College Announces 2016 Graduates

Published: May 26, 2016

JCC awarded 984 credentials.

Johnston Community College celebrated its 2016 graduates with commencement ceremonies at 7 p.m. Monday, May 16, Tuesday, May 17, and Wednesday, May 18 in the Paul A. Johnston Auditorium on the main campus. JCC awarded 615 associate degrees, 290 certificates, and 79 diplomas to students who completed their study in the summer of 2015, fall of 2015, or spring of 2016.

The following are JCC's graduates listed by town of residence.

Daniel W. Hartsell, Welding Technology, Diploma Welding Technology.

Ashley Shiane Holloway, Associate in Science; Brandi Barbour, Associate in Science; Carrie Dawn Autry, Diploma Therapeutic Massage; Erika C. Edwards, Cardiovascular Sonography; Fallon Jean Allen, Associate Degree Nursing; Kasey C. Minear, Associate Degree Nursing; Loraine Berrios Rivera, Associate in Arts; Maria De Los Angeles Mora, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Meagan Kellie Csokonay, Radiography; Melissa Alayne Chambers, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Sara Ann Collins, Medical Assisting and Diploma Medical Assisting; Stephanie Elizabeth Lopresto, Associate in Science; Tonya R. Scott, Associate Degree Nursing, Aleshia Marie Young, Associate in Science; Ashtyn Taylor McKenzie, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology; Jasmine Alexis Maccini, Associate in Arts; and Mair Abigail Dubon, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology.

Ashley Louise Gianatassio, Radiography.

Alexandria Leighann Noles, Associate in Arts; Christal Barefoot, Business Administration; Chynna D'Lynn Thomas, Associate in Science; Clarissa A. Gottschalk, Pharmacy Technology; Deanne Nicole Turner, Medical Assisting; Dylan Wheeler, Business Administration; Elizabeth Grace Brickmeier, Associate in Arts; Emilee Parrish Parker, Medical Assisting; Hannah Gray Roberts, Associate Degree Nursing; Heather Blair Webster, Paralegal Technology; Helen Kathleen Pendergraft, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Hollie Jones Cummings, Medical Assisting; Hunter Brooke Barefoot, Associate in Arts; Jessica Ann Marie Tucker, Associate in Arts; John Andrew Yrigoyen, Associate in Science; Jonna Marie Johnson, Associate in Arts; Jorjanna Elizabeth Godwin, Medical Assisting; Joshua D. Howard, Associate in Arts; Justin D. Allen, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Matthew Taylor Crocker, Associate in Arts; Nichole Ashley Parker, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Susan Nicole Norris, Associate in Arts and Associate in General Education; Vanessa Melinda Schoenhofen, Associate in Science; Wendy Garcia, Medical Office Administration; Aaron Victor Parker, Networking Technology; Andrew V. McLamb, Associate in Arts; Brandi Renuart, Associate in Science; Clarissa A. Gottschalk, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Cody James Dominguez, Diploma Air Condition Heating and Refrigeration; Deanne Nicole Turner, Diploma Medical Assisting; Emilee Ann Parrish, Diploma Medical Assisting; Heather Blair Webster, Diploma Paralegal Technology; Hollie Jones Cummings, Diploma Medical Assisting; Hunter Brooke Barefoot, Associate in Arts; Jorjanna Elizabeth Godwin, Diploma Medical Assisting; Kathrine Lynn Irvin, Associate in Arts; Katie Maureen Rutherford, Associate in Arts; Lisa Marie Aggers Gray, Associate in Arts; Michaela Elizabeth Lee, Cosmetology; Sarah Gabrielle Nagle, Associate in Science; Timothy Raynor, Diploma Air Condition Heating and Refrigeration.

Jessica Leighanne Hobby, Associate in Arts.

Laura-Kay E. Lamonds, Medical Sonography.

Danielle Ricksheirra Bartlett, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology.

Cheri Lynne McDonald, Cardiovascular Sonography; Jessica L. Trapp, Medical Sonography; Julie Ann Hoffman, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.

