JCC Announces Class of 2018

Published: May 29, 2018

JCC awarded 670 associate degrees and diplomas at ceremonies in May.

577 students earned credentials in 2017-18.


Brandon Michael Brown, Associate in Arts; Nicholas Carter, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology, Diploma- Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Krista Aiken Collins, Associate Degree Nursing; Troi Sinclair Dixon, Associate in Arts; Mark Joseph Donaldson, Computer-Integrated Machining; Cameron Lee Hall, Associate in Science; Neal L. Lee, Industrial Systems Technology; Lauren M. Miller, Sonography- Cardiovascular; Arianna Yvette Munoz, Sonography- Cardiovascular; Phillip Matthew Payne, Associate Degree Nursing; Tracy Pleasant Pichardo, Medical Office Administration; Sydney Amanda Renne, Radiography; Alysia Jackson Stewart, Associate in General Education; Emily Allene Vickers, Associate in General Education; James Manuel Williams, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Aleshia Marie Young, Associate Degree Nursing.


Rachel Dawn Hatcher, Associate Degree Nursing.


David Clifton Autry, Jr., Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Savannah Glen Bullard, Associate in General Education; Hannah Marie Hubbard, Diploma- Pharmacy Technology.


Bryce Chandler Adams, Diploma-Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Cameron James Aguayo, Criminal Justice Technology; Amanda Leigh Barbour, Associate in Science; Dustin Barefoot, Associate in Science; Madison Irene Blackmon, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Jade Meryl Butler, Associate in Arts; Karlyn Elizabeth Campbell,  Associate in Arts; Lindsey Thomas Dixon, Radiography; Faith Elizabeth Dudley, Paralegal Technology, Diploma-Paralegal Technology; Matthew Michael Girouard, Associate in Science; Aaron M. Hall, Criminal Justice Technology; Laura Blanton Hill, Fire Protection Technology; Savannah Lee Hill, Associate in Arts; Kristen Taylor Jernigan, Associate Degree Nursing; Samantha Skyler Johnson, Associate in Arts; Monica McCotter Manning, Diploma-Medical Assisting; Mallory Jo McKee, Medical Office Administration; Ryan Christopher Perez, Associate in Arts; Tabitha Gail Poole, Associate in Science; Fredis Reyes, Associate in Science; Jonathan W. Roberts, Criminal Justice Technology; Cameron Quinn Rutherford, Associate in Science; Zachary David Toole, Associate in Science; Ethan Kelly Lee Wiley, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering.


Paxton Jean Blizzard, Associate in Arts.


Hunter Thomas Johnson, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.


David Aquilante, Paralegal Technology; Mary Nell Boykin, Associate Degree Nursing; Melissa Lynn Pegram, Associate Degree Nursing;


