JCC Announces 2015 Graduates

Published: May 21, 2015

grad2College awarded nearly 600 associate degrees and diplomas.

Johnston Community College celebrated its 2015 graduates with commencement ceremonies at 7 p.m. Monday, May 18 and Tuesday, May 19 in the Paul A. Johnston Auditorium on the main campus. JCC awarded nearly 600 associate degrees and diplomas to students who completed their study in the summer of 2014, fall of 2014, or spring of 2015.

Carol B. Arnn, president of Smithfield Manor, Inc., delivered the commencement address to Monday's health sciences graduates. District Court Judge Addie H. Rawls gave the general commencement speech at Tuesday's ceremony.

Matthew Green, a radiography graduate from Dunn, was recognized as JCC's Academic Excellence Award recipient. Stephanie Cassidy of Knightdale, who earned an associate degree in arts degree, received the President's Award for her scholastic achievement and leadership. James Steven Moore of Benson, who earned an associate degree in fire protection technology, received the Citizenship Award for his leadership and service to fellow students. Ticardo Dre'von Roberson of Clayton, who earned an associate in arts degree, received the Student Government Association Service Award.

The following are JCC's graduates listed by town of residence and then alphabetized by program of study.

Kassidy Lynn Brown, Associate in Arts; Curtis Robert Brundidge, Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; John Alexander Calhoun, Associate in Science; David Hunter Collins, Associate in Arts; Heather Sierra Dundon, Community Spanish Interpreter; Chet Jernigan, Associate Degree Nursing; Tyler Nash Kelly, Associate in Fine Arts – Music; Laura Rouse Ketrow, Associate General Education; and Alysha McConnell, Associate in Arts.

Anna Zachariason, Medical Sonography.

Christopher D. Baucom, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Hatton Baucom, Medical Assisting; David Earl Beasley, Jr., Welding; Tracey Benson, Associate in Arts; Rhonda Byrd, Associate in Arts; Luis Coyt, Associate in Arts - Pre Business; Katie Elizabeth Curtis, Associate in Arts; Nathan Clay Dunn, Associate in Arts; Michael Dylan Duquette, Associate in Science; Danielle Theresa Florance, Medical Assisting; Suzzan Hayes, Cosmetology; Morgan Lynn Hesse, Associate in Arts; Shenan Lee Higgins, Associate General Education; Jessica Glynn Johnson, Business Administration; Heather Jones, Associate Degree Nursing; Billie Michelle Lee, Cosmetology; Emily Ann Lee, Associate in Science; Kodie LeRae Lewis, Associate in Arts; Judith Fabiola Macias-Rodriguez, Community Spanish Interpreter; Alma Delia Marler, Early Childhood Associate; Pamela Parker Martin, Associate in Arts; Priscilla Maria Guadalupe Martinez, Associate in Science; Ronda Lee Matthews, Early Childhood Associate; Wanda Register McLamb, Early Childhood Associate; Kayla Nicole Messer, Associate in Science; Brittany Moore, Early Childhood Associate; James Steven Moore, Fire Protection Technology; Cassidy Spence, Associate in Science; Chelsey Jordan Strickland, Associate in Arts; Joshua Aarron Temple, Criminal Justice Technology; Christopher Turner, Associate in Arts; Heidi Christine White, Associate in Arts; Melanie J. Wiggins, Associate in Arts; Ashley Nichols Willis, Criminal Justice; Ashley Nichols Willis, Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Amy Dawn Wood, Associate Degree Nursing; and Mason Wallace Young, Associate in Science.

Gretchen Haislip, Associate in Arts.

Cape Coral, Florida
Melissa June Simonelli. Associate in Arts.

Deborah Shelor Forgione, Paralegal Technology; Jessica Marie Lyon, Paralegal Technology; Adam Ray Norris, Bioprocess Technology; Nataliya Sokira-Yakhontov, Associate Degree Nursing; and Tanya Elizabeth Vanosdol, Associate Degree Nursing.

