Advising and Registration

All CCP students are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester to register for college courses. Students should actively participate in their advising appointments, establish a relationship with their advisor, and begin to understand the benefits and challenges of the college experience.

 Scheduling Advising Appointments

  1. Go to Appointment-Plus
  2. Select Program of Study: CCP (High School Students Only)
  3. Select Appointment Type:
    1. CCP Advising: College Transfer-Arts & Science
    2. CCP Advising: College Transfer-Engineering
    3. CCP Advising: Career & Technical Edu. (CTE)
    4. CCP Advising: Teacher Preparation
  4. Select Advisor:
    1. College Transfer AA/AS – any advisor that populates
    2. College Transfer AE – any advisor that populates
    3. Career and Technical Edu.  an advisor whose option indicates the student’s CTE pathway
    4. College Transfer Teacher Prep. – any advisor that populates
  5. Select a date then time for the appointment
  6. Follow prompts until appointment is finalized
  • Use JCC email address and JCC student ID number to set up Appointment-Plus profile. Monitor JCC email address for appointment confirmation and further instructions from advisor.
  • Admittance into the program is required. Pathway changes must be completed with the student's CCP representative prior to scheduling an appointment. Appointments scheduled under the wrong pathway advisor will be cancelled.
  • Review pathway (Transfer or CTE) for required courses and build a desired schedule by searching for classes.
  • Students with two pathways must make an appointment with an advisor for each.
  • Registrations will be processed in order of receipt and pending availability of courses.

Fees and Billing

Invoices for Spring 2022 CCP student fees will be mailed January 20th with payments due February 4th. Balances can be viewed and paid in WebAdvisor (Students > Student Finance Self Service). 

Parking Decals and Student IDs

Parking decals can be requested by clicking here. Once the form has been completed, a JCC representative will contact the student regarding pick up.

Student IDs are made at the JCC Library. Click here to view their hours of operation.

COVID - Campus Protocols

  • Masks are required indoors regardless of COVID vaccination status.
  • Custodians will follow a rigorous schedule to disinfect areas where students, faculty, and staff gather. This schedule has been strategically crafted to ensure that each class session is preceded by sanitization.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are expected to practice social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet from others. Indicators have been placed on the floors in common areas throughout the campus.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, hand sanitizer, etc. will be provided for students as needed. However, supplies are limited, so students are encouraged to bring their own masks. Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout the campus.
  • Additional information can be found on JCC’s Coronavirus webpage.