JOCO ROBOS Student Participation Overview

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Robotics is an extracurricular activity that requires many hours beyond the normal school day. FIRST requires a significant time commitment. Every team member is expected to participate in team work sessions, meetings, events and activities. If students have conflicts with other programs, they need to communicate with the coaches. Intermittent conflicts can be handled by communicating beforehand with the coaches. If other activities routinely conflict with robotics activities, the student will need to make the hard choice about which activities he or she wishes to pursue. It is the students’ responsibility to coordinate and schedule activities and commitments to meet their obligations. Most of the routine activities are described

Team meetings

Meeting schedules will vary depending on the time of year. In the fall, the team will have 2-3 regular meetings per month including, at least one Saturday. During the build season ( early January until end of February) the team will meet several times a week and some Saturdays. Meeting schedules are posted on the web site calendar and reminders sent by electronically. It is each member’s responsibility to keep up with the meeting schedule.


The JOCO ROBOS are a unique team of students and adults. We rely on each other for the success of the group. Everyone is expected to bring the very best of their abilities to the group. The FRC competition is very expensive and time consuming. Many people work very hard to make this competition a success both as participants and sponsors. It is expected that all involved will act as motivated participants with the highest regard for the safety and well-being of others. All participants are expected to demonstrate honesty and integrity in thought and deed.

  • Demonstrate Good Judgment and Behavior
    Each team member is an ambassador for our team. Each team member should be a role model for others to emulate and respect. It only takes one bad decision to make the whole team look bad. Team members are expected to make good behavior choices at all times.
  • Willingness to Commit to a Project
    Starting a project and following it through to the end is critical to team performance. Team members need to dedicate themselves and not get side tracked or discouraged. Your word is very important. Don’t take responsibility you can’t perform and ask for help if you are having problems with a project. All assignments (tasks and projects) are important. Timeliness, quality, and integrity are essential because every future task builds on the current ones.
  • Ability to work independently and as a Team member
    Being a team player, doing what is needed for the team, is an asset to all. However, some activities require one to work independently with little or no direction. Students need to be prepared to work in both arenas.
  • All skills needed!
    It is likely that many team members will have genuine interest and an overall educational goal related to STEM. However, the JOCO ROBOS need students with a broad range of interests and skills. Thus, the most important characteristic is a willingness to learn new skills and then to apply those skills in a dedicated fashion to key areas of the team.