JCC Announces 2017 Graduates

Published: July 6, 2017

College awarded more than 700 associate degrees and diplomas.


Chandra A.  Matthews, Associate in Arts; Morgan L. Broadwell, Associate in Arts; Deandre Nephtali Figueroa, Associate in Arts; Matthew S. King, Associate in Arts, Kimberly Williams Bailey,    Associate in Arts; Kristin Helms Williams, Associate in Arts; Elisabeth Ramsey, Associate in Science; Morgan Nicole Craven, Associate in Science; Deandre Nephtali Figueroa, Associate in Science; Crystal Aeschbacher Donaldson, Accounting and Business Administration; Amanda Collier Fischer, Nuclear Medicine; Stephanie Elizabeth Lopresto, Nuclear Medicine; Lauren Nicole Johnson, Radiography; Amy Danielle Stewart, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Dakota Blake Holland, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Amanda Nicole Patterson, Criminal Justice Technology.


Carolyn McGuire Tauscher, Cardiovascular Sonography; Heidi Joanne Hudnut, Medical Sonography; Lindsey          Brooke Stephens, Radiography; Corey Michael Shirk, Fire Protection Technology;


Madison Tart Small; Associate in Arts; Quade Rashaan Hudson, Associate in Arts; Cody   Brian Lanphere, Associate in Arts; Tatiana   Perez, Associate in Arts; Shawna Rae Prendergast, Associate in Arts; Shenan Lee Higgins, Associate in Arts; Alicia Jennifer Enriquez, Associate in Arts; Lauren Jean Hall, Associate in Arts; Amber Starr Hayes, Associate in Arts; Kristy Lynn Jernigan, Associate in Arts; Hannah Victoria Lee, Associate in Arts; Breanna Jewel Macaluso, Associate in Arts; Restyn Martin, Associate in Arts; Alexis Gray Vazquez, Associate in Arts; Allison Marie Shilt, Associate in Arts; Amber E. Godwin, Associate in Science; Susan N. Norris, Associate in Science; Jessica Lynn Autry, Associate in Science; Kelly Gazlay, Associate in Science; Austin Garrett Pearce, Associate in Science; Quade Rashaan Hudson, Associate in Science; Camryn Rose Powers, Associate in Science; Kristy Lynn Jernigan, Associate in Science; Breanna Jewel Macaluso, Associate in Science; Suzzan Miller Hayes, Business Administration; Marian Elizabeth Litwiler, Medical Office Administration; Elizabeth Leann Register, Medical Office Administration; Amy McCormac Spence, Paralegal Technology; Ignacio Ward, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Kayla Nicole Messer, Nursing; Jessica  Ann Crawford, Emergency Medical Science; Rebecca Lee Parker, Medical Assisting; Cody Christine Collins, Medical Sonography; Stephanie C. Lee, Medical Sonography; Jaimie Morgan Wischnowsky, Medical Sonography; Lauren Kelli Barnes, Radiography; Brittany H. Thorne, Radiography; Jerri Alaine Bryant, Radiography; Michael Dale Morton, Radiography;  Austin  Kelly Raynor, Bioprocess Technology; Willie James Campbell, Bioprocess Technology, Jennifer Ann Moseley, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Austin Reid Fowler, Fire Protection Technology; Amy McCormac Spence, Diploma Paralegal Technology; Reid Nicholas       Barefoot, Diploma Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Ignacio Ward, Diploma Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Joshua Scott Miller, Diploma Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Rebecca Lee Parker, Diploma Medical Assisting; Katelyn Nicole Nordan, Diploma Cosmetology; Aaron Popple, Diploma Diesel and Heavy Equipment.


Alexa  Maria  Stalker, Radiography.


Tierra  Nicole Taylor, Nursing; Kristina Ann Mantzouris, Cardiovascular Sonography; Rachel Nicole Marquardt, Cardiovascular Sonography.