Oswaldo Salas Abarca, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Meagan Alburger, Associate Degree Nursing; Wyatt Edward Allen, Associate in Science; Jessica Antonio-Olguin, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Stephanie Nicole Atkinson, Sonography-Cardiovascular; Jareth Osmara Avila Haro, Business Administration; Kristine L. Babcock, Sonography-Cardiovascular; Kathleen Bailey, Paralegal Technology, Diploma-Paralegal Technology; Klarissa Huimin Baranyk , Associate in Arts; Jazmin Nicole Barnes, Associate in Arts; Brandon Nicklaus Barrentine, Associate in Science; Marian Kathryn Batson, Associate in General Education; Caitlyn Marie Beeler-Isaacs, Associate in Arts; Laura Jeanne Boatman, Diploma- Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting; Kyla Dawn Bolin, Associate in Science; Miriam Bonilla, Associate Degree Nursing; Duncan Stewart Bradish, Associate in Science; Katherine Ann Brickell, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Melissa Michelle Brooke, Business Administration, Accounting; Erica Lee Bryan, Associate in Arts; Danita H. Buckner, Early Childhood Education; Frankie C. Bunch, Medical Office Administration; Tyler Allen Carey, Associate in Arts; Autumn Rose Carlson, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Beatrice Wangari Chege, Associate Degree Nursing; Audrey Selene Chiquito, Associate in Science; Jennifer Bryant Clifton, Associate Degree Nursing; Dallas Raines Crouse, Associate Degree Nursing; Nicarra Knikee Darden, Associate in General Education; Joseph Victor Dasilva, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering; Larissa Braz De Oliveira, Paralegal Technology; Larissa Braz De Oliveira, Diploma-Paralegal Technology; Aubrey Anne Devinney, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Cristian Aparicio Diaz Landero, Associate in Science; Kaitlyn Todd Driver, Associate Degree Nursing; Haley Jean Dupree, Associate in Science; Meredith Ashley Dusek, Diploma-Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting; Ariane Lee Erickson, Cosmetology; Noah Raymond Evans, Associate in Arts; Lauren Kay Federer, Associate in Science; Leah E. Ferrell, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Adrian Fonseca, Associate in Science; Shay Forgea, Radiography; Robert Timothy Foster, Radiography; Kaylee Ann Gabriel, Associate in Arts; Christian Reed Gardineer, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; James Dallyne Gardner, Diploma-Welding Technology; Lisa Gipson, Associate Degree Nursing; Ryan Goddard,  Associate in Arts; Angie Pauline Gonzalez, Diploma-Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting; Oscar Gonzalez,  Associate in Arts; Tiana Mone't Greene, Associate in Arts; Leah Haley Greeney, Diploma-Medical Assisting, Leah Haley Greeney; Medical Assisting; Kohana Hackett, Bioprocess Technology; Wardah M. Hafsa, Associate Degree Nursing; Samantha Lauren Hagy, Associate Degree Nursing; Chandrea Harvell,  Diploma- Medical Assisting; Jordan Matthew Hayes, Associate in Arts; Rose Marie Hein, Associate in Arts; Colleen Marie Hocutt, Associate in Science; Dustyn Wayne Holliday, Associate in Engineering; Michael Thomas Honeycutt, Associate in Science; Brandon Wade Johnson, Welding Technology, Diploma- Welding Technology; Violet Nevada Johnson, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Dacia Shaunt'e Kirby, Associate in General Education; Jazlyn Monae Lassiter, Associate in Arts; Christopher J. Lee, Bioprocess Technology; Jordan Marie Lejnar, Diploma-Cosmetology; Kaysey Rae Manista, Associate in Science; Madison L. McFarland, Associate in Arts; James Gerard McGrath, Information Technology,  Diploma-Information Technology; Jacklyn Brook Meadows, Associate Degree Nursing; Karen Medina-Jauregui, Associate in Science; Thomas Ryder Medlin, Bioprocess Technology; Jonathon Carlton Meyer,  Associate in Arts; Tasha Renee Mitchell, Paralegal Technology; Ayah Mohamed, Associate in Science; Omar Montano, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Lauren Victoria Motley, Diploma-Accounting; Robert Paul Murphy, Business Administration; Phiyen Amy Nguyen, Associate in Arts; Ace Peregrine Nichols, Associate in Arts; Justin Avery O'Connor, Associate in Engineering; Anthony Cordell Offu, Computer-Integrated Machining; Ethan Riley Ogden, Associate in Science; Taylor Maxine Olive, Associate in Science; Deonna Oquendo, Associate in Arts; Greyson Anderson Parker, Associate in Science; Stephen Paul Parker, Diploma-Welding Technology; Jenna Lee Pasquarella, Associate in Arts; Winston E. Pennington, Bioprocess Technology; Devin Grace Pilkington, Associate in Arts; Kiara Deshawn Pittman, Criminal Justice Technology; Kaydene  Powell, Associate in Arts; Jonathan Charles Powers, Associate in General Education, Criminal Justice Technology; Jordan McKenzie Prosser, Associate in Science; Alyssa Rich Pruitt, Associate Degree Nursing; Racheal Ann Quade, Associate Degree Nursing; Stephanie Dianne Raines, Bioprocess Technology; Mariela Sarait Ramos, Medical Office Administration; Tyrell Anthony Ramos-Lopez, Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering; Kellianne Mary Rhynders, Associate in Science; Shakina Latiqua Richards, Associate in Science; Joseph Serafin Rios, Associate in Science; Dorothy Marie Roberts, Diploma-Pharmacy Technology, Pharmacy Technology; Lucero  Rodriguez, Associate in Arts; Janice Rountree, Associate Degree Nursing; Amber Shyann Ryan, Associate in Arts; Lauren Murnane Sadler, Associate in Science; Bryan Hawkins Sanders, Associate in Arts; George Howard Satterfield, Accounting; Rebecca Mae Sharrett, Community Spanish Interpreter; Rylan Sharrett,  Associate in Science; Hannah Grace Shelley, Diploma-Cosmetology; Tonya Nicole Smith, Associate in Arts; Dillon Barry Spain, Associate in Science; Katherine Lee Spivey, Associate Degree Nursing; Brenna Joy Stewart, Associate in Science; Richard Clarence Stich, Associate in Arts; Ellie Abigail Sunderland,  Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Kathryn Ann Swinson, Associate in Science; Laura Marie Talley,  Sonography-Cardiovascular; Summer Leeann Telfer, Medical Assisting; Shawn Sebastian Thomas, Associate in Arts; Darlene Ann Tice, Early Childhood Education; Itai Torres, Associate in Arts; Austin Shields Totten, Business Administration; Evelyn Tovar, Associate in Arts; Allyson Victoria Truelove, Associate Degree Nursing; Bridget Lynn Utley, Associate in Science; Carrington Edward Walden, Associate in Arts; Cameron Seth Wall, Associate in Arts; Steven James Ward, Associate Degree Nursing; Alexus Marie Weathers, Diploma-Cosmetology; Nathan Bryant Whittington, Associate in Arts; Ashley Terra Williams, Associate in Science; Mark R. Williams, Business Administration, Accounting; Connor Gerrison Wood, Protection Technology; Britanya Wright, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering.


