program.

Points are only awarded for classes completed by March 1st with first attempt grade of “A’ or “B”.

Please refer to the Nursing Admission Policy for additional information regarding how points are awarded.

Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 165/168 and BIO 166/169) and Microbiology (BIO 175/275) must be completed within the last 5 years at the date of entry.

MED 120- Survey of Medical Terminology (preferred) or MED 121 - Medical Terminology I and MED 122 - Medical Terminology II or a college level Medical Terminology Course are eligible for additional points.
Applicants must have met the admission requirements to apply to the Associate Degree Nursing Program by the deadline date of (3/1st-5pm). Application packet must be complete.