Kelley Utley Whittington, Associate in Arts; Kyla Dawn Bolin, Associate in Arts; Valerie Louise Negra, Associate in Arts; Jeffrey Revels, Associate in Arts; William Douglas Todd, Associate in Arts; Haley Nicole Wierzbicki, Associate in Arts; Clayton; Robin Elizabeth Braswell, Associate in Arts; Joseph Arthur Kemp, Associate in Arts; Corrie Elizabeth Byrd, Associate in Arts; Taylor Morgan Bathurst, Associate in Arts; Taylor Jennae Davis, Associate in Arts; Deanna Marie Massie; Associate in Arts; Sabrina Grace McCaffery, Associate in Arts; Haley Denise Narron, Associate in Arts; Megan Michelle Wagner, Associate in Arts; Matthew David Hoover, Associate in Arts; Rachel Grace Brown, Associate in Arts; Taiyana N. Brown, Associate in Arts; Matthew Ryan Byrd, Associate in Arts; Viktoria Amber Carey, Associate in Arts; Breanna  Etim-Barbosa, Associate in Arts; Abraham Joseph Flores, Associate in Arts; Melanie Marie   Guerrero, Associate in Arts; Kassidee Lyn Hanshew, Associate in Arts; Domenic Scott Hardin, Associate in Arts; Hannah Marie Kurtz, Associate in Arts; Carson Wayne McLendon, Associate in Arts; Misael Paniagua-Calderon, Associate in Arts; Kelsie Amber Qua, Associate in Arts; Katherine Samuelson, Associate in Arts; Justin Christopher Smith, Associate in Arts; Ashley Nichole Tollefsrud, Associate in Arts; Veronica Guadalupe Villasuso Venegas, Associate in Arts; Stephanie Lee Welliver, Associate in Arts; Ashley McLamb Barbour, Associate in Arts; Shane Daniel Goulding, Associate in Arts; Matthew Reamy King, Associate in Arts; Andres Mercado, Associate in Arts; Joseph Aaron Phelan, Associate in Arts; Matthew Ryder Shaftner, Associate in Arts; Lydia Sky Poole, Associate in Arts; Jessica Vu, Associate in Arts; Celia Coats, Associate in Arts; Belinda Joy Boswell, Associate in Arts; Roman Noah Barker, Associate in Arts; Stephanie  Nicole Boggs, Associate in General Education, Rebecca D.  Kidd, Associate in General Education; Brenna Joy Stewart, Associate in General Education; Misael Paniagua-Calderon, Associate in General Education; Sonia Allison Robertson, Associate in General Education; Jonathan Andreas Greth, Associate in Science; Christopher J. Lee, Associate in Science; Leticia Tran Torres, Associate in Science; Kelley Utley Whittington, Associate in Science; Marissa Brooke Pender, Associate in Science; Egor Yuri Kalmykov, Associate in Science; Matthew Ryan          Byrd, Associate in Science; Tyler Allen Carey, Associate in Science; Samantha J.  Carroll, Associate in Science; Arianna Nichelle Chappell, Associate in Science; Olivia Leanne Creech, Associate in Science; Alexander Dean Foote, Associate in Science; Jordan Brooke Johns, Associate in Science; Spenser Walker Meekins, Associate in Science; Joe L. Perry, Associate in Science; Charles Walter William Smith, Associate in Science; Haley Nicole Wierzbicki, Associate in Science; Joseph Arthur Kemp, Associate in Science; Hailey May Chalfant, Associate in Science; Emma Catherine Hall, Associate in Science; Jessica Vu, Associate in Science; Mac Vu Nguyen, Associate in Science; Sloane Avery Patterson, Associate in Science; Esteban Rengifo Duque, Associate in Science; Melissa Karina Roman, Associate in Science; Morgan Joan Stapleton, Associate in Science; Henry          Victor Stotz, Associate in Science; Hillary Sudbury, Associate in Science; Anthony Jacob Lydic, Associate in Science; Brianna Nicole Lomax, Associate in Science; Eric   Michael Behrensen, Associate in Science; Kyle Matthew Behrensen, Associate in Science; Haley Michele Fox, Associate in Science, Danelle Marie Gross, Associate in Science; Anolani Kane, Associate in Science; Hanna Danielle Miller, Associate in Science; Sarah          Stone, Associate in Science; Christian Terry, Associate in Science; Cortney Michelle Wilson Harris, Associate in Science; Joseph Aaron Wireman, Associate in Science; Abraham Joseph Flores, Associate in Science; Taiyana N.  Brown, Associate in Science; Veronica Guadalupe Villasuso Venegas, Associate in Science; Hannah Marie           Kurtz, Associate in Science; Andres Mercado, Associate in Science; Kassidee Lyn Hanshew, Associate in Science; Katherine Samuelson, Associate in Science; Megan Michelle Wagner, Associate in Science; Domenic Scott Hardin, Associate in Science; Adam Chadwick Brooks, Associate in Science; Breanna Etim-Barbosa, Associate in Science; Jose Luis Jimenez, Associate in Engineering; Jasur Shukrat Mirzakhmedov, Associate in Engineering; Penny Howell, Accounting; Tracy Dianne Medlin-Sanderford; Business Administration; Larry Devon Artis, Business Administration; Anthony Crowell, Business Administration; Valita Reshelle Lyons; Business Administration; Victoria Catherine Wresch, Business Administration; April Lynn Espinal, Business Administration; Pamela Gibson-Thomas, Medical Office Administration; Amber Blake Parrish, Medical Office Administration; Ella Renee Rose, Medical Office Administration; Cecilia Maria Dilligard, Medical Office Administration; Yolliza Responde Brogden, Networking Technology; Abraham Joseph Flores, Networking Technology; Marianne Marie Beamer, Paralegal Technology; Victoria C. Cobb, Paralegal Technology; Eric Allen Valencia, Paralegal Technology; Brittany Yvonne Dew, Nursing; Tiffany Brantley Gresham, Nursing; Elizabeth Marie Pampuch, Nursing; Lindsay Suzanne Pittman, Nursing; Valerie Lynne   Pratt, Nursing; Ashley L. Baia, Nursing; Amanda Robin Boe, Nursing; Michelle Ann Guerrero, Nursing; Dawn Marie  Lawther, Nursing; Christina Lynn Matheny, Nursing; Trina Ann Scheel, Nursing; Mary Margaret        Tanner, Nursing; Stacy Lynn Petro, Cardiovascular Sonography, Kiera L. Clark, Medical Assisting; Julia Marie Freeze, Medical Assisting; Anna K. Lane, Medical Assisting; Susana Pardo, Radiography; Loren Brady            Melvin, Radiography; Julie Nantz Kornegay, Therapeutic Massage; Jesse Scott Taber, Computer Integrated Machining; Justin Lee Todman, Computer Integrated Machining; Andrew Paul Eckhoff, Industrial Systems Technology; Zachary Grant Morrison, Industrial Systems Technology; Russell Lloyd Phillips,  Industrial Systems Technology; Josue David Peralta-Mejia, Bioprocess Technology; John Connor Barbour, Bioprocess Technology; Patricia Hackett, Bioprocess Technology; Danielle Denise Sanders; Cosmetology; Rachel Carol Learn; Cosmetology; John Richard Stankiewicz, Criminal Justice Technology; Isabela Raquel Pena, Criminal Justice Technology; Angelica L. Casanova, Early Childhood Education; Sarah Elizabeth Morrison, Early Childhood Education; James Ethan Merle, Fire Protection Technology; Diana Wilkinson, Community Spanish Interpreter, Cristal Castaneda Vega, Community Spanish Interpreter; Kiera L. Clark, Diploma Medical Assisting, Anna K. Lane, Diploma Medical Assisting; Julie Nantz Kornegay, Diploma Therapeutic Massage; Kristine Rose Dougherty, Diploma Therapeutic Massage; Justin Lee Todman, Diploma Computer Integrated Machining; Dalma Wilson Uzzle, Diploma Industrial System Technology; Zachary Grant Morrison, Diploma Industrial System Technology; Russell Lloyd Phillips, Diploma Industrial System Technology; Andrew Paul Eckhoff, Diploma Industrial System Technology; Jacqueline Victoria Shepard, Diploma Cosmetology; Cynthia Hunter Radford, Medical Office Administration.


