Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are funds that do not have to be repaid and may be awarded based on financial need or some type of merit, such as academic, or a combination of the two. 

More than 250 scholarships are offered annually through the Johnston Community College Foundation and through other private donors. There are a limited number of such scholarships directed at financial assistance for students who do not qualify for federal financial aid. The amounts of the scholarship awards vary as do the eligibility requirements and preferences for selection.

Check with the Financial Aid Office for availability of scholarship opportunities and deadlines for application submission. Students are also encouraged to pursue scholarship opportunities throughout their communities such as civic organizations and churches, and to research other national scholarships through reputable organizations and web sites. The College Foundation of North Carolina is currently offering the NC Assist Scholarship.

Academic Works Scholarship Portal. Click here to begin.

Visit for opportunities and to apply online.

The JCC scholarship application will be open Feb 15 - May 1.
Learn about the JCC Scholarship Application Process.