Johnston Community College Celebrates First-Generation College Students

Published: November 10, 2022

JCC observed National First-Generation College Student Celebration Day with luncheon and panel discussion

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 was National First-Generation College Student Celebration Day. Johnston Community College hosted an inaugural event for its first-generation students, employees, and alumni. The event included a luncheon and a panel discussion where three students and two staff members shared their first-generation college experiences.

First-Generation College Celebration Day was launched in 2017 by the Council for Opportunity in Education. Educational institutions, corporations, and non-profits are encouraged to celebrate the successes of first-generation college students and alumni.

Leading up to JCC’s own celebration, first-generation students and employees were featured in a series of stories shared with the college and the public.

“We were so inspired by the stories shared with us. The big theme that emerged was to never give up on yourself and to keep persevering despite the odds that might be against you,” says Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, Carrie Pitts-Densmore.

“Our panelists and contributors shared their experiences in the hopes of inspiring others to keep reaching beyond what they believe to be their limits. There are stories like this all across our campus,” Pitts-Densmore says.

JCC plans to host the event again next year, as well as to recognize first-generation graduates at graduation.

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