Bryan Keith Stewart, Associate in Arts; Robin Andrew Catherman, Associate in Science; Kaitlyn Taylor Averitt, Nursing; Ahira Zoar Sanchez, Therapeutic Massage; Jessica Lee Alonzo, Cosmetology.


Monica Lynn Ennis, Associate in Arts; Candace Madonna Hicks, Associate in Arts; Tevin  Malloy, Associate in Arts; Johnna Michelle Cater, Associate in Arts; Levi Peyton Gers, Associate in Arts; Carolyn Hannah Alphin, Associate in Arts; Candace Madonna Hicks, Associate in Science; Jose D.  Aguero, Associate in Science; Chandra Danielle Harris, Associate in Science; Michael Phelan Cavenaugh, Associate in Science; Patsy Lynn Balance, Accounting; Phillip Deforest Warren, Business Administration; Angela Belle Runge, Medical Office Administration; Chelsey Nicole Tart, Medical Office Administration; Hunter Jordan Wilson, Paralegal Technology; Jeremy Clark  Dunn, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Nyeshia Lashe Graham, Nursing; Trina Lynn Brackman, Nursing; Kayla Brooke Baker, Medical Assisting; Hannah Bessie Bullins, Nuclear Medicine; Lasasha Monsha McKoy, Pharmacy Technology; Yahsheva S. Mitchell, Radiography; Heather M. Stewart, Radiography; Oscar Ivan Tinajero, Industrial Systems Technology; Christopher Blake Tart, Bioprocess Technology; Mayra Lina Martinez-Hernandez, Cosmetology; Sabrina Rashonda  Frederick, Criminal Justice Technology; Kayla Brooke Baker, Diploma Medical Assisting; Lasasha Monsha McKoy, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Oscar Ivan Tinajero, Diploma Industrial System Technology.


