Other Fees and Costs


Textbooks and other items are an additional expense for which the student should plan.  The cost of textbooks varies with the program of study, but the average cost is usually between $350 and $500 per semester for full-time students.

Other Fees and Costs

Students in certain courses must provide, at their own expense, certain items needed to perform practice work required in that course.  Examples of such items are notebooks, uniforms, tools, cosmetology kits, and art supplies.

Students in health care programs are required to purchase uniforms and miscellaneous items that may cost approximately $200 depending on the program. Cosmetology students are required to purchase supply kits and uniforms constituting an additional expense to the student. Therapeutic massage students must supply books, linens, and accessories for hands-on massage therapy practice.

Books, supplies, and other items may be purchased from the College Bookstore.