Timothy Scott Alford, Radiography; Victor G. Arruda, Associate in Fine Arts – Music; Emily Atkinson, Associate in Science; Deborah Necole Austin-Barbour, Associate in Arts; Ana Cristina Peñaloza Avilez, Business Administration; Fabiola Penaloza Avilez, Business Administration; Alexander Ayres, Associate in Arts; Valerie Nicole Bailey, Associate Degree Nursing; Michael Barbour, Associate in Science; Robert Will Barbour, Associate in Arts; Giovanni Anthony Bergollo, Associate in Arts; Yolanda T. Blount, Paralegal Technology; Yolanda T. Blount, Paralegal Technology; Belinda Joy Boswell, Paralegal Technology; Daniella Marie Braglin, Paralegal Technology; Barbara Theresa Brown, Medical Assisting; Brian Xzavior Brown, Associate in Science; Brittany Nicole Brown, Associate in Arts; Brian George Buckman, Fire Protection Technology; Justin Travis Burgess, Associate in Science; Kyle M. Byrd, Associate in Science; Valerie Cantrell, Associate General Education; Heather M. Capps, Accounting; Michelle Sullivan Coats, Associate in Arts; James Patrick Coats II, Associate General Education and Welding Technology; Marjorie Parker Coker, Medical Office Administration; Daniel Coon, Associate in Arts; Ashleigh Nicole Cuomo, Associate in Science; Britney Nicole Deaver, Radiography; Rita Sue Blumenberg Denley, Business Administration; Lisa Digregorio-Ross, Paralegal Technology; Patrick M. Donnelly, Computer Integrated Machining Technology and Computer Integrated Technology; Amber Dunn, Accounting; Sarah Ward Dunn, Medical Assisting; Jennifer Eckerich, Paralegal Technology; Lauren Anne Eldridge, Paralegal Technology; Linda Lamberth Emory, Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Devin K. Evans, Computer Integrated Technology and Computer Integrated Machining Technology; Selena Flores, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Heather Bivona Floyd, Associate Degree Nursing; Jeffrey Hunter Fox, Networking Technology; Courtney R. Garcia, Associate in Arts; Pamela Renee Gaskins, School Age Education; Kimberly R. Gearheart, Bioprocess Technology; Robyn Nicole Goodwin, Associate Degree Nursing; Carol A. Goswick, Associate Degree Nursing; Alicia Emily Grace, Early Childhood Associate; Robert Jefferson Graham, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Haight, Associate in Science; Ashley Marie Hall, Emergency Medical Science; Meredith Leigh Harden, Associate in Arts; Jonathan Daniel Harrington, Emergency Medical Science; Gabriela Elena Harrison, Associate in Arts; Christina Hart, Business Administration; Christopher Gregory Hedges; Associate in Science; Anne Faison Heilman, Radiography; Ivy Logan Hill, Business Administration; Danielle L. Hobbs, Advertising and Graphic Design; Shelby Celeste Holdsworth, Medical Sonography; Caitlyn Joyce Holzer, Associate in Arts; Ester Nicole Horrer, Associate in Science; Michael R. House, Industrial System Technology; Wendy Lee House, Paralegal Technology; Chelsea Jayne Howell, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Joseph B. Howell, Associate in Arts; Jerry Mark Jackson, Associate in Arts; Tammi Nichol Jones, Accounting; Mattie Rebecca Jordan, Cosmetology; Kontar O. Joyner, Criminal Justice Technology; John W. Kay, Associate in Science; Colton Chase Kelley, Bioprocess Technology; Patrick Kelly, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Joshua Kemp, Information System Security; Jennifer Skye Lanford, Medical Assisting; Debbie Jo Magee, Pharmacy Technology; Dajshia Marshall, Associate in Arts; Christopher Shale Martin, Associate in Science; Sherri Michelle McClanahan, Associate in Arts - Pre Business; James Gerard McGrath, Associate in Arts; Lori Ann McKeel, Bioprocess Technology; Keyatta McKey, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Morgan Eason McLaughlin, Associate Degree Nursing; Stephanie A. McSwain, Associate General Education; Brenda Medina, Associate in Arts; Nicholas Andrew Merle, Emergency Medical Science; Marina Caroline Miller, Associate in Arts; Reneta Mitchell-Smith, Medical Office Administration; Alejandra Monjaras-Narvaez, Associate in Arts; Gideon Mullins, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Ty Alexander Myatt, Associate in Arts; Shannon J. Nelson, Associate in Arts; Alexis Panasci, Associate in Arts; Kathy S. Passer, Business Administration; Lion Christopher Patrowicz, Associate in Arts; Lourie L. Paulk, Associate Degree Nursing; Joe L. Perry, Associate in Arts; Natalie Mae Hamilton Pulley, Associate in Arts; Ayrica Leigh Rafferty, Associate Degree Nursing; Yoana Rasheva, Associate in Arts; Haley Richards, Associate in Arts; Ticardo Dre´von Roberson, Associate in Arts; Shalah S. Robertson, School Age Education; Lauren Nicole Robinson, Associate in Art; Jose Pedro Perez, Criminal Justice Technology; Erica Kirsten Rogers, Medical Office Administration; Joshua Daniel Rose, Associate in Science; Martin M. Sanchez, Community Spanish Interpreter; Daryl Lyn Sanders, Paralegal Technology; Christina Schuler, Medical Office Administration; Alicea B. Scrimenti, Radiography; Hannah Elyse Seagroves, Pharmacy Technology; Hannah Elyse Seagroves, Pharmacy Technology; Jessica Leigh Stafford, Paralegal Technology; Jessica Leigh Stafford, Paralegal Technology; Consuella Yvette Stancil, Medical Office Administration; Marjorie Renea Stewart, Paralegal Technology; Samantha K. Strickland, Associate in Arts; Karlton Matthew Suits, Associate in Science; Hunter Eli Summey, Associate in Science; Bryan Allen Swinson, Associate in Arts; Christopher Brandon Thomas, Networking Technology; Kristen Torres, Associate Degree Nursing; Lucas Triba, Associate in Fine Arts – Music; Robert Harris Verner, Associate in Science; Kimberly Dawn Watson, Paralegal Technology; Bryan Weber, Associate in Science; Adrian Wierzbinski, Associate in Science; Alec D. Williams, Horticulture Technology; Joqietter P. Williams, Medical Office Administration; Ashley Elizabeth Wolf, Associate in Arts; Lisa S. Wynn, Associate in Arts; and Alex Zens, Associate in Arts.