James Van Farowe, Medical Sonography.


Ashley A. Smith, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence.

Elm City

Selena Cisneros, Associate in Science.


Andrea Lindsay McLamb-Switzer, Associate in Science; Nicole Sachiko Hudson, Associate in Science; Brandy L. Harrison, Nursing; Krystal Nicole McKoy, Emergency Medical Science;  Brittany Sue Tyndall, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.


Clifton Lavern Turpin Diesel and Heavy Equipment.


Joan Benson Le Gloahec, Nuclear Medicine; Brittany Trogdon, Radiography.

Four Oaks

Giovanni Daniel Hernandez Velazquez, Diesel and Heavy Equipment; Andrea Paige Wallace, Associate in Arts; Grace Lynn Lee, Associate in Arts; Elizabeth Martinez, Associate in Arts; Kristen Leigh Martinez, Associate in Arts; Selena Gabie Mendoza, Associate in Arts; Alexis Storm Barbour, Associate in Arts; Carson A. Denning, Associate in Arts; Aubrey Greg Thompson, Associate in Arts; Adriana Lizbeth Ramirez, Associate in Science; Brandon Lee Selleck, Associate in Science; Stephanie Luna, Associate in Science; Javier Edgardo Mejia, Associate in Science; Dayana Parra, Associate in Science; Kristen Leigh Martinez, Associate in Science; Alison Caroline Beal, Associate in Engineering; Kelly Gail Williamson, Business Administration; April Nicole Baker, Medical Office Administration; Donna Michelle Eason, Medical Office Administration; Alisha Re'ana Leary, Medical Office Administration; Andrew L. Pobrica, Networking Technology; Melanie Harris Weisbeck, Office Administration; April Nicole Baker, Office Administration; Shamima Anderson, Nursing; David   Scott Schmaling, Emergency Medical Science; Necketta Lashan Fellows, Medical Assisting; Danny Marshall Weston, Medical Assisting, Danielle          Taylor Jackson, Pharmacy Technology; Courtney Louise Toppings, Pharmacy Technology; Karlee Bass, Radiography; Brittany Caroline Benson, Radiography; Patrick Van Lee, Computer Integrated Machining; Jonathan         Frank Barbour, Industrial Systems Technology; Zayra Judith Moreno, Criminal Justice Technology; Matthew R. Morris, Criminal Justice Technology; Melissa Olimpia Montoya, Criminal Justice Technology; Zayra Judith Moreno, Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Melissa Olimpia Montoya, Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Serena Sullivan Luke, Early Childhood Education; Michael Channing Bradley, Fire Protection Technology; Travis Carroll Johnson, Fire Protection Technology; Andrew Stephen Rhodes, Fire Protection Technology; Dustin Gerald Stanley, Fire Protection Technology; Kevin Harper, Diesel and Heavy Equipment; Maria Yecenia Coyt, Diploma Medical Assisting; Necketta Lashan Fellows, Diploma Medical Assisting; Danny Marshall Weston, Diploma Medical Assisting; Jonathan Frank Barbour, Diploma Industrial System Technology; Anna L. Brewington, Diploma Cosmetology; Kendra    Lashay Johnson, Diploma Early Childhood Education.


Michelle Renee Fairhurst, Associate in Science; David Austin Williams, Nuclear Medicine; Ashelie Gregory Jones, Diploma Medical Assisting.


Erin Elizabeth Amerson, Nursing; Shelby Ann Ehmann, Nursing; Jenifer Ashley Sawyer, Nursing; Taylor Marie Holland, Radiography; Judith Stacy Hyman, Diploma Medical Assisting; Daniel Parker Southerland, Associate in Science; Rita Gaudioso Harrington, Community Spanish Interpreter.


