College Hosts Student Support Night

Published: May 24, 2016

studentsupportnightParents and other student supporters learned how they can help their student be successful at JCC.

Johnston Community College (JCC) held its first Student Support Night Monday to help parents, spouses, and others who serve in support roles for first-year JCC students make the transition from high school to college.

The student support system members were invited to campus to understand what to expect, how to guide students during their college experience, and how to help them be successful in college. The event was coordinated by JCC's Center for Academic Planning (CAP).

Attendees heard brief presentations about counseling services, financial aid, scholarships, TRIO, campus safety and security, the College's attendance policy and FERPA, and academic advising. They also had time to speak with college representatives and ask questions about deadlines and academic resources.

Counselor Megan Cavanaugh encouraged student supporters to be prepared for changes in their student as they move from the high school to college environment.

"Be a part of that change for your child, and I encourage you to allow those changes to occur," Cavanaugh said. "Utilize patience and allow them to find what independence is. Don't automatically jump into problem-solving mode. Let the students figure things out."

Cari Drew, director of the CAP, said she was pleased with the event's turnout and hopes to offer another session before fall classes start.

"Johnston Community College consistently works to promote overall student success," Drew said. "Student Support Night was a great opportunity to welcome parents and student supporters to our campus since they are crucial in this effort. Parents and student supporters were able to join us for an evening to learn more about the College and in doing so, help ease any uncertainties they had about transitioning into college life."

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