Employment Demand

National Demand

There are a number of online data and statistics on Cybersecurity job demand.  The most accurate for a breakdown by state is https://www.cyberseek.org/heatmap.html. This offers great statistics on overall demand and details about skills requirements and trends. Nationally there over half a million job openings in Cybersecurity and the supply is showing as two jobs for every qualified candidate. At a national level, trends in the heat map show the concentration areas: California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, New York and North Carolina are the leaders in total job postings. While this shows North Carolina is in the top eight in demand for Cybersecurity professionals, the nationwide demand and the nature of many of the roles allowing for remote work further demonstrates the high demand can translate into roles for graduates and students of JCC.  

National Demand Cybersecurity

Local Demand

Overall, there are nearly twenty thousand openings for Cybersecurity in North Carolina. A search of Indeed.com (at the time of this publication, considered a leading job search site) lists over one thousand jobs just within50-mile radius of Raleigh. Several large technology and biotech companies call the area home or have large presence in the area: Red Hat, Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, Citrix, IQVIA, Epic Games, E-tix, BitSight, Security Scorecard, Cree Inc, BASF, Grifols, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Monsanto, Bayer, Biogen and Nutanix. 
Many of the roles listed as Top Cybersecurity Job Titles are entry-level: Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Consultant, Vulnerability Analyst, Penetration Tester, Systems Engineer, and Cyber Security Specialist are all job titles that would not require previous experience but would take candidates who have training and classwork on the relevant subjects. 

Local Cybersecutiy Demand

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