Stephen Cristian Baker, Associate in Arts; Justin Wayne Johnson, Associate in Arts; John Kirby Gallop, Associate in Arts; Katelyn McKay Woodcock, Associate in Arts; Christina Marie Deschaine, Associate in Arts; Rilee Mikayla   Knott, Associate in Arts; Leah Powell, Associate in Arts; Ashley Christine Webster, Associate in Arts; Lynsie Maree Williams, Associate in Arts; Simone Elizabheth Gillespie, Associate in Arts; Aubrey P. Perkinson, Associate in Arts; Charles Dylan Putnam, Associate in Arts; Sarah Alison Mitchell, Associate in Arts; Ashley Elizabeth Holland, Associate in Science; Stephen Cristian Baker, Associate in Science; Roosevelt Andrew Conyers, Associate in Science; Christopher N. Maine, Associate in Science; Brooke Payton Norris, Associate in Science; Hannah Aliyah Prosser, Associate in Science; Halimeh Mohammed Harb, Associate in Science; Lynsie Maree Williams, Associate in Science; Erica Lindsay Andrews, Nursing; Miranda Clark Potts, Nursing; Jamie Jo Pearce Williams, Nursing; Brynn Elizabeth Smith, Nursing; Eric Deprato, Radiography; Bobo Darboe, Bioprocess Technology; Dylan Edward Zelenka, Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Candice Marie Northgrave, Diploma Medical Assisting; Christen B. McLaughlin, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.


Tierra A. Pressley, Nursing.


Brittany Parker Knoll, Medical Office Administration; Olivia Beltran, Medical Assisting and Diploma Medical Assisting.


Shamika Lechelle Artis, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Ta'mia Nicole King, Associate in Science; Brenton Kirk Drake, Networking Technology; Johnnie L. Guy, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Jessica Lynne Newell, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Alex Christopher Weaver, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Kayla Nicole Melvin, Medical Assisting; Claire Alisa Kennedy, Cosmetology; Johnnie L. Guy, Diploma Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Kayla Nicole Melvin, Diploma Medical Assisting; Hannah Faith Stocks, Diploma Cosmetology.

Holly Springs

Samantha Michelle Daniel, Associate in Arts.


Bradley Robert Boyette, Associate in Arts; Candace Campbell Wood, Associate in Arts; Michael Joseph           Carson, Associate in Arts; Kendra Nicole Crocker, Associate in Arts; Candace Campbell Wood, Associate in Science; Kaitlin Nicholle Chesney, Associate in Science; Beverley  Jeanne Owens, Associate in Science; Joshua Steven Schroeder, Associate in Science; Thomas Walter Shumaker, Accounting; Karina Corral, Business Administration; Mary Hales Jones, Business Administration; Rebecca Richardson, Business Administration; Liliana Contreras, Medical Office Administration; Araceli Iveth Fajardo, Medical Office Administration; Chelsea Logan Watson, Medical Office Administration; Bobbie Jo Alvis, Medical Office Administration; Kathryn Kellie Scott, Office Administration; Krystal Lynn Baker, Medical Assisting; Shelley Marie Bruckner, Radiography; William Henry Barnes, Criminal Justice Technology; Richard Travis Brown, Criminal Justice Technology; Krystal Lynn Baker, Diploma Medical Assisting; Christy Antoinette Jones, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.


Haley Nicole Brennan, Associate in Arts.


Benjamin Edward Potter, Associate in Arts.


Presley Costello, Associate in Arts; Martha G. Mena, Paralegal Technology; Christa Leonard Wilkerson, Medical Sonography; Veronica Christine Russ, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.


Jennifer Nicole Gravley, Associate in Science.


Jean Lachelle Locklear, Cardiovascular Sonography.


Barry Eugene Thornton, Criminal Justice Technology.


Landon Ary Batten, Associate in Arts; Rebecca McCoy Rohrer, Associate in Science; Yesenia Martinez, Associate in Science; Teia Rays Sloan, Business Administration; Diana Yasmin Carranza, Medical Office Administration; Jeromy Nicolas Roper, Networking Technology; Deborah Ann Sasser, Medical Assisting; Celia Lee Folden, Therapeutic Massage; Justin Lee Matthews, Diesel and Heavy Equipment; Deborah Ann Sasser, Diploma Medical Assisting.


Arianna T. Assadi, Associate in Science.

Mount Olive

Hayley Michele Barrett, Radiography; and Sirena Faircloth, Diploma Medical Assisting.

