Early Educator Certification (EEC) Renewal CEU Courses

Johnston Community College Early Childhood Education has launched the next "era" of continuing education (CEU) courses for early care and education professionals. The courses are 100% online and are 5 contact hours in length for a total of .5 CEUs. Students are able to complete the course on their own time for up to two weeks! (Please note: BSAC is only one week in length.) You do not have to be a JCC student to take these courses.


  1. Complete the Continuing Education Registration Form (PDF) (requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader). Please note: Faxing is the quickest way to reserve a seat. Print and fax the registration form to (919) 209-2189.
  2. To register online, simply click the WebAdvisor link at the top of this page, then click on "Continue to WebAdvisor". Next, select the Continuing Education button, and then select "Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes". You may search for classes using a keyword, course name, start or end dates, location, or instructor's last name. Select the class you want, and click "Submit". Complete the registration process. Please be advised that payment must be made using a credit card.
    Please note: If you are being paid for by an agency or your employer, you will need to complete the Continuing Education Registration Form (PDF), along with your employer/agency completing this authorization form: Sponsorship Form (PDF), which must be printed on company letterhead. Sponsored students are NOT able to use online registration.
  3. For registration assistance or questions, call (919) 209-2522 or reference the JCC CEU Student Online Guide (DOC) which contains processes for before, during, and after your on-line CEU course.
  4. Please note: All on-line CEU classes must be registered for at least 5 business days in advance in order for registration to be processed. ** Include your personal email on the registration form. Instructions on how to log-in will be sent to the email address you provide a few days before the class is to begin.**
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Course Schedule

2020-2021 BSAC offerings  (5 hours)

Johnston Community College is the first college in North Carolina to offer BSAC on-line. The state of North Carolina requires BSAC training for school-age professionals who plan and ensure the implementation of daily activities or supervise groups of school-age children in licensed child care programs. The modules in BSAC will cover the elements of quality care, child development, positive guidance, age appropriate activities, environmental design, health/safety, nutrition, and NC Child Care Regulations. Students will get the same information as a face to face class, but through distance learning.

Registration Fee: $30.00 (subject to change)
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 Course Title:  BSAC (Basic School Age Certification)
 Course Code:  SEF-3001-146F
 Dates:  October 19-26, 2020
 Location:  Online/log-in information sent the week before class begins.
 Instructor:  Tonia Padrick
 Registration Deadline:  October 9, 2020 

 Course Title:  BSAC (Basic School Age Certification)
 Course Code: SEF-3001-147P
 Dates: March 15-20, 2021
 Location:  Online/log-in information sent the week before class begins.
 Instructor:  Tonia Padrick
Tuition:  $30.00
 Registration Deadline:  March 5, 2021

 Course Title:  BSAC (Basic School Age Certification)
 Course Code: SEF-3001-148U
 Dates: June 7-14, 2021
 Location:  Online/log-in information sent the week before class begins.
 Instructor:  Tonia Padrick
 Tuition:  $30.00
 Registration Deadline:  June 1, 2021


The ABC's of Early Literacy (5 hours) 

This 5 hour (.5 CEU credit) online course was designed to provide participants with information about the development of early literacy skills in young children. Specific emphasis will be placed on utilizing developmentally appropriate techniques for facilitating phonological / phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills in preschool age children. The session will focus on enhancing literacy rich environments with the use of listening games, vocabulary enrichment activities, and games for alphabet letter names and sounds.

Literacy in 21st Century Schools

Course Title:  Literacy in 21st Century Schools
Course Code:  EDU-3001-01U
Dates:  June 1-30, 2020
Location:  Online
Instructor:  Tonia Padrick
Registration Deadline:  May 21, 2020

Oral Language: The Foundation of Literacy (5 hours)

The foundation of literacy development is oral language. Language rich environments help children learn the vocabulary needed to express their basic needs, ideas, emotions, and questions. Within this 5-hour (.5 CEU credit) session, we will discover the importance of oral language within the classroom with a focus on strategies to increase the use of oral language such as storytelling, read aloud, and through interactions.



For more information or to request an on-site CEU course at your facility contact:

Tonia Padrick
Department Chair of Education Programs
(919) 209-2500