Information for Underage Students

Individuals who are 16 or 17 years of age may be granted admission into a Basic Skills program if certain criteria can be met.

1.     Is student legally emancipated?

NO - Student and parent must petition their high school for the enrollment of a minor.

YES - Student may enroll in classes once they have provided documentation verifying emancipation.

2.     Does student have a government issued photo ID?

NO - Please contact the NC Department of Motor Vehicles for information on obtaining a photo ID.

YES - Students will be required to present ID at the time of placement testing.

3.     Underage students will need to submit a Parent/Guardian Application for the Admission of a Minor (Parent/Minor Application Meeting are held on Fridays at 10a.m.)


These documents must be completed and received at the Basic Skills Office before an underage student is allowed to complete assessment testing.