Abigail Bolton, Emergency Medical Science; Adrian Krzysztof Wierzbinski, Associate in Engineering; Alec Loren Pursell, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Alex Wayne Batten, Associate in Arts; Alexandra Pettit, Associate in Science; Amanda Christine Wilder, Associate in Arts; Amanda Marie Hoover, Associate in Arts; Amy Michelle Rice, Associate Degree Nursing; Andrea H. Overby, Medical Sonography; Andrew Wyatt Jones, Industrial Systems Technology; Arianna Nichelle Chappell, Associate in Arts; Ashlee Michelle Rice, Associate in Science; Ashley Gayle Latta, Associate in Arts; Benjamin Ward Chellew, Bioprocess Technology; Bethany Marie Shankle, Associate in Science; Brandi Lee Gilvaja, Associate Degree Nursing; Bruce Charles Hayes Jr., Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Calvin Carter, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Carey W. Carroll, Associate in Science; Carlon Christine Keenan, Cardiovascular Sonography; Carlos Alberto Olvera, Associate in Arts; Carly N. McLendon, Associate in Arts; Cassondra Rheiner, Associate in Arts; Cecily Alyce Wheeler, Associate in Arts; Cherokee Johnson, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Christopher T. Buchanan, Welding Technology; Crystal Leigh Pozzie, Associate Degree Nursing; Danielle Marie Costa, Nuclear Medicine Technology; David Bruce Durham Elsheimer II, Associate in Science; David Bober, Associate in Science; Emilio Gilvaja, Associate in Science - Pre-Engineering; Fernando Antonio Osorto Alvarez, Associate in Science; Gabrielle A. Bonini, Emergency Medical Science; Hannah Nicole Kline, Associate in Science; Isaac Neal Johnson, Associate in Arts; Jason Michael Hudda, Associate in Science; Jeanne Isabel Montgomery, Associate Degree Nursing; Jordan Paige Tracy, Associate in Science; Jose Luis Jimenez, Associate in Science; Joshua Clyde McCarty, Associate in Science; Katie Jeanette McGee, Associate in Arts; Kayla Jamia Smith, Associate in Science; Kevin Blake Smith, Associate in Science; Kevin C. Swinson, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Kimberly Nicole Aguilar, Medical Office Administration; Kimberly Hall, Associate in Arts; Kristy Hope Medlin, Associate in Science; Krystal M. O'Connor, Pharmacy Technology; Lacey Washington, Radiography; Lacy R. Alford, Associate in Arts; Lauren Rachael Daniels, Associate in Science; Linda Lamberth Emory, Criminal Justice Technology; Lisa Caudle Ross, Associate in Arts; Lisa M. Masisak, Associate in Science; Logan Sampson, Associate in Arts; Lourdes Duran Romero, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology; Lucia Martinez, Associate in Science; Maryanna Byrd, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Matthew R. Nelson, Fire Protection Technology; Melissa Pauline Leiriao, Associate in Science; Misty A. Preztak, Emergency Medical Science; Monica Simmons Gullatt, Accounting; Niamh Douglas, Associate in Arts; Nicholas Roger Agnew, Associate in Science; Nisa Nassauretta Newkirk, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Noe Duran, Associate in Arts; Oscar Arturo Chairez Beltran, Associate in Engineering; Pamela Kay Asher, Early Childhood Associate; Patricia Wildoner, Associate in Arts; Rachel Marie Baker, Medical Office Administration; Rebecca Lynn Ramano, Associate in Arts; Robert Timothy Foster, Associate in Science; Ronald E. Combs, Associate in Arts; Rosa Browning, Associate in Arts; Sandra Jo Daniels, Medical Office Administration; Shawn M. Sudler, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Shelby Rachel Hammond, Associate in General Education; Shirley A. Brock, Associate General Education; Sondra Ray, Pharmacy Technology; Stephanie Elaine Simmons, Associate in Arts; Stephen Paul Parker, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Summer LeeAnn Telfer, Associate in Science; Sydney A. Jones, Assocate in Science; Taneisha Chante Stancil, Early Childhood Associate; Tanner Bryce Stone, Associate in Arts; Taylor Grace Sauls, Assoicate in Arts; Trevor Boyd, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Victoria Evans Robertson, Business Administration; Warda Ali Mohamed, Associate in Science; Wesley Carl Whittington, Computer Integrated Machining and Diploma Computer Integrated Machining; William Thomas Joyner, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Yvonne Michelle Bivens, Medical Office Administration; Zachary Austin Chellew, Associate Degree Nursing; Zachary William Amara, Associate in Science; Zachary Pereira, Networking Technology; Aaron Thomas Kling, Associate in Arts; Amanda Britt Watkins, Medical Office Administration; Amanda Knickerbocker, Associate in Science; Anne Marie Lamberton, Associate in Science; Ashley Brooke Givens, Associate in Arts; Ashley Scarborough Jones, Fire Protection Technology; Atlanta Morgan Steagall, Associate in Science; Avery Grey Gardner, Associate in Science; Brandi Martin, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Brittany Nicole Johnson, Associate in Arts; Bruce Charles Hayes Jr., Diploma Air Condition Heating and Refrigeration; Catherine Ann Dodson, Associate in Arts; Christopher Robert Anderson, Computer Integrated Machining, Diploma Computer Integrated Machining and Diploma Welding Technology; Christopher T. Buchanan, Diploma Welding Technology; Darren Ronald Elmore, Associate in Science; Dawn Michelle Daughtry, Medical Office Administration; Dena Michele Warren, Bioprocess Technology; Emory Franklin Howard, III, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Giovanni Aguilar, Computer Integrated Machining; Griselda Flores, Associate in Science; Heather Leigh Speaker, Associate in Arts; Holly Elizabeth Goswick, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Clark, Medical Office Administration; Joshua Jefferson Spivey, Fire Protection Technology; Kelvon Demetrius Keith, Associate in Science; Kody Brett Daniels, Associate in Science; Krystal M. O'Connor, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Lawanda Sheree Harris, Business Administration; Lourdes Duran Romero, Diploma Paralegal Technology; Marco Cunha, Associate in Science; Paula Michelle Roberts, Business Administration; Penny Marie Howell, Business Administration; Rachel Ann Jones, Associate in Arts; Robert Milton Rolison, Business Administration; Sara Yamileth Jimenez Polió, Community Spanish Interpreter; Sierra Person, Associate in Science; Sondra Ray, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Susan E. Moran, Diploma Medical Assisting; Sydney Rae Moore, Associate in Science; Terianne Noelle Sampsel, Associate in Science; Tremeka Tomlinson Bayless, Associate in Arts; Trey Joe Walter Woods, Associate in Arts; Trina Scheel, Diploma Medical Assisting; Zachary Aaron Futch, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Brianna Jordan Inks, Associate in Science; Lewis Wagner, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Myles Jaye Williams, Associate in Arts; and Victoria Anne Stotz, Associate in Arts.

