Basic Skills Programs

Testing/Orientation for Basic Skills Programs is suspended until further notice. Current students should contact their instructor(s) for class instructions.

Basic Skills

Our Basic Skills Programs serve adults through the following program areas:

   Adult Basic Education (pre-high school instruction)

   Adult Secondary Education/High School Equivalency (high school instruction)

   English as a Second Language

   Transition Programs (LEAP/STAR) (remedial instruction)

Additional Information

  • All Basic Skills classes are available at no cost to the student.
  • Placement testing and orientation is required for entry into all Basic Skills programs.
  • Students with intellectual disabilities are served in all of our programs based upon their assessment scores. 
  • Enrollment is open to those 18 and older. Click here to view information for underage participants.
  • Is there a business or church in your area that’s interested in sponsoring a Basic Skills class? Basic Skills classes may be established at off-campus locations (15 student minimum). For more information, please contact Carla Parnell at (919)209-2564 or