Connect NC Vote is March 15

Published: February 23, 2016

connectncIf approved, JCC will receive $3.7 million for campus improvements.

On March 15, North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to vote on the $2 billion Connect NC bond, which will bring 21st century projects to 76 counties in the areas of education, parks, safety, recreation, and water and sewer infrastructure.

If approved, JCC is slated to receive $3.7 million of the bond, which will be used to repair, renovate, and upgrade buildings on the main campus in Smithfield.

Sixty-six percent of the bond is set to benefit North Carolina's universities and community colleges. The bond provides more than $350 million in new construction and renovation projects that will allow the North Carolina Community College System to equip the state's community colleges to meet the demands of a 21st century workforce.

The Connect NC bond will not require a tax increase. North Carolina voters last approved a comprehensive bond for infrastructure improvements 15 years ago.

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