Jeremy Rayburn McCullen, Diploma-Medical Assisting; Karen Michelle Strickland, Radiography; Haley  Williams, Radiography.


Worth Cuyler Gurkin, Associate in Arts; Ashley Marie Jordan, Radiography; Jaime Bryant Lucas, Associate Degree Nursing; Albert Francis Wu Coats, Diploma-Therapeutic Massage.


Krystle Hunt Wilson, Early Childhood Education


Abby L. Sutton, Associate Degree Nursing.


Edith Alejo, Criminal Justice Technology, Edith Alejo, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Toby James Allen, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Makayla Denea Brewington, Associate in Arts; Kimberly Michelle Burr, Associate in General Education; Brittany D. Cannon; Associate in Arts; Casey  Core, Associate in Science; Hannah Leigh Johnson, Diploma-Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting; Kyle David Jones, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology, Diploma- Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Kara Nicole Licht, Radiography; Shanee' Larese McKoy, Associate in Arts; Jazmine La'deena Murphy, Associate in Science; Rita Ashok Patel, Associate in Arts, Associate in General Education; Taylor Brooke Puryear, Diploma-Accounting; Kristopher Storm Rivera, Information Technology; April Natasha Rynearson, Accounting; Alexis Reilly Tallent, Associate in Arts; Austin F. Tew, Fire Protection Technology; Rachel Tinajero, Diploma-Pharmacy Technology, Pharmacy Technology; Tonya Warren, Associate in Arts; Da'channel Eylesse Wesson, Associate Degree Nursing; Saxton Elvis Wilson, Associate in Science; Brandon Zeches, Computer-Integrated Machining.


Alicia Claire Arellanes, Medical Assisting; Erica Jane Poole, Medical Assisting.


Justin Keith Holt,  Associate in Arts; Coleman Metz, Associate in Arts; Brittany Sue Tyndall, Associate in General Education; Kimberly Nicole Whitley, Pharmacy Technology, Diploma-Pharmacy Technology; Tierra Williams, Associate Degree Nursing.


Joe Thomas Oates, Fire Protection Technology.


Elizabeth Victorie Barden, Emergency Medicial Science; Kaja Lewandowska, Pharmacy Technology; Kaja  Lewandowska, Diploma-Pharmacy Technology; James M. Moses, Diploma-Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Wendy Renee Porter, Sonography-Cardiovascular; Kimberly Diane Roop, Radiography;