Megan Nicole Senger, Radiography; Maria Catherine Pearson, Diploma Cosmetology.

Brandy Paige Johnson, Associate in Arts; Lindsay Paige Hobbs, Associate in Arts; Rebecca Ann Parker, Radiography; Shateara A. Gilbert, Cosmetology; Madison Taylor Stewart, Associate in Arts.

Deep Run
Diana Rocio Rodriguez, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology.

Lakeithia Natona Carlton, Medical Assisting.

Ashley Nicole Miller, Associate in Science; Brianna Cherie Barefoot, Associate in Arts; Catherine Paige Wilkes, Emergency Medical Science; Chelsey Nicole Tart, Medical Assisting; Cyndil Jessie Dale, Associate Degree Nursing; Jannet Lopez Casas, Associate in Arts; John Michael Wooten, Associate in Science and Associate in Engineering; Jose M. Carranza, Associate in Arts; Lauren R. Lee, Paralegal Technology; Martin Baxley, Fire Protection Technology; Matthew D. Smith, Criminal Justice Technology; Michael Sebastian Rodriguez Baulang, Assoicate in Arts and Associate in Science; Robbie Ann Whittington, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Taylor Brooke Page, Associate in Science; Tessa Danielle Reardon, Associate in Arts; Chelsey Nicole Tart, Diploma Medical Assisting; Damian Delain Prince, Associate in Science; Elizabeth Jean Evans, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Jansen Wrench, Associate in Science; Joshua Daniel Core, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Lashonna Nichole Cameron, Cosmetology; Lauren R. Lee, Diploma Paralegal Technology, Parrish Leigh Tart, Diploma Medical Assisting.

