JCC Receives Gift of Sonography Machine from Johnston Health

Published: February 17, 2021

The sonography machine will expand the college’s training capabilities in a clinical setting.

The Johnston Community College (JCC) Sonography Programs is pleased to accept the generous gift of new sonography equipment from Johnston Health. JCC has 2 separate Associate Degree Sonography Programs: Cardiovascular Sonography and Medical Sonography. 

The new equipment is a Unitex Multilab ultrasound machine that performs peripheral vascular assessment. A peripheral vascular examination is a medical examination to discover signs of pathology in the peripheral vascular system. It is typically performed when a patient presents with leg pain or other clinical complaints suggestive of cardiovascular cardiac or peripheral vascular pathology. 

Sonography students will use the new equipment to train in peripheral vascular examination techniques in a clinical setting. “This machine will increase the amount students that can be trained simultaneously and offer more variety in their training as well.” said Steven Penny, the Director of Sonography Programs.

 Janet Evans, the Lead Sonographer in the Cardiology Department at Johnston Health arranged the gifting of the equipment. She is a 1986 graduate of JCC’s Radiography program and a 2004 graduate of JCC’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.  

“Not all clinical sites offer the same experiences so some students may not get the opportunity to perform vascular testing of this kind in the clinical rotation.  They however are tested on this with their vascular registry and may be required to do this type of testing in their future employment setting.” Evans said. “This is just another way we provide continued support and give our future health care providers the tools they need to be proficient sonographers and provide quality studies.”

Individuals interested in learning more about the Medical Sonography or Cardiovascular Sonography programs at Johnston Community College can find detailed information on the JCC website at https://www.johnstoncc.edu/programs/health-sciences/medical-sonography/ or https://www.johnstoncc.edu/programs/health-sciences/cardiac-vascular-sonography/index.aspx .

 Sonography Machine

On the Right is Janet Evans, the Lead Sonographer in the Cardiology Department at Johnston Health.

On the left is Catherine Rominski, Vascular Concentration Coordinator and Co-Clinical Coordinator of Sonography Programs.

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