Does my project need a written component?

Every Honors Experience must have a proposal on file with the Honors Mentor and the Honors Coordinator.  The proposal is a two page prospectus that outlines the details of your project.  A description of the proposal can be found on the Honors Experience webpage.  Other written components will be determined by the nature of your project.  Some projects such as creative writing projects or philosophy projects may have a written component; whereas, a mathematics project or biology project may not.

When can I start working on my project?

You may begin working on your project on the first day of the semester.  You may certainly begin to plan your project before the semester begins.  You can take notes and gather your thoughts, but the actual work on the project should take place during the semester in which you plan to complete and present the project. 

Can I do an old project?

No.  Your Honors Experience project should be a new endeavor.  The goal is to broaden your experiences and your knowledge.  An old project will not achieve this goal.  You may, however, extend or build upon a previous project as long as you are also extending your knowledge and experience.

Do I have to sign a contract?

You will be asked to sign an Honors Agreement Form.  This form describes the Honors Experience process and outlines the expectations for you and your mentor.  You should sign this form at the beginning of the semester during which you plan to complete your project. Please read the form carefully before signing. 

How long does a project last?

An Honors Experience project will last one semester.  You may not embark on a project that you expect to last more than a semester.  If you feel that your project may last longer than a semester, you should discuss the timeline with your mentor and find a way to shorten the project or possibly split the project up into two parts for two Honors Experiences for which each part spans 1 semester. If you want to continue to work on your project for a second semester, you must choose a different mentor unless your current mentor has no other requested mentees.  

How should my project be formatted?

The format of your project will depend on the nature of your project.  A psychology project may look quite different from a physics project or an engineering project.  You will discuss and determine the format of your project with your mentor.  Remember that you will also need to find a way to present your project to an audience for our Honors Showcase at the end of the semester, so you may have to modify the format of your project for that presentation. 

What kind of project can I do?

Projects will vary based on your interests.  You will soon see a Proposals Accepted link for the Spring 2019 semester, and you can see examples of the projects that some of our Honors Experience students are working on.  We want your projects to help you expand your own understanding of a topic that interests you.  You may want to create something or research something modify something that already exists.  The options and opportunities are endless. 

Who approves my project?

Your mentor will approve your project.  You will work closely with your mentor to create a project that is suitable for the time that you will have to finish it and the scope of academic rigor expected of an Honors Experience project.   

What are the requirements for participating in the Honors Showcase?

Every student who completes an Honors Experience is required to participate in the Honors Showcase.  This is a time to celebrate your work and hone your presentation skills.  You will work with your mentor to create a presentation that you can show to students, parents, faculty, administrators, and other visitors as they move through the showcase and stop at your station to learn about your work. 

How often do I have to meet with my mentor?

You and your mentor will determine how often you will meet.  In some cases, you may need to meet with your mentor on a weekly basis.  In other cases, you may be able to communicate via email or skype.  Your meeting times may vary depending on the stages of your project.   

What if I don’t see a mentor with my interests?

If you don’t see a mentor with your interests listed, please contact the Honors Experience Coordinator.  He or she will find and assemble a team to meet your needs. 

What happens if I don’t meet expectations or guidelines?

The Honors Agreement Form indicates that the Honors Mentor has the right to excuse an Honors Experience student at any time for non-compliance with the Honors Experience contract or proposal.  In other words, if a student is not meeting his or her part of the contract, the Honors Mentor can decline to work with the student and void the contract.  In addition, the student will not receive the Honors Experience certificate and pin and may be excluded from participating in an Honors Experience for the following semester. 

Where can mentors find important documents?

Mentors can access documents in the Honors folder located on the Public drive on the JCC network.