Workforce Continuing Education Pathways

Workforce Continuing Education (WCE) Pathways are designed for juniors and seniors who wish to begin working toward the completion of a credential. Each WCE pathway leads to a State or industry-recognized credential that is aligned with a high school Career Cluster.

Biowork Pre-Apprenticeship

Continuing Education Certificate (136-hour course)
BioWork prepares students for a career in biotechnology and can lead to an entry-level position as a process technician. Successful completion of the course will earn the student:

  • A BioWork Certificate
    • Allows for entry-level employment in a biotechnology career
    • Equals a year of work experience with local Johnston County biopharmaceutical companies
    • Transfers as two courses for related biotechnology degree programs at JCC (BPM 110 Bioprocess Practices & PTC 110 Industrial Environment)
  • One high school credit for CTE Pre-Apprenticeship MANU (BioWork)
  • Opportunities to apply for related apprenticeships during senior year (must be 18 upon graduation)

The Biowork Pre-Apprenticeship Pathway is only available to Johnston Co. Public Schools' students at this time.