Four Oaks

Tommie Jack Adams, Associate in Arts; Dana Lynn Adams-Reaves, Associate Degree Nursing; Yasmin Amezquita, Diploma-Cosmetology; Kenneth Wesley Barefoot, Diploma-Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Jacob Ira Beeker, Associate in Science; Jordan Lyn Benson, Radiography; Ashley Brooke Blackmon, Associate in Science; Whitney Marie Byrd, Sonography-Cardiovascular; Roberta Jean Carlson, Early Childhood Education; Kathleen Victoria Core, Associate Degree Nursing; Maria Yecenia Coyt, Medical Assisting; Carolina Ines Diaz Soriano, Associate in Science; Lorryn Rose Dioguardo, Diploma-Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting; Tanisha Denise Eason, Associate in Arts; Katie Colleen Hill, Radiography; Brittany Jan'ee Holbrook, Medical Assisting; Brittany Jan'ee Holbrook, Associate in General Education; Michaela Hope Holder, Associate in Science; Edith Alondra Jimenez, Diploma-Cosmetology; Cassie Lorraine Kernodle, Associate in Arts; Jessica Rae Langston, Associate Degree Nursing; Joseph Payton Lee, Welding Technology, Diploma-Welding Technology; Crystal Ashley Lewis, Accounting; Lauren Kyra Locklear, Early Childhood Education; Miles Grant Massengill, Industrial Systems Technology; Lori Kathyrn McLeod, Associate Degree Nursing; Denver Monk, Information Technology, Diploma-Information Technology; Dana Leigh Parker, Diploma-Cosmetology; Morgan Bryce Parker, Associate in Arts; Caitlyn Michelle Powell, Associate Degree Nursing; Ricardo Saines, Associate in General Education; Mary Shepard, Associate in Science; Adriana Renee Smith, Diploma-Cosmetology; Tiffany Nicole Smith, Associate in Arts; Phelicia Ann Tolbert, Associate in Arts; Luis Alferdo Vargas, Associate in Science; Akala Warren, Associate in Arts; Kirsten April Wile, Associate in Science; Ashton Leigh Wilkins, Associate in Science; Kelly Gail Williamson, Business Administration; Meredith Kaycie Wilson, Associate in Arts.


Linda Gail Arnold, Radiography; Romello Ruben Marin, Associate in Science; Samantha Lee Shuman, Associate in Science; Gabriel L. Spivey, Associate in Arts; Rahmann Ameer Whitley, Associate in Science.


Mandolyn Carol Bagnall, Associate in Science; Divinity Brazell, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Angela Jeanette Cotton, Associate in Arts; Suzanne Elizabeth Creasy, Associate Degree Nursing; Shayna Renee Creech, Associate in Arts; Caleb Matthew Day, Diploma- Welding Technology; Chase Gilchrist, Associate in Science; Erica Griffin, Medical Assisting; Hannah Griffin, Diploma-Cosmetology; Austin  Harvell, Paralegal Technology; Shannon Rena Jolly, Associate Degree Nursing; Lauren E. Kemeny, Associate Degree Nursing; Jennifer Rotolo Kueck, Associate Degree Nursing; Elyssa Ashlyn Lee, Associate in Arts; Kevin Donnell Liverman, Bioprocess Technology; Alondra Lopez, Associate Degree Nursing; Noah Alan Maine, Welding Technology, Diploma-Welding Technology; Sierra A. Martin, Bioprocess Technology; Katherine Elizabeth Mitchell, Early Childhood Education; Moises Monroy-Narvaez, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology, Diploma- Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Sabrina Diane Mullins, Diploma-Cosmetology; Madison Taylor Riggs, Associate in Arts; Jacob Thomas Smalls, Associate in Arts; Samantha Jessica Talton, Associate Degree Nursing; Bryeanna N. Tompkins, Associate in Science; Peri Katheryn Wall, Associate in Science; Rebekah Wheeless, Associate in Science.


Lauren Elizabeth Alexander, Medical Assisting; Amy Diamond Baum, Associate in General Education; Kristen Moody Bingham, Associate Degree Nursing; Ashley N. Brown, Diploma-Medical Assisting; Amanda Brooke Creech, Associate in Arts; Ramsye Danielle Eason, Medical Assisting; Courtney Falvey, Associate in Science; Carla M. Hudson, Medical Assisting; Chelsey Marie McDaniels, Medical Assisting; Hannah Alisa Miller, Diploma-Cosmetology; David John Moore, Associate in Arts; Steven Craig Moore,   Industrial Systems Technology; Brandy Leigh Parker, Associate in Science; William Craig Pate, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering; Kara Walters, Radiography; Robert De'angelo Warren, Criminal Justice Technology, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Tyler E. Williams, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.

Holly Springs

Lillian Gideon, Associate in General Education.