Billy Kyle Knowles, Business Administration; Melissa W. Stewart, Associate in Arts; and Carla Wallace Wurtz, Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Brandon Eric Davies, Criminal Justice Technology; Allan Burton Marshall, Associate Degree Nursing; and Jimmy Norris, Computer Integrated Machining Technology.

Columbia, S.C.
Kristen Ann Graziano-Coleman, Medical Office Administration.

Danville, Va.
Catelyn Lindsey Stephens, Cardiovascular Sonography.

Nina S Lee, Cosmetology and Rapheal Mitchell II, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology.

Christina Louise Alvarado, Associate in Arts; Kayla Brooke Armstrong, Associate in Science; Matthew Aaron Bass, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Ashley Delaine Blevins, Medical Office Administration; Roger Allen Chavis, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration; Krystal Michelle Daniel, Associate in Arts; Paula Renee Daniel, Associate in Arts; Amber Lynn Digman, Associate in Science; Loni Denning Fife, Medical Office Administration; Maria Isabel Franco, Associate in Science; Misty Linda Garcia, Associate in Arts - Pre Business; Matthew Alsey Green, Radiography; Jesse Wilson Gross, Associate in Science; Lindsey Lucas Hartley, Associate Degree Nursing; Kaitlyn Elizabeth Jackson, Associate in Science; Anna Johnson, Associate in Arts; David T. Lewis, Business Administration; Sherri Lewis, Associate in Arts; Ralph Lee Logan, Paralegal Technology; Savanna Storm Matthews, Associate in Arts; Gwendolyn McNeill, Early Childhood Associate; Brandy Leigh Michael, Accounting; Ashley Marie Norris, Accounting and Business Administration; Erica K. Parker, Associate in Arts; Darren D. Prince, Bioprocess Technology; Andrew Jordan Register, Criminal Justice Technology; Lindsay Victoria Sawyer, Radiography; Marsha Gail Stephenson, Associate in Arts; Sandra Morgan Warren, Radiography; and Caitlin Brooke Wrench, Associate in Arts.

Deborah Wingate McBride, Cardiovascular Sonography.

Emily Brooke Autry, Medical Assisting; Richard M. Ellis, Advertising and Graphic Design; and Romney Tramaine McNeil Sr., Industrial System Technology.

Alexanders Santos Garcia, Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Jemette L. Mahone, Criminal Justice Technology; and Jamie Michelle Kelly Stover, Associate in Arts - Pre Business.

