Sonography Programs Receive Equipment Donation

Published: August 14, 2018

Wake Internal Medicine in Raleigh donated an ultrasound machine to JCC valued at approximately $10,000. Donation will assist students in ultrasound laboratory training.

Johnston Community College’s sonography programs recently received an equipment donation to be used for student training on campus.

Wake Internal Medicine in Raleigh donated an ultrasound machine valued at approximately $10,000. This machine is capable of performing cardiac, abdominal, ob/gyn, and vascular procedures.

“Our primary goal is to provide the finest preparation for our students so that they can become competent health care professionals,” said Steven Penny, sonography programs director. “We are extremely grateful for this donation from Wake Internal Medicine. As a result of this educational contribution, many cohorts of JCC students, and ultimately their future patients, will benefit for years to come.”

For more information about sonography programs at JCC, please contact Penny at (919) 209-2502.

Cut line: From left to right: Steven Penny, JCC sonography programs director; Shannon Clark, radiology manager at Wake Internal Medincine; and JCC sonography instructors Catherine Rominski and Ashley Mielcarek.

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