Steven Blake Auton, Criminal Justice Technology, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Jenna Alexis Baker, Associate in Science; Chanteuse Antoinette Bradberry, Criminal Justice Technology; Jessica Rebecca Chace Coley, Associate in Arts; Natalie Nicole Creech, Associate in Science; Anayeli Cruz, Associate in Arts; Kamil Ewais, Associate in Science; Kristina Lee Joyner, Associate in Science, Associate Degree Nursing; Maxton Webber Kirby, Industrial Systems Technology; Mary Delois Lucas, Associate in General Education; Peyton Shaye Memmelaar, Cosmetology; Leanne Michelle Meserve, Associate in Arts; Judith Lauren Murray, Associate Degree Nursing; Angel Jelynn Myrick, Emergency Medical Science; Beverley Jeanne Owens, Associate in Arts; Caitlyn Brooke Pendergraph, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Rocio Ester Perez, Early Childhood Education; Miranda Gail Pittman, Associate in Arts; A'laure S. Pope, Associate in Science; Aaron Brandon Pridgen, Associate in Engineering; Ninoshka Naomi Rosado Esquilin, Criminal Justice Technology, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; James W. Runyon, Associate in Arts; Brittny Leann Sutton, Associate Degree Nursing; Jacob Webster Wall,  Associate in Science.


Jatzael Munoz, Associate in Science; Portia Nettles, Cosmetology; Peter L. Samsel, Radiography.

La Grange

Erin Blake Govan, Medical Assisting; Christie Mitchell, Networking Technology.

Las Vegas, NV

Savannah Maelynd Lippitt, Associate in Science.


Mickayla Evelynne Porter, Cosmetology; Taylor Elizabeth Waters, Radiography.


Centoria Michelle Best, Office Administration.


Lorica Renee Oxendine, Associate Degree Nursing.


Rebecca Marie Munday, Medical Office Adminstration, Rebecca Marie Munday, Associate in General Education; Skyler Lindsey Peterson, Associate in Science; Teia Rays Sloan, Business Administration; Joseph Cole Whittington, Associate in Science.

Mount Olive

Samantha Faye Allen, Associate in Arts; Shaquillria A. McNair, Bioprocess Technology; Maria Del Carmen Pennington, Diploma- Cosmetology.

Newton Grove

Drake Larry Davis, Associate in Arts; Adina K. Harris, Pharmacy Technology, Adina K. Harris, Diploma- Pharmacy Technology; Stephanie Marie Jones, Medical Office Administration; Sarah  Pierce, Associate in Arts; Ariel Christian Thornton, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.


Alexis Carol Brown, Associate in Science, Brittany Crabtree, Radiography; Dakota Keith Thompson, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.

Pine Level

Sandra Barbee Joyner, Bioprocess Technology; Isaiah Christopher Walters, Computer-Integrated Machining; Joseph Karston Walters, Computer-Integrated Machining.


Senora Joan Uptmor, Radiography.


Sarah Riley Boyle, Associate Degree Nursing; Jessica Megan Braswell, Associate in Arts; Arely Rodriguez Carranza, Welding Technology, Arely Rodriguez Carranza, Diploma- Welding Technology; Kirsten Leanne Carter, Diploma- Cosmetology; Michelle Nicole Eonta, Early Childhood Education; Sarah Ashley Haddock, Associate in General Education; Demetrius Marcel Hall, Associate in Arts; Samantha Davis McLamb, Diploma- Medical Assisting; Catherine Kelly Page, Associate in General Education; Milan Gabrielle Schmidt, Associate in Science; Daniel D. Selph, Emergency Medicial Science; Kara Janel Walden, Associate in Arts; Allison Leeann Weaver, Associate in Science; Austin Ray Wells, Associate in Science; Jennifer Lynn Whaley, Associate in Science; Kaila Ann Whitley, Diploma- Cosmetology.


Michael James Scriven, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.


Arlenys Almonte-Breton, Associate in Arts; Melvin Leo Burwell, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology, Diploma- Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Allen Franklin Butcher, Networking Technology; Amy Larue Darling, Diploma- Cosmetology; Brittany Marie Harrison, Associate in Science; Fanchon Harvey, Cosmetology;   Kristina Marie Hatcher, Criminal Justice Technology; Jennifer Alyssa Hilliard, Associate Degree Nursing; Dayna Kate Jewell, Associate Degree Nursing; Maram Mbye, Associate Degree Nursing; Monica Kelly McNamara, Sonography- Cardiovascular; Eucharia Obimma, Medical Assisting, Diploma- Medical Assisting; Aaron Lee Ragsdale, Criminal Justice Technology, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Alma Rodriguez, Associate in Arts; Lamin Sarjo, Associate in General Education; Pamela Kristin Tucker, Associate in Arts; Mary Catherine Whaley, Associate in Science; Christine Williams, Sonography- Cardiovascular; Sean Michael Wood, Associate in Arts.