Rebekah Swann De la Cruz, Cardiovascular Sonography; Luis Eduardo Nino Velasquez, Community Spanish Interpreter.

Brandon Darrin Byrd, Associate in Arts; Damian M. Stewart, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Lynn Pate, Early Childhood Associate; Jordan Alyce Norris, Associate in Science; Shawanda Yevette Stevens, Medical Office Administration.

Chelsea A. Reekie, Associate in Science; Kathryn Louise Tapper, Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Four Oaks
Allexis Walters, Associate in Arts; Angela Fay Ellis, Accounting and Business Administration; Brandi Devon Adams, Medical Office Administration; Calvin James Jernigan, Welding Technology; Candace Lee, Associate in Arts; Carly Jackson Whitley, Pharmacy Technology and Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Cynthia Lynn Smiley, Radiography; Edward Brenton Parker, Associate in Science; Francisco Cerrito Franco, Pharmacy Technology; Jordan Benson, Associate in Arts; Judy Carol Denning Benson, Associate in Arts; Karishma Rosalyn Persaud, Pharmacy Technology; Kelly Mae Parker, Business Administration; Keyonna Pearline Harrington, Associate in Arts; Lindsey Ann Pridgen, Associate Degree Nursing; Marjorie P. Coker, Office Administration; Misty Dawn Holleman, Business Administration; Morgan Nicole Wilkins, Associate in Science; Shannon Nicole Booth, Associate in Arts; Sherri Desiree Smith, Associate in General Education; Taylor D. Wilkins, Associate in Arts; Theron J. Kammerer, Diploma Air Condition Heating and Refrigeration; Vanessa Faye Stanley, Medical Office Administration; Calvin James Jernigan, Diploma Welding Technology; Cameron Justin Wood, Associate in Arts; Courtney Rashea Best, Associate in Science; Derek Lee Blackman, Associate in Arts; Destiny Brooke Norris, Associate in Arts; Elizabeth Vargas Montes, Associate in Science; Francisco Cerrito Franco, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Heather Marie Murphy, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Ann Jones, Associate in Arts; Kaitlin Elizabeth Gray, Associate in Arts; Karishma Rosalyn Persaud, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Lisa Marie Caldera, Diploma Medical Assisting; Patrick T. Adams, Business Administration; Reid Altman Williams, Associate in Arts; Robin Gail Scotece, Diploma Paralegal Technology; Tobias James Roland Cashion, Associate in Arts; Veronica Manuela Munoz, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence.

Amanda Lynn Messer, Community Spanish Interpreter, Dustin M. Thomas, Horticulture Technology.

Said Mohammad Mahmoud, Associate in Science, Tammy Kennedy Newsome, Medical Office Administration; Jeffrey Marc Wallace, Industrial Systems Technology.

Amber Alys Wrenn, Associate Degree Nursing; Darline Jean Costagliola, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology; Brian Lee Couch, Fire Protection Technology; Brittany Prince Swanner, Early Childhood Associate.

Alyssa McKnight Pittman, Medical Sonography; Anna Nicole Pierce, Radiography; Corey Evan Haas, Associate in Arts; Daniel Alexander Rex, Welding Technology; Elizabeth Anne Kleekamp, Associate Degree Nursing; Heather Marie Sullivan, Cosmetology; Jarrod R. Fleeger, Radiography; Josiah Rex, Associate in Arts; Kristen Nicole Schena, Associate Degree Nursing; Lucia Allysin-West Thomas, Associate in Arts; Porschea Lechae Harris, Associate Degree Nursing; Quaid Parker Kurt Harding, Associate in Science; Yvette Boyd, Associate in Arts; Ana Kaelin Matos, Associate in Arts; Ashley Chelle Thomas, Associate in Arts; Candy Michelle Clark, Associate in Science; Chasity Nichole Blystone, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology; Daniel Alexander Rex, Diploma Welding Technology; Leland Shaun Stroud, Bioprocess Technology; Meredith Emily Barefoot, Diploma Cosmetology; Micaela Nicole Iacono, Associate in Arts.