New Bern

Netashia Kennedy, Nuclear Medicine.

Newton Grove

Brooke Leeza Altieri, Associate in Arts; John Daniel Vierra, Associate in Arts; John Daniel Vierra, Associate in Arts and Associates in Science; Shequita Danielle Peacock, Medical Office Administration; Sharon Delaine Smith, Medical Office Administration; Lisa Renee Cain, Therapeutic Massage; Eleana Feathers, Therapeutic Massage; Eleana Feathers, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.


Jeremy Matthew Chase, Associate in General Education; Madyson June Kneer, Associate in Science; Jessica Paige Garris, Radiography; Debby Flores Perez, Community Spanish Interpreter; Shenita S. Dobson, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.

Pine Level

Keith Eugene Lee, Associate in Arts; Mitchell James Thompson, Associate in Arts; Benjamin Gray Pilkington, Associate in Arts; Morgan Blair Woodring, Radiography.


Amy Ogburn Mullis, Associate in Arts.


Jennifer Gil, Associate in Arts; Aislyn Leif Henderson, Associate in Arts; Lisa Langley Lee, Associate in Arts; Bailey Christian Watson, Associate in Science; Samuel Trent Bryant, Associate in Science; Carina Diane Horvath, Associate in Science; Samuel Trent Bryant, Associate in Engineering; Jessica Jeanne Lux Fromer, Business Administration; Melissa Sue  Diaz, Business Administration; Robyn T. White, Medical Office Administration; Ashley Nicole Williams, Medical Office Administration; Catherine Kelly Page, Office Administration; Carson Leigh Braswell, Emergency Medical Science; Shelby Snezana Coello-Velasquez, Medical Assisting; Kimly Phillips Singleton, Medical Assisting; Tiffany Leeann Johnson, Pharmacy Technology; Drake Thomas Carter, Bioprocess Technology; Iris Anne Hales, Criminal Justice Technology; Martha Flores, Early Childhood Education; Shelby Snezana Coello-Velasquez, Diploma Medical Assisting; Tami Alyssa Diaz, Diploma Medical Assisting; Kimly Phillip  Singleton, Diploma Medical Assisting; Tiffany Leeann Johnson, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Sara Lynn Alleman, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.


Sherlyne Akuku, Associate in Arts; Brittany Marie Harrison, Associate in Arts; Latonia Michele Whitfield-Jones, Associate in Science; Kayla M. Griffin, Associate in Science; Nicole Isabel Ayala, Associate in Science; Parker McLean Hunter, Associate in Science; Erika Dominique Hooks, Paralegal Technology; Cynthia S. Mrozek, Paralegal Technology; Antwuan Anthony Smoakes, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Tyler M. Stamey, Nursing; Elizabeth Anne Turner, Nursing; Jennifer Elise Vieira Da Rosa, Nursing; Travis L. Gates, Cardiovascular Sonography; Dara Hutzler, Cardiovascular Sonography; Lenae Marie Sizemore, Pharmacy Technology; Antwua  Anthony Smoakes, Diploma Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration.

Roanoke Rapids

Johnathan Allen Hall, Industrial Systems Technology.

Rocky Mount

Kenny James Miller, Diesel and Heavy Equipment.


Carla McGee Hayes, Business Administration.