Heather Marie Roberson, Associate in General Education.


River Justice Adams, Associate in Arts; Ashley Victoria Aquino, Medical Office Administration; Kyle David Austene, Bioprocess Technology; Marco Antonio Benavides Acosta, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Rosie Yamilet Bonilla Aguilar, Associate in Arts; Randy Lee Bost, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology, Diploma- Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Kayla Jean Bryant, Associate in Arts; Jorge Coria, Associate in Arts; Cierra Reagan Davis, Associate in Arts; Tyler Murray Eason, Diploma- Welding Technology; Fatima Esquivel, Diploma- Pharmacy Technology, Pharmacy Technology; Erika Flores, Associate in Science; Renaldo Timothy Herrera, Community Spanish Interpreter; Johathan Bernard Holder, Associate in Arts; Asucena Loza Jaramillo, Criminal Justice Technology; Amber Logan Johnson, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Waverly Van Dorn Jones, Associate in Arts; James Aaron Joyner, Bioprocess Technology; Ashley Sarah Lee, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Carrie Jo Linder, Associate in General Education; Itais Esmeralda Martinez Marquez,  Associate in Arts; Sandra Martinez-Coria, Associate in Science; Kasey Nicole McDaniel, Diploma- Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting; Karina Menjivar, Criminal Justice Technology; Bethanygail Gabuya Metz, Associate Degree Nursing; Melisa Morales Perez, Accounting; Jacob Mathew Morris, Associate in Engineering; Mariana Ortiz, Community Spanish Interpreter; Lindsey Nicole Pollock, Early Childhood Education; Hunter Jordan Poste, Welding Technology, Diploma- Welding Technology; Stephanie Michelle Promish, Associate in General Education; Drema Pugh,  Associate in Arts; Francisco Javier Reta, Associate in Arts; Emma Christine Revels, Diploma- Office Administration; Erin Layne Revels, Diploma- Therapeutic Massage; Noah Shane Roberson, Criminal Justice Technology; Delia Noemi Rodriguez, Medical Assisting, Diploma- Medical Assisting; Casey Taylor Sanders, Associate in Science; Shania Nicole Sanders, Early Childhood Education; Glenda Faye Scarboro, Associate in Arts; Jessica Rae Scott, Associate in Science; Michaela C. Shaver, Associate in Science; Marissa Smith, Associate in Arts; Jasmyne Janae Spruill, Associate in Arts; Christina Anne Stanley, Radiography; Madison Michelle Twigg, Medical Assisting; Andrew William Warrick, Diploma- Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Khiana Danielle Williams, Associate in Science; Mary Jane Williams, Accounting; Michael Lajuan Williams, Associate in Science; Erin Wise, Associate in Arts; Garrett Watson Woodard, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Nicole Elizabeth Worth, Associate in Arts,  Associate in Science; Maritza Sahari Zuniga Huete, Associate in Science; Cameron Bradford Sims, Information Technology, Diploma- Information Technology; Austin Benton Currie, Radiography; Robin Mayer Sims, Criminal Justice Technology, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence.