Allison D. Hairr, Radiography; Madison Brooke Tew, Associate Degree Nursing.

Amber Nicole Martin, Associate in Science; Ashley Nicole Fields, Diploma Therapeutic Massage; Brittney Renee Tant, Diploma Paralegal Technology; Christina P. Drumm, Office Administration; Danyle H. Davis, Radiography; Deziree Baker, Associate in Arts; Jonathan Morgan, Associate in Arts; Taylor Nicole Gales Associate in Science; Uvette Lillian Geraldine Johnson; Associate in Arts; Wrenisha Grant, Associate in Arts; Christina Angela Daniels, Diploma Cosmetology; Cynthia Diane Canevit, Associate in Arts; Jayme Marie Thompson, Diploma Cosmetology; Michael Kristofor Shawn Bain, Bioprocess Technology.

Holly Springs
Jerilyn Misso, Medical Sonography; Judy L. Smith, Radiography.

Ambralyn Marie Tucker, Associate in Arts; Ashley Nicole Mitchell, Radiography; Beverley Jeanne Owens, Bioprocess Technology; Bianca Dilip Patel, Emergency Medical Science; Daniel Garrett Wilson, Fire Protection Technology; Danielle Francoise Smith, Associate Degree Nursing; Jordan B. Capps, Fire Protection Technology; Karissa Marie Warner, Associate in Science; Maggie Anne Reaves, Medical Office Administration; Matthew L. Grantham, Welding Technology; Rocio Perez, Associate in Science; Valerie Dawn Stewart, Associate in Science; Boice Jamal Taylor, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Denise Dodson, Medical Office Administration; Gabriel George Hare, Associate in Arts; Matthew L. Grantham, Diploma Welding Technology; Michael Taylor Felton, Associate in Arts; Victoria E. Bryant, Medical Office Administration.

Jatzael Jimenez Munoz, Community Spanish Interpreter; Kelsey Leigh Creech, Medical Sonography; Nicole M. Wood, Associate Degree Nursing; Christopher Reid Parker, Fire Protection Technology.

Kimberly Matthews Campbell, Paralegal Technology.

Candice N. Brown, Associate Degree Nursing; Cherry Lorraine Harris, Medical Office Administration;

Graham Tatum Wilkinson, Associate in Arts; Erica Michelle Gooding, Associate in Arts.

Whitney Danielle Griffin, Radiography;

Laura Thorpe, Business Administration; John Michael Turner, Associate in Science; Tiffany N. Trujillo, Medical Office Administration.

Brittany Marino, Associate in Science; Celia Lee Folden, Diploma Therapeutic Massage; Erica Brooke Driver, Early Childhood Associate; Mary A. Hodge, Cardiovascular Sonography; Robin Deanna Breece, Associate in Arts; Stephanie Ann Roberts, Early Childhood Associate; Yolanda Baines, Community Spanish Interpreter; Carolina Carbajal, Associate in Arts;

Mount Olive
Tawessa Stolins Davis, Medical Office Administration; Ronald Marvin Robinson, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology.

New Bern
Franky Louis Hoston Jr., Criminal Justice Technology.

Newton Grove
Abubakr Ahmed Alwahishi, Associate in Arts; Angelica Maria Gonzalez, Diploma Therapeutic Massage; Faith B. Allen, Associate in Arts; Wandetta Dena Velasco, Associate Degree Nursing; William Thomas Frazier, Associate in Arts.

Elizabeth Nicole Thorne, Pharmacy Technology and Diploma Pharmacy Technology.

Ebony Marie Green, Criminal Justice Technology; Eric Franz Washburn, Radiography; Johnta Shakur Sessions, Associate in Arts; Leslie Elizabeth Sauls, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Ebony Marie Green, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Marvin Garrett Wells, Associate in Arts; Stephanie Gwen Beaman, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology.

Pine Level
Brandi Ruffin George, Early Childhood Associate; Caroline Brooks Hardison, Associate in Science; Clayton Ryan Little, Computer Integrated Machining and Diploma Integrated Machining; Dylan Leigh Mott, Diploma Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology.