Frances Marie Betts, Associate in Arts; Jodee Elizabeth Boswell, Associate in Arts; Ebone Latasha Leach, Associate in Arts; Abigail Barajas, Associate in Arts; Yecica Karina Garcia, Associate in Arts; Katelyn Elizabeth Heath, Associate in Arts; Jenny Virginia Mitchener, Associate in Arts; Crystal Simone Williams, Associate in Arts; Grace Kirby Browning, Associate in Arts; Lauren Elizabeth Eakes, Associate in Arts; Jonathan Bertin Mercado, Associate in Arts; Breyia Renee Spruill, Associate in Arts; Jessica Chole Zylicz-Porras, Associate in Arts; James M. Daniels, Associate in Arts; Alex C. Sellers, Associate in Arts; Marie Diana Billups, Associate in Science; Yecica Karina Garcia, Associate in Science; Glendy Mercedes Pineda, Associate in Science; Carlos Emanuel Morataya, Associate in Science; Luke Edward Sanderford, Associate in Science; Caleb Michael Stephenson, Associate in Science; Taylor Cole Wilkins, Associate in Science; Breyia Renee Spruill, Associate in Science; Cara Benet Johnson, Associate in Science; Terri Lynn Wilkerson, Associate in Science; Nicholas Eric Smith, Associate in Science; Roger Joaquin Munguia-Mejia, Associate in Science; Cord P. Anthony, Associate in Science; Raven Clark, Associate in Science; Julio Cesar Martinez-Cuin, Associate in Science; Charles Allen Humphries, Associate in Science; Jonathan Bertin Mercado, Associate in Science; James M. Daniels, Associate in Science; Roger Joaquin Munguia-Mejia, Associate in Engineering; Charles Allen Humphries, Associate in Engineering; Alexis Victoria Little, Accounting; Amanda R. Tyree, Business Administration;  Alexis Victoria Littl, Business Administration; Maria De Jesus Calderon Medrano, Business Administration; Jose Joaquin Munguia Mejia, Business Administration; Amanda Lea Best, Medical Office Administration;  Brittany Marche McClennon, Medical Office Administration; James Bryant, Paralegal Technology; Michele Tew O'Neal, Paralegal Technology; Amber Pittman, Paralegal Technology; Jessica Corinne Joyce, Nursing; Ashley Leann Braswell, Emergency Medical Science; Elizabeth Katherine Garner, Emergency Medical Science; Catherine Garda Newton, Therapeutic Massage; Amanda Marie Elliott, Industrial Systems Technology; Angel Lashane Godwin, Cosmetology; Annjelica T D Price, Cosmetology; Asilah Ahmed Alwahishi, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Rawan Rasheed, Community Spanish Interpreter; Chad Everette Ward, Diesel and Heavy Equipment; Alan Geovanni Landeros Vargas, Diploma Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration.


Amber Kay Dailey, Associate in Arts.


Kaitlyn Anne Blackwell, Associate in Science.


Alexa Nichole Lane, Associate in Arts; Dyllan Mark Creech, Associate in Arts; Sacha Danyelle Carter, Associate in Arts; Maria D. Aleman, Associate in Arts; Terri A. Baker, Associate in Arts; Kristian Royce Henry, Associate in Arts; Karla Trinidad Guzman, Associate in Arts; Alejandra  Moreno, Associate in Arts; Matthew Earl Whaley, Associate in Arts; Timothy Roscoe McCullers, Associate in Arts; Kelly Juliet Ascanio-Gomez, Associate in Arts, Kerlyn Madeleine Fiallos, Associate in Arts; Robbie Flow, Associate in Arts; Kelly Mabe, Associate in Arts; Peyton Renee Overbee, Associate in Arts; Kymberly Renee Lassiter, Associate in Arts; Jacob Barbour, Associate in Arts; Aaron Michael Brewer, Associate in Arts; Kelly Emanuels, Associate in Arts; Geire Hernandez, Associate in Arts; Ricardo Sterling Price, Associate in Arts; Monica Amber Tedder, Associate in Arts; Briana Deisharee White, Associate in Arts; Barrett Daniel Blackmon, Associate in Arts; Adam Jameson Stanley, Associate in General Education;  George Haywood, Associate in General Education; Alexa Nichole Lane, Associate in Science; Avneek Kaur Rooprai, Associate in Science; Cody Michael Simonson, Associate in Science; Laura Alejandra Miranda, Associate in Science; Kristian Royce Henry, Associate in Science; Salvador Fonseca, Associate in Science; Sierra Noel Rice, Associate in Science; Quanshaul Javon Vinson, Associate in Science; Kenlie Dawn Hall, Associate in Science; Erika Callejas, Associate in Science; Tyler Andrew Gore, Associate in Science; Kelsey Lynn Hawkins, Associate in Science; Angelica Karafas, Associate in Science; Rose Mata, Associate in Science; Anna Esther Ekis, Associate in Science; Edgar Raul Rodriguez, Associate in Science; Lenin Salvador Soto-Mejia, Associate in Science; Aaron Harold Dacey, Associate in Science; Briana Deisharee White, Associate in Science; Ricardo Sterling Price, Associate in Science; Geire Hernandez, Associate in Science; Brandi Shavon Howell, Accounting; Brenda K. Jones, Accounting; Ariel Antonio Rivera, Business Administration; Terrence T. Bailey, Business Administration; Xiomara Carolina Cruz, Business Administration; Nirma S. Servellon, Medical Office Administration; Debra W. Green, Medical Office Administration; Wee Henderson, Medical Office Administration; Julian Lennon Alejos, Networking Technology; Leopoldo Lee Allen, Networking Technology; Tyler Andrew Gore, Networking Technology; Melisa Evette Lassiter, Office Administration; Dana Williams Barbour, Paralegal Technology; Julian Lenno Alejos, Information Technology; Kelly Jean Alger, Nursing; Kaylie Elizabeth Pilkington, Nursing; Brittany Michelle Johnson, Nursing; Toni Kelly May, Nursing; Cynthia Patterson Young, Cardiovascular Sonography; Michael Dustin Byrd, Emergency Medical Science; Omar Rivera-Nunez, Emergency Medical Science; Emily Sage Snyder Bouchard, Medical Sonography; Bryanna Woodfolk, Pharmacy Technology; Miguel Antonio Fonseca, Radiography;  Michael Fernando Hunter, Therapeutic Massage; Rachael Amber Thomas, Therapeutic Massage; Jonathan Kent Maynard, Computer Integrated Machining; Kaleigh Delain Vanderheyden, Bioprocess Technology; Shantel Lavon Washington, Cosmetology; Mikayla Jordan Guider, Cosmetology; Sydney Satterwhite, Cosmetology; Harley Noelle Alger, Criminal Justice Technology; Bethany Paige Smith, Criminal Justice Technology; Taylor Anne Howard, Criminal Justice Technology; Harley Noelle Alger, Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Julie Marie Kukucka, Early Childhood Education; Samantha Marie Brownlee, Early Childhood Education; Kiawana Deanna Avery, Early Childhood Education; Imelda Esther Ibarra, Community Spanish Interpreter; Eugenio Pompa-Villa, Community Spanish Interpreter; Ma Isabel Barcenas Valadez, Community Spanish Interpreter; Sean Michael Hanlon, Diesel and Heavy Equipment; Ricardo Flores Morales, Diesel and Heavy Equipment; Matthew Wayne Peedin, Diesel and Heavy Equipment; Michael Fernando Hunter, Diploma Therapeutic Massage; Jonathan Kent Maynard, Diploma Computer Integrated Machining; Nicole Marie Ray, Diploma Cosmetology.