Alejandra Elizabeth Araiza, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Jose Alfredo Ayala-Albarran, Accounting; Octavia Barnes, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Jerry Earl Biesecker, Welding Technology, Welding Technology; Emily Lauren Calzaretta, Diploma-Cosmetology; Sarah Kaye Aycock Carl, Associate in Arts; Judy Michelle Clark, Associate Degree Nursing; Blake Reid Clifton, Associate in Arts; Emma Kayla Creech, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Tiara Nicole Custer, Associate Degree Nursing; Michael Aaron Daughtry, Associate in Science, Associate in Arts; Owen Rex Daughtry, Accounting; Victoria Ann Deans, Associate in Science; Marcus Franklin Earl, Associate in Arts; Heather W. Figard, Associate in Arts; Carl Glenn Fizer, Associate Degree Nursing; Selena Flores-Aguilar, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Bryan Davis Gilmore, Welding Technology, Diploma- Welding Technology; Blake Edward Guy, Diploma- Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology; Amy E. Hargis, Diploma- Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting; Arica Denise Harris, Accounting; Nelson Martinez Hernandez, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Jesse Wade Hobby, Associate in Arts; Lacy Jade Hockaday, Associate in Arts; Erica Nicole Holloman, Associate in Arts; Christina Mae Lawson, Associate in Arts; Janet Elizabeth Lawson, Bioprocess Technology; Jaleesa Rai Lee, Associate in Science; June Eileen Lemke, Associate Degree Nursing; Eric Johnson Mabe, Emergency Medical Science; Cassandra Maya, Associate in Science; Benjamin Lacy Parrish, Associate in Arts; Meredith Ashley Parrish, Associate in Science; Kelly Nicole Perkinson, Associate in Science; Anthony Lee Perry, Associate in Science; Elisua Ramos, Associate in Arts,  Diploma- Community Spanish Interpreter; Timothy James Rando, Associate in Science,  Associate in Engineering; Siham Rasheed, Associate in Science; Shawntica Vantavia Redmond,  Associate in Arts; Aaron Reynoso, Associate in Arts; Courtney R. Richards, Medical Office Administration; Estevan Rodriguez, Industrial Systems Technology; Filiberta Eguia Santiago, Associate in General Education; Hannah Jordan Schoeneman, Associate in Science; Samantha Jean Smith, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Savannah Michelle Stewart, Emergency Medical Science; Heather Ruth Urban, Early Childhood Education; Samantha Lizette Valadez, Diploma-Medical Assisting; Lizzet J. Acevedo Villeda, Office Administration; Sherrese Wallace, Accounting; Presley Nicole Whitley, Associate in Arts; Richard Alexander Wright-Taylor, Associate in Arts.

Spring Hope

Mizael Mirand Mendoza, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.


Cortney Lynn Keen, Diploma-Cosmetology.


Nidia I. Salinas, Networking Technology, Information Technology.


Jordan Douglas Brown-Crough, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Hannah Christine Caudill, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Adam Stuart Craig, Welding Technology, Diploma-Welding Technology; Allen Bryce Dungan, Criminal Justice Technology, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Shari Lynn Hern, Associate in Arts; Taryn Hicks Madden, Associate in Arts; Cyarra Patricia Quinn Pierson, Associate Degree Nursing; Abbie Lyn Rowe, Associate in Arts; Collins Alexis Rudder, Diploma- Pharmacy Technology; Bonnie K. Spencer, Associate in Arts.

Willow Spring

Cheyenne Celeste Avery, Associate in Science; Ryan Alexander Curtis, Associate in Engineering; Debora Sue Delgado, Associate in Arts; Emily Allen Derringer, Associate Degree Nursing; Evelyn Hope Gibbs, Associate in Engineering; Jennifer Elizabeth Paruolo, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Elizabeth Paruolo, Associate in Science; Adam Carter Shelp, Business Administration; Zachary Harris Hall, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering; Margaret Mwebe Nabagesera, Associate in Arts; Sam Nicole Salgado, Associate in Science; Latonya Raeshell Williams, Associate in Arts.


Brianna Lynne Baker, Radiography; Shelby D. Lucas Anderson, Accounting; Taylor Elizabeth Moore, Diploma-Therapeutic Massage; Filiberto Reyes Mariano, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.

Wilson’s Mills

Nathaniel Sharpe Mills, Associate in Science.


Amanda Brooks, Medical Assisting; Caroline Elizabeth Creech, Associate in Science; Megan Elizabeth Creech, Associate in Arts, Associate in Science; Taylor Brianne Creech, Radiography; Elise Arlene Descoteaux, Associate in Arts; Hannah Rose Driver, Diploma-Cosmetology; Leslie  Evenson, Associate in Science; Montana Marie Hocutt, Associate in Arts; Leonel Mercado, Associate in Arts; Jared Dylan Ray, Emergency Medical Science; Kendra Gail Sandy, Early Childhood Education; Caleb Smith, Associate in Science; Jasil Ebony Younger, Criminal Justice Technology, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence.

Cutline: JCC awarded 670 associate degrees and diplomas at ceremonies in May.

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