Princess LaDonna Collins, Medical Office Administration.

Pink Hill
Joel Guzman, Community Spanish Interpreter.

Alisha Sheurice Stallworth, Associate in Arts; Cesar Uriel Bautista Salas, Associate in Science; Darius Jamal Robert Young, Associate in Arts; Dustin A. Daniels, Associate in Science; Elizabeth Shannon Diaz, Business Administration; Haley Woodard Phillips, Associate Degree Nursing; Jasmine Leann Bombard, Associate in Arts; Kenan Darion Walden, Associate in Arts; Lisa Langley Lee, Accounting; Stephanie Janna Poston, Associate in Science; William Braswell, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Carina Diane Horvath, Criminal Justice Technology; Linda Rhodes Smith, Associate in Science; Lisa Langley Lee, Business Administration; Michele B. Thornton, Medical Office Administration; Pamela West Davis, Early Childhood Associate; Rusty Wallace, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Taylor Rose Brock, Diploma Medical Assisting; Tricia Pierce Hyatt, Accounting and Business Administration.

Caitlyn Shea Gillespie, Cardiovascular Sonography; Christiana Elizabeth Coomer, Associate in Arts; Christopher Brandon Wendehorst, Associate Degree Nursing; Connor Lea Hunt, Welding Technology; Diana Lynne Taylor, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology; Erin Naomi French, Associate Degree Nursing; Heather Michele Pettit, Medical Office Administration; Jordan Ashlyn Beverley, Associate Degree Nursing; Joy C. Gillespie, Medical Sonography; Lauren Ashley Jernigan, Radiography; Lexus Amanda Barbee, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology - Latent Evidence; Lofton Heath Holloman, Associate Degree Nursing; Lorenzo Erik Escala, Associate in Science; Melissa Mancini, Cardiovascular Sonography; Mishal Safwan, Medical Sonography; Rodel A. MacAtangay, Cardiovascular Sonography; Ryan A. Barnes, Associate in Arts; Sabrina F. Mayton, Medical Sonography; Tim Patton, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Connor Lea Hunt, Diploma Welding Technology; Crystal Renee Masouras, Information Systems Security; Dylan Warner Hayes, Izaiah James Gentry, Associate in Arts; Laura Ann Stanfield, Bioprocess Technology; Okesha Peterson, Associate in Arts; Patty Cline, Diploma Medical Assisting.

Rocky Mount
Nicholas Edwards Frazier, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology.

Tiffany Abbigail Thomas, Associate in Arts.

Adam J. Kurczek, Associate in Arts; Alexander Louis Shepherd II, Associate in Science; Allyssa Marie Parrish, Medical Assisting; Ashley Jo Edmonds, Associate in Science; Ashley Megan Heath, Radiography; Belinda Joyce White, Office Administration; Chelsea Roberson, Associate in Arts; Christina Anne Stanley, Associate General Education; Crystal June Holloman, Associate in Science; Daisy Bell, Associate in General Education; Danielle Alana Chavez, Associate General Education; Desiree Miranda Jones, Medical Office Administration; Destiny Elaine Harden, Associate in Arts; Dillon Michael Sullivan, Associate in Science; Elizabeth Delgado, Associate in Arts; Fabiola Heredia Damian, Associate in Arts; Frances Betts, Associate in Science; Geraldo Samuel Herrera, Business Administration; Heather Marie Brannon, Associate Degree Nursing; Jenna Graylin Fowler, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Hahn Baughman, Radiology; Joshua Austin Dowless, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Lacy Lynn Whitton, Associate in Arts; Laura Anne Lynch, Associate Degree Nursing; Lizbeth Olmedo-Hilario, Medical Office Administration; Logan Gray Childers, Associate in Science; Madison Michelle Twigg, Associate in Arts; Maria Guadalupe Martinez Castro, Associate in Arts; Mario M. Hobbs, Associate General Education and Associate in Arts; Miranda Phipps, Associate in Arts; Miriam Amado-Lopez, Associate in Science; Nayeli Aylin Renteria-Rivera, Associate in Science; Odalys Aurora Martinez Tejeda, Associate in Arts; Robert Darden Owens, Sr., Business Administration; Rometa Rodgers Speller, Early Childhood Associate; Rosa Nelly Zavala-Rubio, Associate in Arts; Sherry Lynn Vanderlaan, Medical Assisting; Silvia Sydney Danielson, Medical Office Administration; Stefanie Marie Baldetti, Associate Degree Nursing; Alicia Marie Bedford, Associate in Science; Allyssa Marie Parrish, Diploma Medical Assisting; Crystal Dean Nicole Reeves, Paralegal Technology and Diploma Paralegal Technology; Jameka Nikea Price, Associate in Science; Kaitlynn Breanna Gaddy, Associate in Arts; Kayla Marie Galla, Associate in Science; Megan Sheets, Medical Office Administration; Pamela Lakisha Lucas, Business Administration; Rubi Auatali Ayala, Paralegal Technology; Sherry Lynn Vanderlaan, Diploma Medical Assisting; Stecia Amahn Joyner, Associate in Science; Stephanie Leigh Fowler-Knott, Medical Office Administration; Troy A. Soronen, Associate in Arts; Logan Gray Childers, Associate in Arts.