Four Oaks
Colby James Allen, Associate in Science; Mary Jones Alvarado, Medical Assisting; Jose S. Angel, Criminal Justice Technology; Tanorya Quatice Bailey, Medical Office; Administration; Alison Beal, Associate in Science; Cameron Steven Bell, Criminal Justice Technology; Tyler Lee Benson, Associate in Science; John Britton Bond, Associate in Science; Whitney Marie Byrd, Associate in Arts; Adriana A. Castaneda, Community Spanish Interpreter; Enjoli Elizea Chiclana, Associate in Arts; Olivia Marie Espinosa, Associate in Arts; Cassidy Lauren Guignard, Radiography; Robert Kirk Henningham, Accounting and Business Administration; Michael Jamison Shultz Howell, Associate in Arts; Megan Elizabeth Jeans, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Tina S. Lee, Criminal Justice Technology; Jeanne Kay Mullins, Therapeutic Massage; Celia M. Parker, Paralegal Technology; Adam Scott Parrish, Associate in Arts; Jennifer A. Pate, Business Administration; Logan Patrick Penny, Associate in Arts; Sherrill F. Phipps, III, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Kristie Thompson Powell, Associate in Science; Luis Ramirez, Information System Security; Margina Lee Reaves, Business Administration; Shana Denise Sanders, Cosmetology; Stephanie Ann Shaffer, Pharmacy Technology; Emily Marie Sitter, Medical Assisting; and Marshall Patrick Tate, Criminal Justice Technology.

Ashelie Gregory Jones, Associate General Education.

Aarika Brownlee, Associate in Arts; Amanda Marie Cacchione, Radiography; Courtney Jean Horton, Associate Degree Nursing; Hunter Gene Nichols, Associate in Arts; Virginia Lynn Wallace, Medical Sonography; and Brittany Lynn Riggins, Associate Degree Nursing.

Brandon Michael Batchelor, Associate in Science; Lizbeth Benitez, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Vanessa Benitez, Associate in Arts and Associate in Arts - Pre Business; Aubria Danielle Bolin, Associate in Science; Michael John Cody, Computer Integrated Technology and Computer Integrated Machining Technology; Christina Marie Cupo, Business Administration; Kyle Andrew Cutting, Associate in Arts; Winston Antonia Exum, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration; Shirece Glenece Flowers, Associate in Arts; Danyelle Nicole Fontaine, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Mary Elizabeth Forehand, Medical Assisting; Darby G. Gilchrist, Associate in Arts; Shannon Smith Hardy, Associate Degree Nursing; Scarlett Hargis, Paralegal Technology; Nora H. Harrison, Accounting; Kimberly Lonnette Haynes, Early Childhood Associate; Jessica Hinkley, Medical Office Administration; Cristina M. Isastia-Henriquez, Medical Office Administration; Cheryl Ann Isley, Radiography; Candice McKoy, Radiography; Johnnie Maria Lane, Bioprocess Technology; Jose Antonio Lane, Bioprocess Technology; Sandra Kay Leclerc, Cardiovascular Sonography; Ashlyn Danielle Minor, Emergency Medical Science; Matthew Tyler Moreland, Associate in Arts; Patricia Hill Price, Associate in Arts; Jessica Lyn Strader, Associate in Arts and Associate General Education; Shenika Ines Thorb, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; and Shyanne Sunshine Walton, Associate in Arts.

Sara Michelle Aycock, Therapeutic Massage; Carlo Cook, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Dianna Kay Crigger, Associate Degree Nursing; Susan Freeman, Paralegal Technology; David Cooper Gardner, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration; Stephanie Hall Jones, Radiography; Asia D. McGill, Medical Office Administration; Jonathan Morgan, Therapeutic Massage; Elizabeth Danielle Reed, Paralegal Technology; Ragan Nichole Threewitts, Radiography; Janice M. Vaughan-White, Pharmacy Technology; Simone Renee Washington, Medical Assisting; and Jennifer Rains Worrell, Paralegal Technology.

Charles Christopher Jason Dildy, Associate in Arts; and Carolyn Evette Martinez, Community Spanish Interpreter.

Alyxandria Smith, Medical Sonography.

