Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Fund

The Emergency Scholarship Grants for Postsecondary Students was established by the NC Legislature under the 2018 Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Act for the purpose of providing emergency scholarship grants to eligible students who have suffered financial hardship due to the damage and destruction from Hurricane Florence. These funds may be used to cover any expenses that support a student’s continued enrollment, including costs related to transportation, textbooks, tuition, fees, and living expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student must be currently attending classes at JCC at the time of application in order to be eligible for an Emergency Scholarship Grant.

  • Student has a financial need related to the impact of Hurricane Florence

  • Student intends to continue attending JCC in Spring 2019 and demonstrates this by registering for classes during the Early Registration period, Nov. 5 – Dec. 13, 2018. If student will be completing an academic program in December 2018, then an Apply to Graduate form must be on file.

  • Student agrees to use his or her best efforts and take all reasonable steps to obtain alternative funds to cover the losses or needs for which the grant is provided, including funds from insurance policies in effect, any available federal aid such as FEMA, and any other sources of aid that may be available.

  • Students may be required to provide documentation of need and application to alternative fund sources.

  • If funds are obtained from another source to cover the losses or needs for which the grant is provided, student must return the amount of the grant that was covered by the funds from another source to JCC.

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