Seven Springs
David L. Clayton, Jr., Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology;

Donald Eugene Evans, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Peggy High Fulghum, Diploma Medical Assisting.

Alejandro Ceballos Ramos, Community Spanish Interpreter; Angel M. Jara, Networking Technology;
Anna Catherine Stanley, Associate in Science; Arianna MacKenzie Gandolph, Associate in Arts; Ashleigh Elizabeth Rigby, Associate in Arts; Ashley Morgan Sanderson, Associate Degree Nursing; Azenet Salas, Criminal Justice Technology; Bradley Allen Portzer, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Bradley Barnes, Industrial Systems Technology; Brittany Nicole Lawrence, Criminal Justice Technology; Brittney Renee Tant, Criminal Justice Technology; Connie Jo May, Accounting; Crystal Marie Mellor, Medical Assisting and Diploma Medical Assisting; Crystal Mone' Bunch, Pharmacy Technology and Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Daniel Garcia-Marquez, Associate in Science; Dasha Nicole Whitaker, Medical Assisting; Diana Denise Ricks, Pharmacy Technology; Eli Rapp, Associate in Science; Elizabeth Johnson, Paralegal Technology; Emily Lauren Wood, Associate Degree Nursing; Erica Nicole Roberts, Paralegal Technology; Gerardo Rodriguez, Jr., Associate in Science; Janice Pratt Whitaker, Associate in Arts; Jeffrey Marc Wallace, Industrial Systems Technology; Jennifer Lee, Medical Assisting; Jessica Lynn Noreault, Early Childhood Associate; Joaquin Ibarra, Associate in Science; Julian Lloyd Carey, Associate in Science; Justin B. Parrott, Associate in Science; Kaitlyn Marie Sproles, Early Childhood Associate; Keely Christian Myers, Radiography; Kierra Antoinette Hinton, Associate in Arts; Laila A. Rashid, Radiography; Lizbeth Melgar, Associate in Arts; Luis Alberto Vera Galvan, Associate in Arts; Marc Lee Andrew Moore, Associate in Arts; Marquita Vonsway Ruffin, Diploma Paralegal Technology; Matthew Thomas Russell, Emergency Medical Science; Megan Lynn Miller, Medical Assisting; Melissa Dawn Wilson, Pharmacy Technology; Oneil U. Diaz-Vazquez, Business Administration; Oscar Rene Villanueva Villanueva, Associate in Science; Otoniel Jaen, Associate in Science; Pablo Valentin Arreaga Jimenez, Community Spanish Interpreter; Patrick Dennis Overbee, Bioprocess Technology; Paul Anthony Donner, Associate in Science; Priscilla Audra West, Radiography; Quanesha RaShonda Cooper, Community Spanish Interpreter; Rachel Miller, Associate in Science; Rebecca Breece, Associate in Arts; Robert Nelson Strickland, Jr., Associate in Science; Samantha Jo Lee Ann Atkins, Associate in Arts; Sheryl Lynn Anderson, Paralegal Technology; Spencer A. Lynch, Associate in Arts; Stefanie Smotzer, Associate in Arts; Stephen Wayne Dayberry, Jr., Associate in Science; Tiffanie Youmans Zellers, Associate Degree Nursing; Tiffany Marie Borbas, Associate Degree Nursing; Tyler S. Ingraham, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology; Victoria Newsome; Associate in Arts; William Clifton Denning, Business Administration; Yasmine Sabado, Associate in Arts; Yoselyn Espinoza-Funez, Associate in Science; Zachary Lychalk, Associate in Engineering; Alvin Terrell Dublin, Welding Technology and Diploma Welding Technology; Ashley Kate Powell, Associate in Science; Bradley Barnes, Diploma Industrial Systems Technology; Brandon Goodwin, Associate in Arts; Breannan Emelia Kolb, Associate in Science; Byron Lee Henderson, Associate in Arts; Christian Bailey Barbour, Associate in Arts; Dakota River Tillery, Associate in Arts; Daniel Earl Toole, Bioprocess Technology; Dasha Nicole Whitaker, Diploma Medical Assisting; Diana Denise Worsley, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Emily Ann Cole, Associate in Science; Eric Charles Morana, Horticulture Technology; Erica Nicole Roberts, Diploma Paralegal Technology; Evelyn Guadalupe Torres Gonzalez, Associate in Arts; Heather Nicole Matthews, Emergency Medical Science; Holland Justin Moser, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Lee, Diploma Medical Assisting; Johnathan Brian Solomon, Criminal Justice Technology; Jonathan D. Thomason, Associate in Science; Jonathan Holmes, Networking Technology; Keenan Hawkins, Associate in Arts; Matthew Ryan Young, Associate in Science; Megan Lynn Miller, Diploma Medical Assisting; Melissa Dawn Wilson, Diploma Pharmacy Technology; Melissa Marie Williams, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence; Natasha Chanese Singleton, Cosmetology; Phyllis Andradés Streeter, Associate in General Education; Remy Gabriel Gardner, Associate in Arts; Sydney Dawn Davis, Associate in General Education; Zackary Richard Upton, Associate in Science.