Holly Springs
Denise Kristen Gallegos, Medical Sonography; Anastasia S. Hayes, Cardiovascular Sonography; and Rachel Zeiler, Medical Sonography.

Katherine Bishop Adams, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; William Henry Barnes III, Criminal Justice Technology; Heather Dawn Bass, Medical Assisting; Itzel Guadalupe Bautista-Barraza, Associate in Arts; Michael Joseph Carson, Criminal Justice Technology; Michael Carter, Bioprocess Technology; Andrew Clough, Bioprocess Technology; Sharif M. Ewais-Orozco, Associate in Science; Amber Lynn Fields, Associate in Arts; Bonnie A. Fulghum, Therapeutic Massage; Emily Denise Givens, Paralegal Technology; Yasmin L. Leal, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Christopher Scott McCullough, Associate in Science; Jorge Mendoza-Valadez, Associate in Science; Maria Mendoza-Valadez, Associate in Science; Judith Lauren Murray, Associate in Science; Bianca Dilip Patel, Associate General Education; Joshua Glenn Sutton, Computer Integrated Machining Technology; Elizabeth Rose Weaver, Associate in Arts; and Katelyn Whitley, Associate in Arts.

Stephanie Anne Cassidy, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Kellie Rene'e Flowers, Associate in Science; Charity M. Muia, Associate Degree Nursing; and Lauren Elizabeth Petta, Horticulture Technology.

La Grange
Natalie Till Jensen, Emergency Medical Science.

Sarah Grainger, Associate Degree Nursing; Russell Wayne Hamilton, Criminal Justice Technology; and Meredith Sharp, Associate Degree Nursing.

James T. Casey, Associate in Arts – Music; Benjamin David Tugwell, Radiography.

Anita Dawes, Associate in Arts; Erica Parnell, Associate in Arts; and James Paul Wiesner II, Bioprocess Technology.

Dona Evette Adams, Early Childhood Associate; Nathan Curtis Deans, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Olga Hernandez, Medical Assisting; Emily Kay Narron, Business Administration; Jared Wayne Roper, Welding; Lexus Jean Smith, Associate in Arts; Estefany Zuniga, Associate in Science.

Olivia Ashley Brown, Radiography.

Mount Olive
Brittany Nichole Pate, Medical Assisting.

Newton Grove
Christy Del Carr, Radiography; Sharnice Ellis, Associate in Arts; Andrea Maggio, Paralegal Technology; Horace Sheldwood McClain, Business Administration; Dalton Alan Murphy, Fire Protection Technology; and Jerry Brian Tart, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration.

Scarlette Brummitt, Medical Sonography; and Delee May Whitaker, Cardiovascular Sonography.

Chanda Nichole Chase, Cosmetology.

Pine Level
Maria Harriett Braswell, Medical Assisting; Anna Caitlyn Capps, Paralegal Technology;
Amy Celeste Gilmore-Brown, Associate in Science; Ricky Dale Price, Networking Technology; Diana Rubio, Associate in Arts; Coy M. Stanley, Business Administration.

Heven Nicole Anderson, Associate in Arts; Abraham Steven Arias, Associate in Arts; Lisa Allison Bailey, Associate Degree Nursing; Amy Louise Baker, Bioprocess Technology; Jasmine Braswell, Paralegal Technology; Antoinette F. Council, School Age Education; Tyler Lee Craft, Associate in Arts; Taylor Rae Edwards, Medical Assisting; William Austin Hinton, Associate in Science; Zachary D. Hinton, Associate in Science; William Holland, Fire Protection Technology; Jacob Huffman, Associate in Science; Lauren Aaslestad Massey, Pharmacy Technology; Lori Michelle May, Associate in Arts; Jessica Reneé Mellen, Associate in Arts; Victoria Elizabeth Moore, Medical Assisting; Victoria Elizabeth Moore, Medical Assisting; Catherine Page, Medical Office Administration; Samantha Pittman, Associate in Arts - Pre Business and Associate General Education; Sabrina Kelly Register, School Age Education; Bridgette Walker, Associate in Arts; Jaclyn Carole Williams, Business Administration; Wendy Jackson Williams, Associate in Arts - Pre Business.

