Nearly 1,000 Students Attend New Student Orientation

Published: August 12, 2016

nsoStudents learned about campus resources and academic policies.

JCC welcomed nearly 1,000 students to campus over the past three weeks during New Student Orientation (NSO).

Students were assigned a date to report during the NSO period and they spent a full-day learning more about student policies and procedures, academic support resources, safety and security, and campus life opportunities. Sessions were held in various buildings on campus to give new students the chance to tour the campus.

Students also learned how to access their e-mail and Blackboard accounts and also got their parking decal and student ID made. Both traditional students and Career and College Promise students attended NSO sessions.

Dr. Angela Kearney, director of academic enrichment services, said NSO transitioned to a more comprehensive program to help students be more successful.

"At JCC, we believe in the importance of starting strong in order to finish strong," Kearney said. "Providing a thoughtful, well-organized orientation experience for new students is the first step in starting strong. All students were invited to attend orientation, and anyone who was unable to attend is encouraged to visit the Academic Skills Center in the Wilson Building in order to retrieve the New Student Orientation Guide and other supporting materials provided at orientation."

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