Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

For Non-Johnston County Public School (JCPS) Students Only - Summer/Fall 2023

This MOU is to be reviewed and e-signed by both the Career and College Promise (CCP) applicant and their parent/guardian. Please note, this document will be entered into the student's official JCC student record. Be sure to read and understand ALL statements before e-signing and submitting the MOU.

Johnston County. Public School students should not complete this form but instead should go to the JCPS CCP Google Classroom for instructions.


CCP students will be enrolled at Johnston Community College (JCC) in accordance with the guidelines from Session Law 2011-145, the Appropriations Act of 2011, commonly called Career and College Promise (CCP). 

A CCP student must apply as a student to JCC for the CCP application process. Upon acceptance, the CCP student will be considered a college student and regarded as such. 

CCP students must be “dually enrolled” in order to be eligible to participate in the CCP Program (i.e. enrolled in at least one high school class for credit during every semester of attendance at JCC).
Policy & Procedure

Students are expected to follow the JCC Student Code of Conduct. Driving violations and major disciplinary issues (i.e. drugs, shoplifting, violent acts, etc.) that take place on JCC’s campus are reported to on-campus law enforcement and charges may result. 

Student records may not be revealed to any party without written consent from the student except under conditions allowed by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974). CCP students are encouraged to complete a FERPA form to permit JCC to release financial and/or academic information to parents/guardians. 

CCP students are responsible for notifying the CCP Team IMMEDIATELY of enrollment at another high school. 

Exceptional Children or 504 services that students may receive at the high school do not automatically transfer to JCC.
Financial Information

CCP families are responsible for purchasing any required JCC textbooks/etexts and/or access codes. Some courses may require additional supplies or other expenses that will be the responsibility of the student. 

CCP families are responsible for paying a Technology fee, an Activity fee, and a CAPS (Campus Access, Parking and Security) fee before the deadline each semester. The CAPS fee is assessed at $4.00 per credit hour for all classes in which the student is enrolled. Payment of fees is still required and refunds will not be issued for classes dropped after the start of the semester. 

Non-JCPS (i.e. private or charter) CCP students should check with their principal/counselor to verify how these costs are paid and explore resources available. 

Business holds are placed for outstanding account balances and will prevent registration. 

Student account balances can be viewed and paid in Self-Service > Student Finance. 

The JCC-CCP Team does not have access to student financial information. For account inquiries, contact the JCC Business Office directly at (919)209-2165.

Students must follow the attendance policy for JCC classes as noted on each course syllabus. This attendance policy is different from that of high schools as there are no excused/unexcused absences. Students must consider the consequences of exceeding the allowed number of absences for their JCC classes before choosing to participate in out-of-school activities, volunteering, high school events, etc. such as induction ceremonies, pep rallies, assemblies, work release, etc. 

Students should communicate with their JCC instructors prior to missing class to determine if make-up assignments are permitted. A make-up assignment does not replace the absence - it prevents a grade penalty for missed class work. 

CCP students who are dropped from any JCC college class for discipline/attendance issues receive an F for the class on their high school transcript and a WF on their college transcript. Grades and completion rates may affect college financial aid when the student graduates from high school. Dropping a JCC course after its census date with a WD or a NA may affect financial aid eligibility after graduation. 

Students do not receive progress reports or report cards. Current grades can be viewed in Blackboard throughout the semester.

Students are responsible for submitting transcripts from other community colleges, if applicable. College credits earned at another community college can impact the advice they receive during an advising appointment. Official college transcripts should be directed to the JCC Admissions Office. 

Students are expected to make satisfactory academic progress. All final college course grades including F, I, WF, WD, and NA will count in a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). JCC will allow students to retake a class for grade replacement. Both attempts will be on the student’s transcript but only the higher grade will count towards their GPA (if same grade, only one will count).
Class Schedules & Adjustments

Students are responsible for reviewing their class schedule in Self-Service to confirm they were enrolled in their desired courses. JCC course enrollment is not guaranteed. Students must refer to their JCC class schedule to verify modality, meeting days/times, location, etc.

Parents/Guardians are not allowed to contact JCC instructors; however, they should encourage students to have open communication with their instructors. Students should discuss any class concerns with their instructors. Signed student consent forms are required for any type of communication between the parent/guardian and instructor.

Students may drop a course before the deadline (see JCC course syllabus) but are responsible for contacting their high school counselor/administrator to determine if the course is needed for graduation, Driver’s Ed., sports, etc. 

A request must be made to the JCC-CCP Team via email to by the student to drop a class. 
The timestamp of the request (email or drop form) will serve as the drop date.

A request to drop a JCC class is part 
of the student’s education record and should include:
CCP Student’s Name AND JCC Student ID Number AND Course Section ID (i.e. PSY-150-S05)
Additional Information

Students are encouraged to take high school Biology/Chemistry before taking JCC Biology/Chemistry to give them a strong foundation in science classes.

Students interested in the College Transfer - Associate in Engineering Pathway will need to be Calculus-ready (received a final grade of A in high school Precalculus or have completed MAT 171 and MAT 172 at JCC).

Instructors do not accept work submitted through Google Docs. Students should refer to their course syllabus for appropriate formats. Students have access to Office 365 through their JCC email account.

Select date from calendar or type the date has/ 01/01/2000

Student Acknowledgment
By entering my name below, I affirm my full understanding of the statements above and agree to follow all rules and regulations as prescribed.