JCC Public Safety Program Accepts Ambulance Donation from Johnston County EMS

The Johnston County EMS has donated an ambulance to the Johnston Community College EMS program. The ambulance comes just in time, as state regulations will change in January, requiring a higher level of training in ambulance driving for certification. This ambulance will allow JCC to continue producing highly trained EMS personnel for the workforce.

From left to right: Brittany Baker: EMS Instructor, Mick Stewart: Department Chair of EMS Programs, Dr. Linda Smith: Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Jamie Wicker: Associate Vice President of Transportation and Public Safety, Mark Holloman: EMS Clinical Coordinator, Jeremy Beal: EMS InstructorOn October 21st, students, JCC employees, and members of the Johnston County EMS team gathered outside of the JCC Public Safety building for the presentation of the ambulance to the college. Mick Stewart, EMS Department Chair opened the ceremony reflecting on the long-time partnership between JCC and Johnston County EMS. “Anytime that we have had a need, if we needed an ambulance, or radios, or a heart monitor used for a training exercise, they were always right there to help us out,” he said.

Kevin Hubbard, Director of Emergency Services for Johnston County presented the 2006 Ford E450 ambulance. He requested that the ambulance be surplused and donated to the JCC EMS program in October 2020. “The Johnston County Board of Commissioners were excited to approve the donation for JCC,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard also discussed the impact that the JCC EMS program has on the county. “It starts here at Johnston Community College in the training and education those folks receive. Any opportunity we have to be able to assist in bettering that education and training makes it better for all of us. Not just for Johnston County as an employer, but for our citizens of Johnston County who rely on these folks when they pick up the phone and call 911 and need that assistance,” he said.

Dr. Jamie Wicker, AVP of Transportation and Public Safety at JCC also noted the strong partnership between JCC and Johnston EMS. “At JCC we strive to work together as ‘one college,’ this ambulance donation is a good example of ‘one community’ working together to solve problems for the benefit of the EMS profession and the community as a whole,” she said. 

At the closing of the ceremony, College President Dr. David Johnson talked about the impact JCC Emergency Management Program graduates have on the people of Johnston County. “From the point that a 911 call is made, to the end of that incident, I’d be willing to bet you that 10-12 JCC students have touched you. That’s saving lives too,” he said. “Thanks for allowing us to save lives, in addition to changing lives.”

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Education Program at JCC offers both an Associate Degree program, and continuing education opportunities. The JCC EMS Education department is committed to remaining one of the leading community colleges in the state, offering innovative and cutting-edge classes that exceed the student's expectations. To learn more about the program, visit the website at https://www.johnstoncc.edu/programs/health-sciences/emergency-medical-science/index.aspx.

Published: 10/29/2020

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