Project Proposal Guidelines

To participate in the Honors Experience, you should first decide which Honors Mentor you would like to work with and then present a draft of your Honors Experience proposal to the Honors Mentor.  This should be done within the first 2 weeks of the semester in which you intend to complete the project. The Honors Mentor will review your eligibility and your proposal draft and determine if the project is appropriate for the JCC Honors Experience.   The Honors Mentor may then work with you to edit your proposal and create a project that is most appropriate for the time and resources available.

If the Honors Mentor agrees to work with you on your project, you will then determine a detailed timeline for project completion and will set dates and times for regular meetings to discuss progress and project status.

Please note that Honors Mentors may only work with 2 students per semester.  Therefore, you should consider several options for your Honors Mentor.

Honors Experience projects should be an extension of the learning that takes place in the classroom. In other words, an Honors Experience project is not just an assignment that you would be asked to do as a normal part of a JCC class.  The project should be an in-depth study or examination of some topic that interests you or an active experience that engages you in a more in-depth learning experience.  All Honors Experience projects must be completed within one semester.

Proposal Guidelines

In a 2-page double-spaced paper, discuss the following:

  • Purpose & Significance: What is the purpose of the project (what do you hope to learn or accomplish through the project) and why is this topic important? (Consider importance not only to you, but on a larger scale, as well.  Why might others, larger groups of people, industries, or the global community be interested in this topic?)

  • Project Design and Procedures:  Describe the steps of the project that you are proposing. Be specific.

  • Supplies and Timeline:  What will you need to complete your project and how much time will the project take to complete?  How long will you need to complete each major component of the project?

  • Anticipated Finished Product: You will be expected to present some aspect of your Honors Experience project at the Honors Showcase at the end of the semester.  What do you anticipate you will design or construct as a way to showcase your project?  (This could be a poster, Prezi, or a model of some kind.  Be creative).

Include a title page in APA format (not part of the page count).