Sneads Ferry

Chasity Walton Roop, Medical Office Administration.


Chadwick Aubrey Johnson, Associate in Arts.

Surf City

Kaeleigh J. Holley, Associate in Arts.


Hailey Brooke Crocker, Associate in Arts; Angie Lynn Strickland, Associate in Arts; Erica Raye Perry, Associate in Arts; Kelsey Jeanne Keefer, Associate in Science; Kathryn Raegan Kistler, Associate in Science; Kellen James Labonte, Associate in Science; Analiz Vasquez, Networking Technology; Collin Ray Strickland, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Holly Renee' Carr, Nursing; Yulonda Sessoms Pulley, Nursing; Margaret Kendig Tyner, Medical Sonography; Zackery Cole Arthurs, Industrial Systems Technology; Katelyn Elise Bailey, Bioprocess Technology; Jeffrey Scott Bass, Criminal Justice Technology; Chelsea Ann Lee, Diploma Cosmetology.

Willow Spring

Christy Ann Capps, Associate in Arts; Iman A. Fullard, Associate in Science; Matthew Aaron Huddleston, Associate in Science; Abigail Renee Dudley, Associate in Science; Jennifer Ivette Rostro, Associate in Science; Rachel Jean Alexander, Radiography; Kelli Mason Sharpe, Radiography; Kayla Michelle Sandy Holcomb, Associate in Arts; Margaret Mwebe Nabagesera, Associate in Science; Courtney Lynn Barber, Accounting; Jason Carver Burnett, Networking Technology; Kaile Lyonel Dozier, Bioprocess Technology.


Logan C. Vann, Associate in Arts.


James Preston Harrell, Associate in Arts; Heather Denise McCall, Nursing; Karie Lynn Talley, Emergency Medical Science.


Ameer Adams, Diesel and Heavy Equipment.


Jeremiah J. Caudill, Associate in Arts; Jasmin Antoinette Smith, Associate in Science; Allisan R. Tyndall, Medical Office Administration; Trisha Andrea Brock, Office Administration; Teresa Viridiana Lopez, Paralegal Technology; Vanessa Morgan Ray, Nursing; Tami Lynn Curtis, Emergency Medical Science; Jesus Javier Mercado Figueroa, Criminal Justice Technology; Taylor Brianne Creech, Diploma Medical Assisting.

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