Kaycee Marie Acevedo, Community Spanish Interpreter; Elena Rose Alexander, Emergency Medical Science; Diana Marie Batts, Cardiovascular Sonography; Charles Porter Blunt, Paralegal Technology; Leslie Nicole Cooper, Medical Office Administration; Miheret Feyissa Daba, Associate General Education; Amanda Hope Davenport, Radiography; Audrey Beth Eaves, Cardiovascular Sonography; Gabrielle Harper, Associate in Arts; Linwood C. Johnson III, Associate in Arts - Pre Business; Maxwell James Marotta, Associate in Fine Arts – Music; Don J. McKoy Jr., Nuclear Medicine Technology; Clara Rivera Ortega, Paralegal Technology; Elizabeth Renee Penny, Criminal Justice Technology; Justin Michael Rutan, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Amanda Cale Shafer, Medical Sonography; Felicia Michelle Sutton, Criminal Justice Technology; Sherrill M. Tharrington, Medical Office Administration; Kelsey Renae Webster, Associate Degree Nursing; Brittany Gerringer Williams, Associate Degree Nursing; Jamal B. Gilliam, Associate Degree Nursing.

Tiffany Abbigail Thomas, Associate General Education.

Adali Anabel Ayala, Pharmacy Technology; Rubi Auatali Ayala, Paralegal Technology; Saul Enrique Acosta Bernardo, Criminal Justice Technology; Stephanie Erin Capps, Associate General Education; Yoel Chumbiriza, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Fabiola Heredia Damian, Associate in Arts; Maegan Storm Daniel, Medical Assisting; Roosevelt Ethridge Jr., Business Administration; Jeremy Bruce Fowler, Horticulture Technology; Tia-Marie Friese, Medical Assisting; Paul H. Garrett, Information System Security and Networking Technology; Sheila Dianne Gill, Early Childhood Associate; Takisha Monique Green, Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Linda Harris, Early Childhood Associate; Laura Amelia Hermenegildo, Associate in Arts; Shannon Lauren Johnson, Associate in Arts; Brianna Amore' Jones, Associate in Arts; Christopher Jones, Networking Technology; Lovely Camille Leake, Associate in Arts; Cathy Annette Massey, Accounting; Jenny Virginia Mitchener, Business Administration; Alexander Aaron Montgomery, Criminal Justice Technology; Sallie Gray O'Neal, School Age Education; Brittany Parrish, Business Administration; Brian Cornelius Pettiway, Pharmacy Technology; Tonya Reneé Richardson, Bioprocess Technology; Marcus Allen Royal, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science; Lizbeth Anely Lopez Samano, Medical Office Administration; Judson G. Sauls, Accounting; Shannon Gail Sauls, Associate in Arts; Brian Renaldo Smiley, Associate in Arts; Natasha S. Smith, Pharmacy Technology; Faith Nicole Stallings, Associate in Arts; Deanna Dyshanae Thornton Staten, Associate in Arts; Martha J. Stevens, Business Administration; Serena Strickland, Associate in Arts; Karen J. Toole, Medical Office Administration; Patience Rae Turley, Associate in Arts; Tomeka Samara Ward, Paralegal Technology; Jackie Lavette Williams, Horticulture Technology; Amanda Kay Woodall, Pharmacy Technology; and Britany Renee Worrells, Medical Office Administration.

Donald Eugene Evans, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration.