Madison Rae Stocks, Medical Assisting and Diploma Medical Assisting.

Sara Alyssa Bunce, Radiology.

Dana Michelle Williams, Associate Degree Nursing.

Wake Forest
Tara Bailey Tripoli, Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Alex Jean Alexis, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; George Crocker Jr., Fire Protection Technology; Julie Faye Shirah, Associate in Arts; Sydney Tant, Associate in Science; Tabitha Aleigha Reeves, Associate in Science; Claudia Elia Rodriguez, Paralegal Technology; Crystal K. Hinton, Diploma Medical Assisting; Eric Leyon Swinson, Bioprocess Technology.

Cage Samuel Deal, Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Willow Spring
Iman Andrea Fullard, Associate in Arts; Yancy Almeida, Associate in Arts; Antonio Ceras-Lucas, Radiography; Cody James Dominguez, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration; Cody John Worley, Industrial Systems Technology and Diploma Industrial Systems Technology; Jennifer Ann Oxendine Ward, Radiography; Kristie Marie Hebert, Early Childhood Associate; Mason Young, Associate in Science; Mikayla Gutierrea, Associate in Arts.

Miguel Angel Cerna, Radiology; Whitley Braswell, Associate Degree Nursing; Suzanne Robin Evans, Associate in Arts.

Mary M. Rhodes, Diploma Therapeutic Massage.

Aaron Michael Beaver, Associate in Science; Amber Lea-Ann Wright, Associate in Science; Ashley Pate Smith, Associate in Science; Bobbi Elizabeth Lane, Cardiovascular Sonography; Kristen Pearl Schlafer, Associate Degree Nursing; Kristina Leigh Bloniarczyk, Associate Degree Nursing; Sharon Whitley Hinton, Early Childhood Associate; Tori Marshell Kearney, Associate in Arts; James Michael Hatcher, Associate in General Education; Kierstee Lynn Robinson, Early Childhood Associate.

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