Psychology Instructor Explores Pet Family Connection in Debut Novel

Published: October 12, 2016

bartonbarrettbookcovertraciebartonbarrettTracie Barton-Barrett will sign copies of Buried Deep in Our Hearts Nov. 2.

JCC psychology instructor and licensed professional counselor Tracie Barton-Barrett recently released her debut book Buried Deep in Our Hearts, which explores the important connection with animals and honoring their memory when they are gone.

In the ever-changing concept of family, the family pet often times plays vital roles from a running partner, to a listening ear, to a furry place to rest our teary faces. Unfortunately, due to their short lives, the unspoken truth of a too-short life is a harsh reality.

With this novel, Barton-Barett's intention was to create a novel with relatable characters, allowing readers to reminisce and reflect on the animals in their lives. She also hopes her novel will underscore the universality of animal loss as well as foster and emphasize healing.

From her first job working in a veterinarian's office to pet-sitting, animals have always played an integral role in Barton-Barrett's. In addition to leading support groups and writing articles, she has presented to various community groups, as well as to fellow counselors on pet loss at state and national conferences.

Please join Tracie Barton-Barrett for a book talk/signing and discussion on Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in the Donnie E. and Linda V. Lassiter North Carolina History Room in JCC's Learning Resource Center.


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