First-year families

Below are a few topics that families tend to have questions about. By no means is this list exhaustive, but we hope that some of your initial questions might be answered. Please feel free to e-mail with further questions or concerns.


  • What assistance is available for students with undecided academic majors?
  • What things should students know when registering for classes?
  • What are the requirements to be on the Dean’s List?
  • Can I speak to an academic adviser on a student’s behalf?

Campus Life

  • What kind of recreational sports are available for students?
  • What student activities can my son/daughter get involved with?
  • What type of computing services does JCC offer for students?

Money and finances

  • What type of scholarships are available for undergraduates?
  • When is tuition due, and what if a payment is late? Are short-term or emergency loans available for students?


What health services are available for students on campus? What counseling services are available for students?


How safe is JCC campus? My student has a class/job in the evening on campus. Does JCC offer any service for them for their safety?