Jonathan Adams, Associate in Art; Sheryl Lynn Anderson, Paralegal Technology; Kimberly S. Andrews, Early Childhood Associate; William E. Antone IV, Associate in Arts; Brianne Paige Armstrong, Associate in Arts; Michelle Lynn Atkins, Associate in Arts; Dominique E. Barrera, Associate in Science; Deanna Camp Beasley, Associate Degree Nursing; Jerry Earl Biesecker, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration; Joe Rowan Breece III, Associate in Arts; Lindsey Jean Bridges, Associate in Science; Sonja Bustos, Paralegal Technology; Ralph A. Cabrera, Networking Technology; Morgana Sharadyn Callahan, Associate in Arts; Iris Tatiana Paniagua Canas, Associate in Science; Michael William DeMarinis, Associate in Arts - Pre Business; Cassie Earp, Associate in Science; Jonathan Daniel Earp, Networking Technology; Haley Michelle Eason, Associate in Arts; Sarah Fany Edery, Criminal Justice Technology; Ashley Ennis, Business Administration; Brittany Grace Evans, Radiography; Gloria Garcia, Associate in Science; Meghan B. Garey, Associate Degree Nursing; Christopher Rayvon Gilmore, Associate in Science and Associate in Arts - Pre Business; Jason M. Grantham, Business Administration and Accounting; Stephenie Marie Guider, Associate in Arts; Summer Lynne Hales, Medical Assisting; Sean Michael Hanlon, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Ashley Ann Hardy, Associate in Science; Samantha N. Heath, Associate in Arts; Shane C. Henderson, Associate in Science; Leanavia S. Hobby, Paralegal Technology; Jacqueline Stoebick Hollomon, Medical Office Administration; Kimberly Mason Jernigan, Business Administration; Taylor Ryan Jernigan, Associate in Science;
Ashley Rochelle Johnson, Associate in Arts; Brenda Kincaid Jones, Business Administration; Charnise Shaneil Jones, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Patricia T. Kibler, Nuclear Medicine Technology; Ashley Rose King, Medical Assisting; Landon Chase Langston, Business Administration; Kristy Gayle Leftdwrige, Criminal Justice Technology and Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Samuel Bruce Long III, Associate in Arts; Danielle Nicole Lundy, Medical Sonography; Julianna P. Martinez, Paralegal Technology; Lindsey N. Mathis, Associate Degree Nursing; Jessica Joyce Mencia, Associate in Arts; Kelly Jean Miller, Associate in Arts; Heber Diego Lopez Monterrosa, Associate in Science; Dana Moore, Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology; Alejandro Peña-Cruz, Associate in Art; Megan N. Phillips, Associate in Fine Arts – Arts; Owen Patrick Phillips, Associate in Arts; Miranda Jean Elizabeth Picariello, Associate in Arts; Arthur Bentley Powell, Fire Protection Technology; Sherry Michelle Rawlings; Office Administration; Margaret Raynor Smithfield, Office Administration; Erin Elizabeth Rhue, Medical Office Administration; Tawanda Ann Richardson, Business Administration; Jenna Margaret Roller, Associate in Arts; Cory Ross Jr., Associate in Arts; Marquita Vonsway Ruffin, Criminal Justice Technology; John Stuart Samosky, Associate Degree Nursing; Anna Lauren Sasser, Associate in Arts; Johnathon Jacob Smith, Networking Technology; Craig Tucker Steele, Computer Integrated Technology; Tracy M. Stevens, Medical Office Administration; Darrell Clarence Taylor, Paralegal Technology; Rachael Amber Thomas, Therapeutic Massage; Cecili Annette Ward, Associate in Arts; Kimberly Nicole Weishaar, Associate in Science; Jessica Nichole West, Accounting; Benita Faye Williams, Associate in Science; Joseph Wesley Wood, Networking Technology;

Spring Lake
Shana Jane Black, Radiography.

Catherine Hendrix, Office Administration.

Wake Forest
Samuel Gateri Mathu, Associate in Science.

Wendy S. Brennan, Medical Assisting; Lawrence R. Capps, Jr. Criminal Justice Technology; Daryl Douglas Drake Creech, Associate in Science; Kenneth E. Dolin, Associate in Arts; Brittany Miranda Englehart, Medical Assisting; Mable L. Harris, Paralegal Technology; Noemi Jimenez, Criminal Justice - Latent Evidence; Dawn Ann Johnson, Business Administration; Steven Richard Maybee, Information System Security; Dawn Marie Simone, Associate Degree Nursing; Nathan Thomas Williamson, Associate in Science.

Willow Spring
Angela Dolese Brothers, Associate in Arts; Daniel Joseph Cece, Associate in Arts; Jennifer Leigh Lockwood, Associate Degree Nursing; Bethany Snow, Medical Sonography; Jason Scott Diaz, Associate in Science; Cameron B. Johnson, Criminal Justice Technology.

Johnathan Bradley Capps, Bioprocess Technology; Brandy A. Ferguson, Associate in Arts; Etta Joyce Kornegay, Criminal Justice Technology;

Wilson's Mills
Tevin Andrew Barnes, Associate in Arts; Marcus Montreal Dobbin, Bioprocess Technology.

Adam Mark Beasley, Fire Protection Technology; David Wayne Brock, Criminal Justice Technology; Nhita Ngoc Nguyen, Associate in Science; and Nathan Lee Stokes, Associate in Science.

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